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  1. With an RTX 2080 on 1080p on the Mumbai level, I saw as low as 30something fps when it released. And generally I saw huge drops in large areas. It was pretty ridiculous, I hope that shit is fixed for when I replay it, whenever that is.
  2. I love how the title is formulated like this is a new Windows feature.
  3. I don't get it, how is the Ryzen 3000 not the 7nm chips?
  4. That sucks man. Myself, I'm kinda losing hope that it's softaware related. Well, if it means damage to the gpu, I can't ignore it, even if it's not that annoying ?
  5. I think it's pretty obvious to me that I'm f****ed but I could use some opinions. I noticed while playing Hitman, that in some specific spots across different levels, I get artifacting in the form of black blocks appearing all over the screen. It's always on the same spots in the levels and when looking at the same place. Also, it's more obvious when playing in DX12 mode. I thought it could be something trivial but a few minutes ago I got this on the black screen after finishing a level.... Is there a hope for me or should I get the noose ready? Specs: i7 6700k 16gb ram at 3200Mhz Windows 10 Pro N
  6. Well, you should have known before you bought it that it takes skill to play it.
  7. Yeah, I figured that later... ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING
  8. The pricing for the i9 is not that bad if they are available for ~430 euros, considering i7 traditionally go for 400 on launch where I live.