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  1. Hello forum, So recently, I was given a 46in 1080p monitor after a store did a renovation. The monitor was from a 2x2 wall and thus is set to only show part of an input. At the moment, it only shows 1/4th of my screen (as in the entire screen is on, but only part of my screen is being used to fill it up). I cannot seem to remedy the issue on the monitor's side via settings, so I was wondering if perhaps I could trick my PC into putting out video for a larger display (3840 x 2160), and keep all the content in the corner that the monitor displays. If I didnt explain my idea well enough, I attached 3 pictures. First is a sample desktop, 2nd is how the monitor shows it, 3rd is my idea. For reference, I tried this on my 2017 Macbook pro (via VGA to Thunderbolt 3 adapter) and my desktop (GTX 1080 with DisplayPort cable) and had the same result, leading me to believe that it is due to the monitor being from a 2x2.
  2. The issue is not enough storage (a 512gb SSD would be cutting it close). Is there another option for storage besides the 512gb ssd?
  3. Hello LLT Forums! I need some help finding a gaming capable laptop that meets the following: that is around the same size as the 2015 15" Macbook Pro I am carrying with me now (Height: 0.71 inch, Width: 14.13 inches, Depth: 9.73 inches, Weight: 4.49 pounds) at least 16GB of ram an SSD boot drive and an HDD (or a laptop with just an HDD and an extra 2.5in drive as I have a spare SSD) GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent preferably Core i7 or AMD equivalent Decent battery life while not gaming (I need to be able to have google docs up for about 8 hours a day on battery power), I'll use the power adapter while gaming. 15.6 in screen (Resolution minimum of 1920x1080, I don't care about touch) Any ideas on what to get? Currently, I'm liking this - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072K85Z7N/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I2ZGSTH4DQYMYV&colid=3RYPL6W30Q6QF
  4. Hello LTT community! So for the past few years I have been using a Macbook, and really want to switch to a windows based one (possibly one of the razer blades). I am not here to get help picking a laptop, but help looking for a program that will allow me to use the gestures on the mac trackpads such as: Swiping up with 3 or 4 fingers reveals all windows Swiping left/right with 3 or 4 fingers goes between different desktops Pinch to zoom on more applications (not really too important for me) I know windows 10 has all of those features, but not with the gestures to activate them. Has anyone developed something that would give me features like those? These are the only things that made me get a MacBook in the first place, its so convenient. Thanks in advance for anyone who helps me out
  5. A Kova would be very nice to have!
  6. GPU broke again, just got a new GTX 950
  7. Try uninstalling or re installing steam. If you still get errors try doing a factory reset if you have the proper stuff to activate windows.
  8. The card is shot, I am using the graphics on the motherboard for now. Saving up for a nice GPU. The old card was starting to fail occasionally anyway
  9. Almost all the parts are in my current PC (aka free in this case). The new parts are: Power supply Motherboard SSD CPU Fan 4gb of ram (new to me, but a free hand-me-down) The first thing I'll do is start saving a dollar a day towards a new graphics card (the 745 is the one that came in my PC) Thanks!
  10. Since I already have the chip and ram, I don't really have much of a choice to upgrade (I am open to donations )
  11. I know it is a meh grade chip, but it is not too bad with video editing (works great with adobe premier, camtasia studio and sony vegas). The 16gb that is is already using I want to stay, and teh extra 4 is mainly I have it laying around, its computable, so I though why not.