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  1. Holy crap it gets worst for me. I was told my keyboard never actually had a battery inside it so hence why it wasn't showing up. The keyboard was working fine beforehand and had no issues but since they found some spillage they still going to charge me even though there was nothing wrong with it.
  2. I have already beforehand as I was suspicious , but they're stating I need the board replacing.
  3. How do you know this, they're saying it why the battery in the keyboard dock doesn't work.
  4. I honestly don't know what it is, all I know is I never spilled water or liquid of any sort.
  5. No one, I'm the only person in the room as I'm a self employed renting an office. There's no chance of anyone entering without me knowing, and noone comes round anyway
  6. Had to send in my Z20T laptop which was under warranty as the keyboard battery was not being recognised. Anyway cue 2 weeks later and I was horrified to learn that the issue was water damage. I replied back and vehemently argued that wasn't the case as its been sitting on my desk, and we don't have drinks near it at all. However, they're asking for a eye watering £150 or £65 return fee unrepaired. Now if I did do water damage then why would I send it to Toshiba as I know already it wouldn't be covered under warranty. Can anyone help, do I have any options?
  7. Good Trade

    Its a 1tb model
  8. Good Trade

    Its a 500GB version. In the UK ps4 prices are still relatively high even for 2nd hand market
  9. Good Trade

    Can soneone tell me the prices of what my Switch is worth vs the Ps4?
  10. Good Trade

    Not into RPGs at all.
  11. Good Trade

    I love the Switch but besides from playing Mario Aces and Okami, there's nothing else I really want to play despite how godlike Mario and Zelda is
  12. Good Trade

    Anyone else care to chime in please?
  13. Good Trade

    Its legit but not sure if I'm better off or if I'm getting shafted.