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  1. Where exactly is this option, I cant seem to find it?
  2. Im not using 2 monitors and also ill check in the control panel. Thanks
  3. So I have the GTX 970 and I havent had a problem with it ever. Until yesterday i noticed that the gpu is running at 1164 core clock and 3506 memory clock on idle. Im not running anything in the background, just MSI afterburner to monitor core clock and it stays on 1164, making my card really hot for no reason? If someone can help me resolve this problem, i would really appreciate it! -Thank you!
  4. I mean it looks smoother (more fluid). And what u said makes sense, but is there a way to fix that? Improve the consistency of the frames?
  5. So I have a 60hz monitor, which means that my monitor cannot display more than 60 fps right? Well when Im playing a game and I get constant 60+ fps, and then i go on youtube and watch videos of people playing the same game, it looks so much smoother on youtube than when im playing the game myself. How is that possible? I know that I cant be seeing more than 60 fps on youtube since my monitor is 60hz, and at the same time i get 60+ fps in games, but why does it look smoother on youtube? If anyone can give me a possible explanation I would really appreciate it! -Thank you
  6. So I have moderate nat type so i wanna port forward so i can get open nat type! But in settings i cant find port forwarding, there is only port filtering... is that the same thing?
  7. Dude there are a lot of nvidia stuff....nvcontainer, nvidia geforce experience, web helper, nv wireless controller...
  8. lol, yes but what do i look for in the task manager?
  9. See if what is still running in the background ?
  10. Hello! When I right click on my desktop, the Nvidia control Panel is missing? I remember it was there like a month ago, but its gone now? Plus when I click on the small arrow in the bottom right corner I used to see the Nvidia icon, now thats missing as well? Can someone please help me resolve this issue? -Thank you!
  11. DGaming

    Getting no sound?

    So I had audio yesterday on my PC and today for some reason I dont! There is just an X ontop of the sound logo in the bottom right! I found that in the device manager, everything under sound, video and controllers, has a yellow exclemation mark! And when I click on each one of them it says this: A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternative driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32) Please help
  12. So I have an Acer S220 HQL monitor and I dont know what to set my brightness and contrast to! I play a lot of games, mostly first person shooters and I want my games to look as best as possible (when it comes to brightness and contrast ofc) My monitor doesnt have a game preset or anything, just has User, Eco, Standart, Graphics, Movie presets! The default came with 100 brightness and 50 contrast but that was too much so i set it to 50 brightness and 50 contrast! Also have the color temp set to cool (looks better). So if anyone could help me to set it to the perfect settings so my games look best, would be awesome Thanks!
  13. So since recently my PC just wont shut down! When I try to shut it down in the evening by going POWER>SHUT DOWN, the monitor goes black like it should, but the PC keeps running, like I hear the fans spinning and the leds are on, the keyboard is lit and everything. Its like I put it to sleep or something haha. Ive waited like 30 mins like that and it wont shut down, I had to shut it down by holding the power button for 4 seconds! Another thing Ive noticed since recently is that when I play a game called Rainbow Six Siege with my friends and we are loading into a game, I always load in sooo slow, and everyone is like "potato PC, wooden PC" but I actually have a gtx 970 and an i5 4460, built it last year! And yes I have my game on my HDD, but so do my friends and they dont load in so slow... and yes my HDD is good, its the WD Blue 1TB. So is there something wrong with my HDD? And is that why my PC wont shut down? Also I have to say that I recently upgraded to windows 10 (from windows 8.1) so that might have something to do with that, idk!? So please guys help me!? -Thanks everyone ^^