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  1. Is anyone else relieved to finally have a mouse that has a detachable cord?? I guess it's time to switch from Razer to SteelSeries as i've already broken two mice in 2K15 alone.
  2. I got the Rival 300 and its an absolute beast!
  3. I got the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism on amazon during the Black Friday Sale. Yes, I do agree the headphones do require a little more than 48 hours of burn-in time. I play a lot of FPS and all the in-game footsteps, taps all sound pretty detaile. I was always a fan of the legendary SteelSeries Siberia v2 but the ear-cups of the Elite Prism are a lot comfortable and fits my big ears And, are a big upgrade for me! Since, you're saving up. I'd recommend you go for it mate!
  4. HAHA ! I wish lol I bought the SteelSeries Rival 300. This has been a pretty good investment coupled with my SteelSeries QCK+ Fnatic edition mouse pad. Thanks again cheers!
  5. A little skeptical on that since RIVAL 300 and the Sensei can be both customized to an extend which is something I would like in a gaming mouse before I invest hundreds of Euro's. While, the Feenix Nascita does not have a customization option. But thank you for the suggestion mate.
  6. Hey Folks, I have been playing a lot of CSGO lately and have been thinking of buying a new mouse. I usually do a bit of research before investing in one of these gaming mices. The SteelSeries Rival 300 seems like a good mice as I have been using my brother's Rival 300 and have been in love with it. I was a bit hesitant at first but after a few hours of Death Match awping the tracking seems to be really perfect for me specially in FPS games. YES, Flick away! SWIPE AWAY ! OH AND, the grip! this is what made me love the SteelSeries RIVAL 300 the same could not be said for my Razer deathadder which has a very slippery grip and has been really making me go nuts with the left click problem which my Razer deathadder has and this is why I am replacing the Razer Deathadder with my new love the SteelSeries RIVAL 300. I have been using the RIVAL 300 mouse to play other FPS titles (Call of Duty, Battlefield and Quake) as well and I must say there's a much more friction between my mouse and mousepad now. So, since my brother has been without a gaming mouse for a while. I suppose I would need to buy my own SteelSeries Rival 300. My question here is - Should I get the SteelSeries Rival 300 or buy the SteelSeries Sensei ? The Sensei seems to be a good mouse as well according to a group of competitive players here in London. And, please do not suggest Razer at all! I've been very disappointed with it. Too many problems with them in the past and I am done! Help me choose folks my gauntlet folks (Gauntlet = mouse for me) Link to the SteelSeries Rival 300: https://steelseries.com/gaming-mice/rival-300 SteelSeries Sensei: https://steelseries.com/gaming-mice/sensei Cheers!
  7. But that does not have 144Hz? or does it?
  8. BertrandH

    LoL VS. DotA 2?

    Dota 2 is a lot better honestly. +Graphics +You need not buy heroes +^Need I say more?