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  1. Do you know if it can detach the keyboard? It isn't mandatory, just curious. Really? Did you use one, or you say that from what you read online? It looks like it might be a good option From what I recall, the first iterations weren't so good.
  2. Hey guys. I'm looking for a laptop (that can also be used as a tablet), just like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, for my business and at the moment Media Markt has a very good deal on them (but it ends Sunday!). I use a very heavy program that manages stock, staff, accounting etc etc, so it has to handle that pretty well. My current one is a Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz, 4gb ram and can handle it fairly well. However from time to time it does freeze. Does anyone here has/used one? Is there a better option? Thanks in advance
  3. alright. thanks a lot for the fast replies guys! Which 970/r9 290x would you go for? I've heard good things about the gigabyte 970 and vapor x r9 290x
  4. Hey guys. I'm going to buy a 1440p 27'' monitor and I would like to know if 670 SLI can handle it. The most heavy games I'll be playing are gta5, witcher3, bf4, star citizen and if possible in high settings. If both 670 can't handle it, what would you recommend? Thanks

    AKG Q701

    any specific reason or its because you own one?

    AKG Q701

    What would you pick between the DT990 and the Sennheiser 558?

    AKG Q701

    Why do you think the DT990 are better? you mean spec-wise? edit: I've been reading that to take full advantage of the Q701 you need to have some expensive equipment. Is this true? The only equipment I have for sound is the asus stx

    AKG Q701

    Hey guys. I'm currently using the ath-m50 and I love the sound, but the earpads are very small and I prefer the earpads like the sennheiser pc350 has, where the ear doesn't touch anywhere. Do you guys know what size are the akg q701? I'm also looking into the dt 990. What do you guys think? thanks in advance

    IPS vs AH-IPS

    what about the specifications? worth the price? edit: if you guys know any other brand/model that's good, please say so ^^

    IPS vs AH-IPS

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a ips monitor to use it to play ps4 and watch some movies/tv shows and I found this Asus VX229H, but it has a ah-ips. From what I found online: Advanced High Performance IPS (AH-IPS) - 2011 Improved colour accuracy, increased resolution and PPI, and greater light transmission for lower power consumption. It also shows low responsive time (5ms), but I don't care about it since I already own a benq. Do you even notice a difference between ips and ah-ips? I can get that Asus model for 180 euros (243 dolars). Do you think its a good deal? Also I've looked into the 27'' model but it says it's 1080p. Isn't that weird for a 27'' ? I know nothing about monitors, its just that I thought most 27'' supported bigger resolutions. thanks in advance
  11. He wont oc. He uses mostly adobe programs. No he doesn't.
  12. He just needs the desktop, nothing else. thanks for the fast replies guys!
  13. Hey guys. A friend of mine asked for a graphic design build and his budget is around 500-600 dollars. He does a lot of work with opencl. What would you recommend? thanks in advance