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  1. Hi Guys, I was planning to get Corrsair SPEC 03 case for around $60, but it seems like the choice of my cooler Hyper 212x will not fit inside it. Can you please recommend a decent case in this price range which can take up this cooler, or a cooler as costly and effective as Hyper 212x which will fit in this case? Thanks!
  2. That's a pretty solid build. Where do you plan to purchase the parts from?
  3. The 970 is insanely priced here, $385 to be precise. I dont think I can wait long enough for it to come to a realistic price point. Thanks. Yes, 60Hz . My initial thought was to run 960 till my 720p monitor stays and go for something like 970 or equavalent AMD while switching to 1080p or higher. Can you please explain the exact difference between normal and gaming mobo? I have changed the PSU. Thanks! Would spending extra $60 towards R9 380 make significant changes to 720p performance of 960? The R9 380 is arround $300 here! I have edited the PSU. Thanks! Thanks for your suggestion. I am rethinking the possibilities. There is only a $15 difference between 4690k and 6600k here, which compelled me to choose the newer one. Also, a decent Z97 motherboard also costs around $15 cheaper only. Thanks for your suggestions on GPU. I will keep this in mind.
  4. Hello guys, I am trying to compile my first gaming build here in India where some parts are quiet expensive as compared to say Newegg (USD). The main aim is playing games like Far Cry 4 and future proofing for 4-5 years (open to swap GPU though). I currently have a 720p monitor which is not going anywhere for another year. Here is what I am planning: CPU - i5 6600k - $260 (Not going for 4690k as there is a very little price difference) CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 212x - $46 Motherboard - Asus Z170k ($193) vs Gigabyte Z170 D3H ($182) vs Asus Z170 Pro Gaming ($225) - Very confused here. Need help. Will overclock but do I really need Pro Gaming? GPU - Asus GTX 960 2G AMP - $246 Ques - Would 960 do justice here? RAM - 8GB Kingston Hyperx 2133 - $63 HDD - 1 TB WD - $55 PSU - Corrsair VS-650 - $63 Corrsair CX 600 80 Bronze Plus - $70 Case - Corrsair Carbide Series Spec 03 - $63 My initial budget was $800, but future proofing and some expensive parts had me stretch by around $180.
  5. Feenix autore keyboard looks awesome. The elegant design makes me want to have it irresistably