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  1. thanks alca... apparently it was the power management....
  2. I was on the latest driver when the problem happened, the device manager trick didn't work, I first noticed because GTA 5 was running so slow in the first place, it wasn't overclocked when I screenshot it, that's the GeForce experience that came with the driver there's no way it's wrong.
  3. So, I'm having troubles with my gtx 960m, i was overclocking it since 2016, but recently i did a clean reinstall of windows, and now the gpu core clock tops out at 540MHz making GTA V, one of my favorite games, unplayable. I've tried changing drivers to older ones and it didn't work. any help is appreciated
  4. I'm currently using a gigabyte geforce gt730 128-bit ddr3 from gigabyte....(yes i know that this gpu isn't the best 'bang for the buck' gpu... and it's slowly dying.... getting a new gpu(this one) would be a blessing from god...
  5. This thing looks awsome in the video... and i have the perfect place to use it....
  6. i am currently using the warwolf fk-241 keyboard, it's a 'good enough' keyboard for the price of less then 10$. but my dad often smokes while using the pc and gets ash all over it making the keycaps feel not right. I would like to have a new kwyboard because: a. my current keyboard is a membrane keyboard and i want to replace it with a mechanical one but i don't have the money for it, b. i like RGB peripherals(even though if i win this keyboard, it will be my first), c. my dad types alot, and having a new keyboard will help him to...(as long as he keeps his cigarettes away from it)
  7. The zbox is THE most awsome size to performance ratio pc appart from the titan x and xeon itx rig thet linus built... and i can use it at school for crying out loud! That tiny thing is packing such a punch
  8. The simplicity of the keyboard and mouse will compliment the looks of my 'simple' rig