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  1. that rig will probably not even draw 400watts dude, yes it's good enough
  2. SpecialEllio


    in my experience they're really stable they usually go down for abit when the big sales start (atleast they used to when the sales where in their glory days) other than that there isn't alot of unplanned downtime from my experience
  3. is your cpu running at the speeds it should? it looks alot like a cpu bottleneck but your cpu should be fine for that gpu, especially at ultra
  4. the point is it isn't a good example, play another game with high settings and show us the utilisation of that fps and cpu usage graph might be good aswell
  5. use makemkv to turn DVDs and Blu-Ray's into video files, it works like a charm and it's a free 30day trial. What nas would be good I do not know since I'm also looking into this myself, however the Zyxel NAS326 looks good to me if you're willing to buy your own hdd's, atleast for a basic movie library but I have no clue about how you setup cctv systems so I can't speak about that.
  6. sounds like a plan to me, the NH-C14S will probably perform slightly worse but my hunch is that it isn't by much.
  7. well if you have the money you might aswell splurge since aircoolers don't really brake from use
  8. The r7 1700 is the best bang for the buck. I have it and it's just dandy for 60fps gaming, most of them easily oc to 3.7GHz and when streaming games you will most of the time not even have a change in framerate.
  9. I have two r9 280xs and they draw alot of juice and pump out alot of heat (and noise) so yea. glhf
  10. I would like a new SSD because mine is 60GB D= and everyone should have one because HDD such for boot times
  11. I would like the Kiro since my mouse has been acting up for a while now, cheerz
  12. I would get my dad the Sony BDVE3100 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (or any other home theater system)since he isn't really a techie but he does like his movies and good sound. PS. Currently just using the TV speakers