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  1. This definitely is not the case, am not holding the tubes close to the end. I mean you can eyeball the tubes on the Monsoon & Thermaltake mandrels and straighten up both ends but what happens then is there's a gap maybe of 3mm - 4mm between the tube and the mandrel both end grooves and tube does not sit flash in the grooves. This does not happen with the Barrow mandrel.
  2. Ok guys first let me clear I don't work for Barrow or anything and not trying to put anyone down here but I thought this might help others after some really interesting findings in regards to the 90 degree mandrels Monsoon, Thermaltake & Barrow. Basically I have 3x 90 degree mandrels from Thermaltake, Monsoon & Barrow all are for 16mm/ 5/8" OD hard tubing. So basically using 16mm OD petg tubes from EK, Thermaltake, Barrow, Alphacool & Monsoon I can NOT get a perfect 90 degree bend with either Thermaltake or Monsoon mandrels (see pictures below). I have tried all the tubes on the 3 mandrels, heated them all the same way but only Barrow gives the perfect 90 degree bend on all the tubes which is dead straight on both ends while Monsoon and Thermaltake give a slope and both ends of tube are slightly coming inwards not straight. Interesting thing here is Monsoon and Thermaltake both are made from aluminium metal while barrow is made from plastic??? Yes and I am aware Monsoon uses imperial size instead of metric size BUT that does not matter here because Monsoon's own tube is no good on it's own 90 degree mandrel while on Barrow 90 degree mandrel it's perfect. *Am only gonna show 2 pictures here but it's all the same with all the tubes. Get the same below result with all the tubes using 90 degree Thermaltake & Monsoon Mandrels And Get the same below result with all the tubes using 90 degree Barrow mandrel
  3. Like the title says which would say are good fittings for hardline tubing?
  4. It's been about 2 months maybe a little less and I noticed the colour of the tubing has changed, gone cloudy not clear as it was before (See picture). I used the Mayhems blitz kit to clean the radiator and gave it a few rinses before installing it so nothing in the radiator that can cause this. The tubing was Mayhems Ultra Clear Tubing (1/2 - 3/4) 13/19mm and coolant used was also Mayhems X1 Clear. You can see from the picture where I took off the barb fitting it's still clear but rest is not.
  5. No ones perfect, glad all is fine now. Also nice looking build, wanted to ask are those the thermaltake C pro fittings? and if so are they any good?
  6. Ok so after maybe 5 months when I first installed my 360 radiator thought I drain my loop. I thought i just take off one of the fans (Noctua) and the dust filter with it off the radiator but what I found was surprising. There was actually dust on the radiator (see pictures below) the radiator was pulling air in but all 3 fans have dust filters and there was even dust on the blades of the fans not the outer side but the inner side of the blades that were up against the radiator fins. Know what can the reason be? I even cleaned the dust off from the filters like every 3rd day. The dust filters are SilverStone SST-FF123BV-E
  7. I know, I know this questions probably been asked millions and millions of times but I still need to ask. With so many CPU AIO liquid coolers on the market currently and many more coming out which would you say is currently the "best" where money is not a issue? Size also doesn't matter so a 360 is also ok.
  8. Ok i have a front mounted 360 radiator with fans pulling air into the case. All 3 fans have dust filters on them screwed on from silverstone. However i removed the 3 filters today the front fan blades had no dust at all but there was dust behind the fan blades and also dust on the radiator? i found this weird because if dust got in it should be on the front fan blades also? There was a lot of dust on the filters the fan blades and radiator was more of like fine dust if that makes sense? As mentioned above the filters were screwed on and i didn't see any gaps but still dust got in? I would like to mention i also have 2 140 fans on top of the case also pulling air in they also have filters.
  9. Oh definitely will be water cooling my GPU, well my "coming soon" gpu RTX 2080 Ti Why do you think I didn't water cool my current GPU (1080 Ti) I was always gonna water cool it was always in my plans but then you know what they say "plans can change" and i heard Nvidia was up to something made me stop from water cooling my gpu.
  10. You no what, I been staring at that Black Ice Nemesis 480GTX for a while know and the good thing is my case can take it and the fact I have a 480mm radiator drop in mount for my Caselabs SM8 case. To be honest might as well go all out instead of another 360 get a 480
  11. Sorry forgot to mention that GPU is not being water cooled, just cpu.
  12. UPDATE: So decided to crank up the fan speed just to see, running all 3 fans at 88% just over 2800rpm (pretty load) with room temp at 31.5c to be exact Run AIDA64 just over 10 minutes like i did with the first test and got the following. CPU Highest temp reached 75c Water Temp at 39.4c So as you can see a big improvement of 5c well if you call 5c drop a big improvement that is. Water temp also at 39.4c before it was 43.2c But then again all this came in the expense of noise level and to be honest i could not run the fans at 88% So that makes me ask another question could i maybe go push/pull and have fans running at lower rpm and get similar temps?
  13. Thanks, it is actually already delidded mentioned in my first post.
  14. Case: Caselabs SM8 Radiator: Black Ice Nemesis 360GTX (360mm) Fans: 3x Ek Vardar 3000rpm CPU: i9 7900x Delidded Overclocked to 4.7GHz at 1.18V In regards to the above the fans are running at 60% about 2000rpm there are filters on all 3 fans and radiator is mounted in the front. Know the temps am currently getting are as follows on full load and I wanna what can i do to improve? ROOM TEMP: 31c (Summer Time room gets very warm) CPU TEMP: HIGHEST TEMP REACHED 80c WATER TEMP: 43.2c As you can see from above water temp looks quite high and my question was also bringing that down would it improve cpu temp? Picture below but this I took after i stopped the stress test was using AIDA64 CPU,FPU & CACHE checked
  15. Yes there are 3 fan dust filters on the fans from Silverstone, the thing is with unobstructed i will maybe see improvements but the fact is i will never run fans without filters due to dust getting in so there is no point testing it this way.