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  1. Seems to only happen during boot. Can't get past windows boot menu because it crashes every time.
  2. My pc has been blue screening and randomly shutting off. Also there are these weird artifacts especially at booting. Is this a graphics card issue? Advice is much appreciated
  3. I have no idea, all I l know is my computer is extremely loud.
  4. Do you know of any software that allow you to change it, and if so, what rpm should it be at.
  5. Its a stock hp mobo. In the bios, it said american megatrends, if that helps at all
  6. It doesn't give me an option in the Bios to adjust the fans
  7. I bought it from Costco, its the HP pavilion. https://www.costco.com/HP-Pavilion-570-p017c-Desktop---Intel-Core-i5---2GB-Graphics.product.100344108.html
  8. No, the HDD is stock and the PC is only about 8 months old
  9. Recently, my PC (hp prebuilt) has been extremely loud, even at idle(11% cpu usage). It is less than a year old and was dead silent when I got it. I thought there might be too much dust, so I looked, and there was none. My CPU and GPU temps are pretty low (see screenshot). It is getting difficult to concentrate with such loud fans at this point. Can someone guide me in the right direction. Do I need new fans? Is this a bios problem? New heat sink? Any help is tremendously appreciated Thanks
  10. I know I don't usually post on here, but I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. It is about a great $30 mechanical keyboard. It would help a lot if you checked it out. I appreciate all constructive criticism. Thanks



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    2. BestPCBuilder2017


      Also, this is a little thing, but if you could, try looking directly at the camera as if you are talking to the viewer/viewers directly. (if possible)


      It's a bit of a nit picky piece, but it definitely makes a good improvement 

    3. BestPCBuilder2017


      A bit more nit picky, but I do not recommend scratching yourself while on camera and doing a review. 

    4. thutzell13579


      @NCIX Lampy

      Thanks a ton for all of the constructive criticism. I honestly appreciate it. It is never "too" nit picky. Anyway, i'm still trying to figure out how to read my script while looking at the camera. There are plenty of teleprompter oprions, but they are all super expensive.

  11. fatso


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    2. thutzell13579


      my new name. Wtf is implosive tech. Also, when did yo notice, and when will youi be back from san fransisco

    3. yathis


      I am big boned!!!!!!!

    4. pierom_qwerty


      @thutzell13579 When you changed your personal name in google from Jaden (lastname) to that bull it is now and you emailed me