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  1. you definitely will need a tripod of some sort. I would add a 2nd angle first of all. To do that you can use either your phone or a cheap action cam. There's clamps you can buy that will hold you phone which are cheaper than a tripod usually and will be just fine given the weight. Unofrtunately, as far as the hands on the piano from the side shot is concerned, I have loads of ideas of how to do it, because I can just translate from photography to video, but, it will be much better with a proper camera vs. a webcam, and a camera operator or a really reliable AF camera will make a huge difference. The unfortunate part is that the cheapest thing I can think of that will give you all that is a Canon M50, which is way more expensive than a webcam. So I'd start off with a cheap action cam for the wide shot or the hand shot depending on your phone's video quality. Put both on clamps, attach one to the side of the piano (There shouldn't be any scratcing if you find a clamp with a rubber or soft clamp) and one to a door or somewhere else in the room, which will make a decent wide shot. If you get into it more, and believe its worth it spending $600-$800 on a proper camera and equipment, come back, we'll recommend something and your action cam will graduate to a top down shot and your phone to the wide shot. Another concern might be lighting, I can't really tell from the shot I'm looking at, but usually spending $100-$150 on some decent ligths will go a long way in improving the quality of your videos, especially if you are currently shooting with a phone or an action cam. Something like this for instance: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G334LP9/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07G334LP9&pd_rd_w=NBtXJ&pf_rd_p=f0dedbe2-13c8-4136-a746-4398ed93cf0f&pd_rd_wg=pzkFF&pf_rd_r=JBY2D7V1XXTS1KPDQD1K&pd_rd_r=217e1f51-fd1e-11e8-87bf-151422111fdf As far as sound is concerned, if you are already recording it from the piano, there isn't much you should do, that is the right call.
  2. cc143

    Camera option decisions!

    The d850 is hands down the best stills camera out there at the moment. In all my years shooting Canon its the only nikon camera I would think about switching for, hadn't it been for other considerations. But if you are shooting video in the nikon system, the mirrorless options are much better. That being said, I don't think the z6 or z7 are that worthwhile for professionals. Maybe a 2nd generation camera with some more professional features (vertical grip availability, 2nd card slot, a more finetuned AF system for stills etc.) once some pro glass is released. If you don't rely on AF in video, the d850 is the best option here, if you are, unfortunately the z series cameras are better. What are you shooting at the moment? If you are on a d810 or d500, you can just keep it and use it as a stills body with the z6 as a hybrid.
  3. cc143

    Camera option decisions!

    The d850 is the better camera by miles, but, if you need to focus in liveview, its useless. So you may as well go with the z6 in this instance, since I assume you'll want to do video. Do you already have any equipment? What are you shooting? This choice seems very specific... also, why not the 105 f/1.4 g from Nikon? it should be more cooperative with the FTZ adapter theoretically...
  4. Gear makes no difference if you don't know how to use it. An Alexa is a complex cinema camera, that only makes sense in high production value projects. Even people who actually know how to use it probably wouldn't in such a project because its impractical. You are trying to fly a bloody space shuttle and don't even know how a kite works! Get a cheap camera that does what you need, learn how to use it properly and you'll get much better results than if you go out and rent an Alexa, unless the 50 includes an entire film crew with it.
  5. So hang on, you don't know how to properly expose, but you believe you can work a cinema camera properly and are willing to bet $1000 on it? are you trolling us right now or are you being serious?
  6. cc143


    So are you looking for a camera, tripod and lights for product photography?
  7. cc143

    Rate the Photo Above you

    7/10 I like it, its a good approach to photographing a vocalist, since its either that or taking a picture of their facial expression, which works great with vocalists who really do exhibit great expressions when singing, a good example is Bruce Dickinson from Maiden, although he is quite active on stage as well, which makes for more interesting images. The thing is, this looks like a time when the ability to look at the facial expressions of the artist might be more important, so I'm not sure if the keep him in the shadows is the correct approach in this particular instance. This is a composition I've been thinking of for a while, even managed to attempt it a couple of times, but none of them seem to be what I'm after. This is as close as I got. Its the Duke of Wellington statue in Glasgow. I would have really liked for the sky to be a bit more full, just not as glum as it usually is. Its also tough to chase the light right noe because the sun sets so quickly. What do you guys think? keep this and maybe if the weather is opportune or is this good enough?
  8. cc143

