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  1. Hi, I am trying to upload a file through WebView on Android Studio. However, the Upload button will not work. I have tried looking at a number of tutorials but they seem very outdated. Thanks, Jake
  2. Hi, I built a ULX script which will give a 10 minute warning for a server restart for my own server and thought I should share, please correct if it is wrong as I have not had a chance to test. Thanks, Jake if os.date( "%I:%M %p %a" ) == "2:20 AM Sun" then for k, ply in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do ply:ChatPrint( "Automatic weekly server restart in 10 minutes! Please save anything you do not want to lose!" ) end end
  3. JakePC

    Maths Helper

  4. JakePC

    Maths Helper

    I am installing GitHub desktop
  5. JakePC

    Maths Helper

    Visual Basic, is there anyway I can make it less shady lol
  6. JakePC

    Maths Helper

    Hey guys, I am only 14 and decided to program this because when I tried to do my homework I noticed it was hard to see the numbers. This application separates the numbers with commas and puts it on a yellow background. The .RAR file included contains both source code and the application. Thanks, Jake Maths Helper.rar
  7. My ds200 is ballox for sound and air cooling
  8. Yh thats not it Thanks for looking though
  9. I have always wondered what the song is at 10:33 of Thanks for your help
  10. JakePC

    windows 10 spying

    Never tried but I highly doubt it makes your system unstable. If you like the look of it, give it a shot.
  11. Both sticks of RAM confirmed working on Memtest86 from another PC Worked together on mobo for about a year System now refuses to start with 2 sticks of RAM but starts with 1 stick mobo issue?
  12. Probably on BT (they are down in the whole of the UK) JK... just check network drivers
  13. Virgin Media running problem free at 200 mbps lol