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  1. Looking for the best laptop.

    I have had no noise issues, although I haven't stressed it that much gpu wise, since I don't edit video and haven't had a chance to play any game since I got it. I wouldn't expect it to be louder than a mbp under load, but can't really give you much more info I'm afraid. You could look at some reviews:
  2. A friend of mine got a 13 inch lenovo thinkpad and just put some ram in there for that purpose. Pretty cheap on ebay, I even saw an x1 carbon (older edition) for £300 with pretty much what you are asking for, which is pretty small and light.
  3. Looking for the best laptop.

    Dell XPS 15, get one with the new i7 6 core, 32gb of ram and a 512gb ssd and you are golden, can even game on it if you really want. Hell, its overkill, but its well within your budget, its very capable, its light, battery lasts the best part of a day, build quality is excellent... I have a similar workload to you, I do photoshop and lr, matlab (I have loads of excel, r and stata as well, but really those aren't that intensive). I have the last gen 9560 i7 7700hq, gtx1050, 16gb Ram and 512gb ssd and am very happy. I do think that I'd spend the extra money for the 32gb of ram though simply because if you are multitasking it fills up quick these days. (Who'd have actually believed my browser would be taking up more memory than photoshop;P ) Support is excellent as well and unlike the macbook, you get a touchscreen, sd card reader (I assume you have a camera since you use photoshop, and that is a must for me), full size usbs, hdmi etc.
  4. Best Value MacBook Pro 15 inch

    A value macbook pro is a contradiction in terms...;P £2800 is stupid, look at the xps 15, there is nothing you will run that can't be done at the same level or better as with a windows machine, I assume you will not be developing because most developers just use linux on a used £200 thinkpad anyway. https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops/new-15/spd/xps-15-9570-laptop?stacks=true The equivalent model costs £500 less and the i9 model even is still £300 cheaper! And you get usb ports, an sd card reader and a touchscreen. Just get that. I mean if you will be using Premiere anyway, there's no point using finalcut. EDIT: +Dell's pro support is amazing, I got the last gen xps15 recently and had an issue with it charging, which ended up being the power adapter. I'm in the middle of my masters exams as well. I called them at 10pm at night, I spoke to a person, who booked an engineer who came over at my flat and fixed the thing the day after. The guy was carrying an entire laptop in parts in a backpack. I was amazed at the level of support they provide.
  5. I'd look into fuji as well as sony, an xt10 or xe2s can probably be bought for close to that amount and the lens system for apsc glass is far superior. In general, if size is a concern, you won't be going for a FF upgrade any time soon, and the fuji system is better than the sony in that regard. They also have lenses that are actually pretty small for what they are. A 27mm f/2.8 for instance is a great way to have a very pocketable camera that performs really well in all regards. Even attahed to an xt2. So I think that would give you more space to grow afterwards if you end up going for a crop sensor system. Sony just doesn't seem so invested in its crop sensor lineup as it should be. A home run would be something like a used xt20 or xe3, probaly with the 15-45mm lens or the 16-50mm, or even an xt100. I think it'd be a much better package. ] I'd also possibly look at the Canon m50, I dont know how availability looks in the used market or if you can possibly get a deal on it with the kit lens, but I think it is a great all rounder.
  6. 6D MK I or 80D

    Well that depends, what sort of photography do you do? what lenses do you have? what lenses would you buy if you went with the 6d? The 5dmk2 might be a good option as well, also, why not consider looking at nikon bodies as well if you will be buying all new lenses anyway? The 80d has more resolution on the sensor alone and somewhat more cropability due to the higher pixel density, so I'm not sure if the 6d will actually produce better prints, unless we are talking about noise, in which case, the 6d might have an edge due to the Full Frame sensor and the lower snr ratio that comes with it, although the image processor will be newer on the 80d. I don't think anyone would scream for the 5dmk4 (even though I do believe most objections to it are asininne given how cheap it is used right now).
  7. Name of cable?

    I actually think a friend's d3300 had a proprietary connector on it, I'm not sure if it had a micro usb as well. I remember having to empty the camera through the sd card that's for sure. I assumed that it was like old sony and olympus point and shoots that would integrate video out and the data connection. On a dslr it will pobably have the cable release as well. Its probably to avoid having a lot of connectors while still allowing for all that fnctionality.
  8. I'd definitely go for more RAM as others have mentioned, I'm not sure if the 105ti is the best thing for any GPU accelerated taks, but its understandable given current pricing. I'd also try to squeeze in a ryzen 7, since it will benefit your type of workloads. My system sometimes starts experiencing issues with photoediting, especially if I import loads of stuff into ligthroom and its considered pretty capable, so for more intense video editing, I'd go for more processing power.
  9. LF: Allround Camera