    Best Camera for VideoMaking

    As I said earlier, get a tripod, some lighting (which makes a huge qualitative difference when using a phone camera) and some sound recording equipment. It depends a lot on what you are filming. If you are doing mkbhd/ltt style videos, then maybe spend some money in making your "set" a bit more camera worthy. Spend some money on software and developing your editing skills. Those are much more productive ways to spend you $300. Even if you were to by some miracle find a camera and lens worth buying for $300, that would be it. No sound, no stability no lighting. What you end up with is footage that is as echoey, as skhaken and as poorly lit as before, only it takes more space on you hard drive.
  9. cc143

    Best Camera for VideoMaking

    $300 is way too low for it to be worthwhile to invest in camera equipment. (Especially if you are looking for the best camera for videomaking) I'd recommend spending the money on a decent microphone, maybe even an external recorder, a semi decent tripod and some lighting and using your phone to record. With decent lighting, it will give you better results than most cameras you'll be able to find. To give you an idea of what a semi decent kit would involve with a camera, that is probably a Panasonic G7 with a kit lens, (about $450) Cheap and Cheerful tripod ($50-70) Microphone ($60-100) Lighting Kit ($50-70 for something cheap off amazon) Maybe some form of cheap backdrop if you have nothing that resembles a set since with that kit you won't have the best background separation ($depends on what you wanna do) Odds and ends (sd cards, batteries, ac adapter packs etc $100-200)
  10. If you are in continuous AF in liveview (AF-C) the camera will still attempt to focus sometimes, the lens should still prevent that, but its not completely unlikely. Its probably human error rather than something being wrong with the lens, although that's not impossible.
  11. That's in live view, so you are probably trying to record video. Are you using AF-C?
  12. cc143

    OTG file transfer - Galaxy S8

    What`s the difference between an OTG flash drive and a flash drive flash drive? Do you have any apps to recommend for this? Also, I know you can use a dongle with multiple usbs on android, to say attach both a keyboard and mouse, I`ve done it before on my old z3, but can you use one to transfer directly from an sd card to a usb stick?
  13. No its simply how the camera will expose for that particular image. You need to bracket if the difference in exposure is extreme and you want to use more of the dynamic range, which is essentially how an HDR image will work, you will take a number of exposures at different exposure settings, say ISO100, 200, 400 and 600 and combine them in post to get the entire dynamic range in the scene. When you use your camera to automatically expose, it will evaluate the scene and decide upon the oprimal exposure settings to get the majority of the scene exposed. The problem is that in contrasting light, like a subject with the light source directly behind them, if the difference in lighting is too much, the camera will have to average it or try to expose for the light source. To get around that you must have the camera expose for the subject rather than the entire scene, which is done using spot metering, i.e. the exposure is set according to the lighting in a particular spot of the image, i.e. your subject. Most cameras now actually have a wide dynamic range, enough so that by decreasing the highlights and boosting the shadows you can get a lot of the lighting in the scene, but that won't work if the difference is too extreme. In that case, you bracket, i.e. take multiple exposures at different exposure settings and combine them to achieve a higher dynamic range.
  14. I'm running into issues when trying to transfer files from my camera's sd card onto the phone's micro sd or other media using a usb c dongle. Basically, I will select the option "transfer files" but it will just return to the default "charge usb c device" without allowing me to access my sd card's directory. Is anyone aware of a fix or better yet an app that will allow me to backup my sd card to an external device like a hard drive from my phone while on the field?
  15. cc143

    Rate the Photo Above you

    5/10, I`m not well versed in atrophotography to tell you about the settings side, but from a compositional front, its not interesting. It feels like a snapshot. If you shot portrait, so we could see some of the ground, the entire tree etc. then that might have been a different story. Its well edited and the settings are fine, I`m just not drawn to anything in your composition. My lens was a bit wet, hence the fog in the middle. Kinda wish I had a grad or bracketed as well.