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    AMD A10 7850K
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    Gigabyte F2A68HM-S1
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    Kingston HyperX Fury 8gb 1866mhz
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    Radeon R7 7850K
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    Cooler Master RC-102C-KKN2 CMP 102 Mini Tower Casing Black
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    Toshiba DT01ACA050 ATA Device

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  1. yup only using a 500GB HDD from 2015 and it still works with 100% health and performance
  2. still high, i play dota 2 with 6% disk usage
  3. HDD malfunction.
  4. this is the one I downloaded tho
  5. forgive me if I made this in the wrong thread. I can't download my chipset drivers, it keeps showing this message. What should I do? Are chipset drivers even important?
  6. Anyone playing DayZ?
  7. do u think its because I'm using a laptop hdd on my desktop?
  8. was wondering if its gonna die on me or not, checked it's health its 100%. fitness and performance on S.M.A.R.T is full bar. was wondering how is this happening?
  9. Should I just dispose this or is there a way to lower its temps? I can also feel peaking vibrations on it.
  10. I got a 1660 super now. Benchmark says 1660 has the edge on 1070
  11. I currently have the processor, just wonder if I need to upgrade because I know it's an old cpu.