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  1. Thanks man, the 750D with the extra drive cages looks awesome... do you know of any other case mods with extra drive bays? otherwise the 750D looks like the best option unless I can find a old rackmount cases with more bays
  2. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion but I need more then 8 Drives my current setup already has 8 Drives so looking for more... SATA lots are not an issue since I already have a HBA card
  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking for server case that will support at minimum of a mATX case, and as many drives as possible for around £150 (UK Based) I am currently using a Silverstone DS380 which supports 8 Drives but I'm going growing that currently so I am hoping to get something that supports for then 8 drives in my new build. Many Thanks -Jonathan
  4. Hi Everyone, So I built a home server a year or two ago... mainly for my hobby and running my own Plex/Emby server... now when building this server I never thought I'd go down the route of GPU transcoding... currently my one PCIe Slot (ITX...) is used by a flashed raid controller in JBOD mode... so I can use my maximum drive capacity in the case.. I wanna remove that and put a GPU in there for GPU transcoding and converting media... take the strain of my CPU... I've looked around and found these U.2 kits... linked below... which is a mini sas connector, I want to know if I get one of these and then get a Mini SAS to Sata cable (with four sata connectors) will it work? https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASRock-U-2-Kit-M-2-U-2-Add-Retail/dp/B013MA3696/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=asrock+u2&qid=1581518360&sr=8-1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/SFF-8639-Adapter-Mainboard-Intel-SFF-8643/dp/B01D8F9JAK/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=u.2+kit&qid=1581518339&sr=8-4 With one of these cables. https://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-SAS43SAT1M-internal-cable-silver/dp/B01M1D8ICT/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Mini+sas&qid=1581518390&sr=8-4 So Kinda want to know if it will work. Hope someone has some sort of idea. Many Thanks -Jonza.
  5. Hi Everyone I am about to get fibre internet over the next few weeks 400Mbps download with 1Gbps packages coming later next year! Thought it was the perfect time to get a new router since my old ASUS AC56U, I have about 15-20 wireless devices in the house that range from Fire Sticks to Play stations and Laptops, Phones. All that access Netflix and Streaming services, I also have my own unRaid storage server that runs plex and sonarr as well as my personal nextcloud setup. My budget is about £200 max - so far I have been looking into the Linksys WRT3200 but if anyone can recommend me alternatives and maybe pros / cons for the product Many Thanks -Jonathan
  6. HI Everyone, So not gonna lie in my 10+ years of PC I have never had to check PCI lanes for a build... I am in the stage of planning out a new NAS Build to replace my current HP Microserver I plan to buy two LSI 9211-8I SAS Cards: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131829448255 The mother bored i am currently looking at is the: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AVPAJWW/?tag=pcp0f-21 plan on pairing that with an i3-6100 https://ark.intel.com/products/90729/Intel-Core-i3-6100-Processor-3M-Cache-3_70-GHz Where I am getting confused is intels page says MAX lanes 16? does that mean the CPU will only support 1x 16 slot card and nothing else? Currently I want to get both LSI cards on the bored and a NVME m.2 ssd... question is there enough PCI lanes to cover everything running at full speed? Many Thanks -Jonathan
  7. If its not possible to find something so small with a large amount of SATA ports I'm happy to get something bigger, I just don't want a massive case just for a storage/plex server haha im sure you understand the smaller the better really but If it has to be bigger then that's, that.
  8. Hi Everyone, So I have been running a slightly upgrade HP Microserver Gen8 for a couple of years now... problem I am having now is running out of storage/bays. The server is just used for personal storage and blu-ray and dvd rips for my personal Plex server... Specs: Intel Core i3 3240 @ 3.40GHz 10GB RAM 1x 120GB SSD (Boot Drive) 2x 4TB WD REDS 2x 8TB WD REDS (Not Yet Installed) Running Windows Server - Will be switching to Unraid once I complete my new build. Another problem is the Micro server has 2x 6Gbps ports 2x 3Gbps ports... which isn't ideal. hence why I haven't installed the 2x 8TB drives. another problem is that the ODD port (separate port was for DVD Drive) is again only sata 3gbps which is been used for my SSD which isn't getting the full benefit... I was hoping someone could suggest me a cheap build or pre-built system like the microserver? that could support 8+ drives hopefully in a similar form factor? (I am from the UK so UK stores like retailers would be best) don't need anything super powerful or even more powerful just want something that is of a similar size to my current setup and supports more drives at full speed. Thank you in advance for any comment and suggestions you may post. -Jonathan
  9. Hi Everyone, I am currently in the market for a soundbar/base and hoping the community can give me some suggestions. I am looking for the best sound quality for my money, I am from the UK so European stores only please. I am really hoping to have passthrough support for audio decoding for DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD so I can direct play everything without trans-coding audio on Plex I am running a 4K HDR setup currently so will need something that can passthrough 4K HDR signal or other options. Many Thanks -Jonathan
  10. Thanks ZM, Just suguest what you feels best: Budget is around £1500-£2000
  11. Hi Everyone, I am in the market for a new laptop.... been look at quite a few laptops currently looked at the Huaewi MateBook X Pro and the Razer Blade 14 but due to a lot of comments I have read on here about the Razer Blade quality and heat issues I'm leaning away... and I don't know when the MateBook Pro will be released in the UK.. Really looking for something with the below specs 8th gen i7 Quad core minimum 8GB Ram+ (16GB pref) SSD - NVME pref 14-15.6inch screen - minimal bezels Dedicated Graphics would be nice for medium/light gaming all though full blown GPU laptops are welcome. Preferably Metal body.... (MacBook level build) Touchscreen and Thunderbolt3 (Full PCI lanes) would be nice but not necessary Light enough that I don't break my wrist picking it up one handed Good Cooling I know I am probably asking for the perfect laptop here but... I am from the UK so product would need to be available from the EU Many Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, I am in the market for a new laptop I am hoping someone here can offer me some suggestions, I am from the UK so preferably UK Stock. I have been looking at the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro but I am a bit hesitant about ordering from China/Hong Kong. My Budget is: Around £1000 I am after something powerful and light, mainly be for web browsing and light gaming, I.e rocket league, Runescape, Age of Empires, a lot of simulation and RTS games. I am hoping to get a decent quad core i7 with at least 8GB of from and some sort of dedicated video chip? Touchscreen and Thunderbolt would be a nice bonus but not super needed. Many Thanks
  13. Thanks for all the help, hopefully you can help a bit more, I tried Blender and it does exacly what I want expect for the fact it creates empty folders on Each drive Lets Say Moive folder will be on all 4 drives but the file is only on 1? which idk bothers me all these empty folders. with FlexRaid which is nicer and doesn't create these random folders and just shows whats on each disk but will not let me remove driver letters and Pool the drives? unless theres something I am missing that allows you to add drives without having drive letters assigned to physical disks, which Blender does allow. I know these are very nit picky things but really want it to be how I want it. Hopefully you know of a way to sort out one or the other? Thanks
  14. Hi, Been looking at DriveBender a little bit looks good but I cannot get definitive answer, so if I copy my library of ripped movies to a Drive Bender pool the data will spread across how ever many drives I have and If I loose 1 drive I will only loose the data on that drive rather then everything spread across all the drives? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am looking for a way to take 4 drives and have them show as 1 drive without the data loss? (Maybe I'm being stupid here) so If I remove 1 drive the data on that drive will not show untill plugged back in. so basicly if one drive fails I only loose that data? the data on the other drives is fine. Maybe something doesn't exist but never know until you ask. Many Thanks -Jonathan