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  1. I will just be taking it to a friend's house that is like a 15 minute drive. So car would be the thing im worried about from bumps and some turns.
  2. Thanks for the funny and helpful replys everybody. Sorry if it was a dumb question but better safe than sorry .
  3. Okay so I'm going to a small get together to a friends house and was wondering what should I do or becareful with when moving my computer? I don't want to harm my computer or something get corrupted. I just want some steps in preventing this from happening or something that will make me feel more at ease when moving the computer. (Reason im bringing my computer is because im the only one with the Game and Hardware to run it fine)
  4. Well I do feel more comfortable with the idea since you have it and have a good opinion about it.
  5. I've always heard how amazing it is going from TN to IPS. I'm just worried my new experiance is going to be laggy or not that much of a difference. Ive had my TV for about 4 years now and its not a big deal on average games. I do feel the lag when I play my fighting games like SF4 and I play the game competitivly. I dont really play FPS games but i do play alot of fighting games and its there where i feel the differance. Input lag is something i would like to tone down or keep the same since im used to it but if i were to pick between Fighitng Games and playing other games on a beautiful monitor then i'll go for the pretty monitor. Which is why I really would like the IPS but am feeling im going to be disappointed in all my hype . My TV is LG 42LD400-UA: http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-42LD400-lcd-tv Monitor that im thinking of buying ASUS PB238Q: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236292 (Budget was around 300$) some people recommened this was the best thing for the price (Haven't bought the monitor yet because im still looking at my options and what other people think)
  6. Got to say i really do like it. Seems to have just about everything I want and not a bad price. I see there is a PA version of this. What makes it $100 more of a difference?
  7. I'm just looking for the best monitor around this price. I say around because if its maybe $20 more then I can get some money. I don't know if this is important but I ussally play almost everything besides FPS's and heard that if im not pro or into twitch paced games. That the response time is not a big issue I should worry about. This is going to honestly be my first IPS monitor that I will buy or own. What im looking for is: 5-6 response time or lower. Screen size around 20 to 24 inch Resolution 1080p, 60 Hz Optional things but not needed if you guys really believe that the monitor is too good to pass up. VESA mount Height, tilt, swivel adjustments. Height would be my most preferred thing.
  8. Addict

    VESA mount

    Thank you for the video it helped alot with getting me started on what to look for.
  9. Addict

    VESA mount

    Hey I have no clue if im writing in the right place but i would love to learn a lot more about VESA mounting. If there is a guide and where to buy place for these things so i can start setting up things in my room. I currently have a 40 inch Flat Screen that I want to keep for just viewing things on while I play on a new monitor. Sorry if im being to dumb about things
  10. Is this IP locked or based off Accounts? Was wondering because i got my brother and sisters that would love to have one of these but we all live in the same house.
  11. Ok i DID ALOT of this to try to fix this drive that had BSOD on me and i found a temporary fix that let me use it for a while which required i just delete some of my Media files and it worked but than i downloaded another thing that i need for some equipment i had and it BSOD on me. SO what solved this issue was me going to the command promt (run as admin) and entered chkdsk (letter of the drive and make sure you are on another drive because you cant check on the drive using the OS)mine was E and then just put /f /r /x and it will search for the parts of the drive that are bad sectors and fix them and move the bad parts somewhere else. (Also fixes I/O errors). example- chkdsk E: /f /r /x Then it fixed it and now im just going to defrag and optimize the drive and look furter to backing up my HDD. This Took me along TIME but i fixed it and hope this might help someone later on.
  12. Ok i'll try this out. I very sure i have no viruses.
  13. Ok so all I did was install my new GPU (GTX 760 Windforce) in my computer (i5 4670(non k), Corsair vengenace 2x4gb Ram, PSU Corsair cx750,MOBO Z87-G41, OS Windows 8, and the WD Blue 1TB hdd) and after the install making sure everthing was fine i got a BSOD says "your computer ran into a problem and needs to restart" . I get this message after I see the Windows logo. So i never get to make it to my apps/tools to fix something like this. I can access the BIOS no problem though. I changed the BIOS to boot from the cd/dvd with my Windows 8 install disc ready to just redo the whole thing but it doesnt work it just give another blue screen. Is there anyway i can at least extract my data from the HDD. Like having it just be an extra storage device without worry that it will corrupt the current HDD im using? I have an Old HDD Seagate 200gb with my fresh Windows 8 OS and everything on it right now doing fine (including the new GPU). So please any help would be great. Also if you need to know more about certain feel free to ask me.
  14. @whatthe_fuzz will this work with 4th gen Hasswell i5-4670(non k)?