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  1. After a windows 10 update yesterday, my mic doesn't work anymore. I've reinstall the audio drivers, re-roll windows updates. Nothing works. I did test the mic on another computer, it works just fine. I'm using a MSI Z170A Gaming M5 and I did install the default audio drivers that came with the motherboard - still doesn't work. Any help would be grateful, Thanks
  2. Hi folks, Starting to get annoyed using the Killer Network Drivers. Was wondering what network drivers is less buggy and is supported on my MSI Z710A Gaming M5 and Windows 10 64bit? And are intel drivers a good option? https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26045/Intel-Gigabit-Ethernet-Network-Connection-Driver-for-Intel-NUC-Kit-NUC6i3SY-NUC6i5SY-NUC6i7KYK Thanks
  3. Hi Folks I need help for some reason I cannot install Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 community. I downloaded a fresh installer and as soon as I click it, it crashes. For some reason it's on my programs list, I don't know why considering it hasn't been fully installed. I tried Dev C++ but that just displays a black output half the times for some reason. Any kind of help is appreciated
  4. Hey Guys, Now we're all guilty of not "safely ejecting" usbs and hard drives, since life is too short for that or we like to live on the edge. It always seems windows platforms are always cool whenever we decide to whip out our hard drives without any protection but with mac platforms decide to betray us be like "Nah gg, get rekt" and destroy our porn-containing devices. Why du mac do dis?
  5. gibe nao pls Jk, using a r9 390 but I want to venture forth towards VR!!!
  6. Be awesome to have this around for LAN parties.
  7. Hi guys, So recently, my mother's TV streaming device just plain doesn't work anymore. I bought another media streaming device and installed TV Plus from Google Play Store, it works... However the wifi technology in the device ungodly slow and unfortunately has no ethernet port. I have 17mbps which should be fine to stream 1080p as it handles youtube pretty well. Anyways I was wondering if anyone can suggest a suitable replacement that can stream fast. It would be preferable it just comes with Google Play preinstalled so I can just download TV Plus onto it. Or if it allowed 3rd party software installation. If the device can stream China's TV channels directly, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance.
  8. That's weird though. I'm using a R9 390 as well and displaying through my DVI cable, everything works fine. Which driver are you using for your gpu?
  9. Perhaps do a hard drive test to see if there's any bad blocks on your hard drive
  10. Not too sure what's wrong with yours. My i7 6700K at stock speed currently idles around 25C with my Sapphire R9 390 Nitro X at 45C at an ambient temperature of around 25C. Under gaming such as Witcher 3, my CPU will hit 45C and my GPU will hover at 67C. I'm currently using stock fans and the pre-applied paste. Perhaps you have a mounting issue, or maybe you may need to change your fan speed settings.
  11. Would be awesome to finally trash my membrane keyboard and try out a new mechanical one
  12. Totally fine, my R9 390 can be around 67~ under graphic intensive games. 70+ maybe around 4-5hrs of straight gaming?
  13. Have you checked the Sata cables, the ports, and the connection of the hard drive? It could also be a faulty hard drive if you had installed all the programs onto your hard drive instead of the SSD.