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  1. Sorry newbie here.
  2. Nope there's a 8gb version
  3. You mean the desktop version of a gtx970?
  4. Sounds stupid but despite the 1050 ti being newer its only 4gb but would a 8gb gtx980m still beat it?
  5. Its still under warranty but they were below 50, though not sure when gaming
  6. Nice, can anyone else confirm before purchasing?. Device is used but still has warranty
  7. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Schenker-Technologies-XMG-P407-Clevo-P641HK1-Notebook-Review.207220.0.html Worth it at £600? Using it for Photoshop, Zbrush. Or should I stick to my desktop rig?
  8. Thinking of getting rid of my desktop as I need something more mobile as I''m moving out: My current is desktop rig i7 4970 Geforce GTX 960 4GB 16GB Vs i7 7700HW 16GB Ram 1050ti 4GB I'm guessing the laptop is still behind in performance but is it that much worst?.
  9. Kaws

    Price check for my desktop?

    Would I get more separating it too in parts and selling online?
  10. Kaws

    Price check for my desktop?

    Damn that low:( Is Gumtree a good place to sell you reckon as I rather have it collected.
  11. Based in the UK, what is the price I can sort of expect? i5 4670k 8GB ramn MSI Z87M Motherboard DVD Drive 256GB Samsung SSD 
  12. Holy crap it gets worst for me. I was told my keyboard never actually had a battery inside it so hence why it wasn't showing up. The keyboard was working fine beforehand and had no issues but since they found some spillage they still going to charge me even though there was nothing wrong with it.
  13. I have already beforehand as I was suspicious , but they're stating I need the board replacing.
  14. I know but they're refusing.