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    Artificial Intelligence, Website programming, desktop programming, database designing, Website security, server security, computer security.
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    I'm a beginner programmer focussing on C, C++, PHP, VB.
    Interested in AI, Web Programming and Security.
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    Teacher & College students in IT department.


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    Intel Core i3-2310M Quad core 2.1Ghz
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    Dell N4050 old laptop lol
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    8 Gigabytes
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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 [is this even a gpu?]
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    500 Gigabytes
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    14 inch laptop please! lol
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. your condition for do...while loop is wrong let's say your input's string is = "This App Won't worK" the length would be 19 if your x start from 0 to <= 19 that would be 20 loops for only 19 characters. the first 1 was already close thou. it should be while(x<k)
  2. You've showed me pretty much the big picture... gonna try it thanks.
  3. cons: less time for programming pros: uh...waste more money....wait... that's not a pro
  4. just make one of the radio button selected by default through the html code checked = "checked" so it always has a value. Blade of Grass has made it clear enough I think
  5. "In this case, you just keep a table that's storing wich user can have access to which form they can access and/or use. -edit: Or wich group of users can use certain forms." thanks, thisi is interesting, but how would the structure of table be? I mean for forms that users can access?
  6. will try, thanks. So in the login table I should do user_table(user_id, userinformation......) role(role_id, role) user_role (id, user_id, role_id) login_tb(id, user_id, username, pass) relating with user_table? does that sound good?
  7. It was quite good for learning the basics, I myself never use any real email out there :)
  8. Hello, I'm currently building a e-commerce site from scratch. I've built a library administration before but e-comm is something new for me so, It's dynamic web using PHP, and sql database using PDO. I've built the database, and I'm confused about something here. My e-comm will have 2 kind of users operating in admin level. One is managing the sales, another managing the storage. and I separate the login table from the admins, I wonder if it's the right choice or not. :mellow: My question is: Should I just make a table for admins with admin_level collumn and link it with admin_level table for deciding what kind of user are they. or Just make 2 different table for sales_admin and storage_admin? which one would be more efficient? fyi these are my table now: item_name [name_id, name, type_id, stocks, id_imgPath] item_type [type_id, type] items [item_id, name_id] itemImgPath [id_imgPath] admin [id, name, gender, address, level_id, etc] admin_level [level_id, level] login[id, admin_id, username, password] couldn't find the right keyword on google, might try to ask here hope you can help, really confused, it's first time I make login system with two different kind of users. sorry for bad english.
  9. Started helping building an e-commerce website: so far database

     built for products_tb, productsName_tb,adminLogin_tb, admin_tb, and adminLvl_tb, productType_tb, productImgPath_tb, and adminImgPath_tb.
  10. Just signed up. I'm a beginner, mostly use PHP, VB, C++. and some experience in Java, Clips, Prolog, Python. I create some program once in a while. Now try to fiddle around php using mysql database using PDO to see how to actually create a secured, neat, effective dynamic e-commerce wether it's from the database, server or programming pov. I'll be glad if someone would guide me