    Yes there are, feature wise, on paper, an a7rii will probably do what you want it to, but in the real world I don't think its that great, battery life is shit, ergonomics are even worse, and it was in general unimpressive when I tried it at least. The a7ii is the same story, to a larger extent because it doesn't have the raw power the a7rii has. The a7iii is in my opinion, and I'm pretty well informed on this stuff, the 1st camera sony has made that may be seen as worth moving to from other systems, or is enticing enough to get into the system, simply because lenses are more expensive than anyone else, size and weight advantages are pretty minimal (because physics!) etc. Now, in a week, nikon will be announcing new cameras (we think), which will probably have an effect on Sony prices. I have already seen some offers here in the UK, which I assume is because the quarter is about to end and they want to avoid getting a slow down in sales right now. I don't think nikon will be challenging them so much. It is expected that both nikon and canon will release their own FF mirrorless cameras by the end of the year. Apparently people care, so if you wait till then you might be able to pick up an a7iii used (because now no one is selling yet). But no, I wouldn't under any circumstances pick up an a7ii/rii or the original a7. As I said, pick up a fuji xt20 and an 18-135mm, its probably your best bet. Or used options from Canon and Nikon if you are ready to forego 4k. Actually, if you can do that, the 6dii might be doable used.
  10. LF: Allround Camera

    Since you mention videography nowhere why is 4k a requirement? I mean, you could get a used nikon d750 probably or d800E or a d610 which would be great for the stills scenarios you mention. So why go with a camera that records 4k? You should be able to get any of those cameras used and a used 24-120mm nikon for within your budget, or a Canon 5d2 and a 24-105. If you are reluctant to go Full frame, I get that, so I'd suggest you go with a Fuji xt20 and an 18-135mm lens and maybe an 18mm f/2 for the astro stuff, since the 18-135mm doesn't hve the widest aperture. If not, a Sony a7iii or a Canon 5dmk4 are probably your best bets to do everything you described and those should run $2000-$2500 for the body alone, used.
  11. CAMEDIA software for windows 7

    No need, just insert the memory card in a reader or read the camera with the cable as a drive. You can just copy paste everything out of it then.
  12. Spend the $100 on a couple of micro sd cards, a set of nd filters for your phone, a tripod and a phone mount. Just get a gorillapod or something. Set your phone to shoot raw+jpg, use your headset's volume keys as a remote and that's it. Its not the best thing out there by any means, but for stills its much better than you would prbably get with $100. Other than that, there is some stuff you could do with a well used older camera, but it would need you to be very creative to compensate for the lack of resolution and dynamic range and loads of editing capabilities. It would probably cost significantly more than $100 as well, so just stick with your phone.
  13. Sigma 18-35 1.8 for canon

    The 3 lenses you are comparing are pretty different. Firstly, the latter 2 are for FF bodies, and on APS-C sensors, they would be way too tight for runnning and gunning. Also, the 18-35mm is a 1.8, so much wider aperture, shallower DOF etc. I guess you it would actually depend on the particular lens you are looking at at that point. You can always have it calibrated using the sigma dock if its back or front focusing, but thats about it and its a quite complex and time consuming process in and of itself, you may also risk ruining it altogether. But the 18-35mm has been a very widely used lens for ages and highly recommended. Personally, I'd stick with a run and gun 24-105mm equivalent with a constant aperture and a couple of primes.
  14. Laptop for Photoshop

    If the budget is for an ideapad pro 320, (which a quick google seach reveals is a £280 laptop) I hardly think a proper IPS 4k display with a wide colour gamut and preferrably precalibrated is reacheable. Basically, no noticeable difference at those prices, just get whatever you think is fine. May as well look at getting the best hardware for it screen is not something you can afford to fix.
  15. Ok so the guy needs a camera for amateur video/vlogging/photography, tells you he would prefer to stick with Canon because his partner has a 7d, therefore, probably has lenses they can share. He also has used Canon before and probably is more familiar with it in general. He also says he is not knowledgeable in photgraphy etc.. Can you please give me 1 reason why he shouldn't just stick with Canon? In what way would an 80d or t7i not fulfill his needs and more so? Does he need 4k recording right now or in the immmediate futre? what about the g85, or any other mirrorless camera is it that should move him towards it? Is it better on a specsheet, sure, but is it substanitally better in the real world for this guys usecase? NO it is not. This is a general comment, and you 2 are just the 2 people that have made the recommendation this time round, so don't take it that personally, although I understand my tone is somewhat agressive. I understand most people believe that mirrorless cameras are the best thing since sliced bread, although for the life of me having used loads can't figure out why. BUT, you also have to understand that the specs they offer are not always necessary. The best way to put it is this, a ferrari is a great car. It doesn't mean everyone should go out and buy one. Most people are much better off with a VW golf. OP, the t7i is more camera than 90% of the schmucks who use one can handle, its a lot more camera than most people need or will ever be able to get the best out of. I would say go for a used one to avoid getting hit be depreciation, but it is more camera than most people will ever need. Don't go for the 80d. The t7i is as good or better in most ways, it is truly an amazingly well specced camera for its market segment. The only caveat is if you need to check levels when recording video the t7i doesn't have that capability, in all other aspects, its at leats 95% the camera the 80d is. Yes, the 80d is due for replacement. But, even if it were replaced tomorrow, it would still be more than adequate for your needs. In short, the best thing for you about the 90d is that it will drive prices down. Just go for the t7i. Buy used if you can so you avoid the depreciation.