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  1. fix one pixel, i assumed it was just a software issue since it can still show the white when i put my cursor over it
  2. I bought 3 because they were super cheap to resell the other 2, the others didn't have it.
  3. So i bought an ex-demo monitor and it has a single pink (not red) pixel in the top corner. Putting my cursor over it makes it disappear which makes me think its fixable.
  4. It's very unlikely that you'd find a case that natively supports your board with a desktop for factor and is cheap. Just get something large, remove the drive cages and mod in the standoffs.
  5. It's a Kickstarter project, don't know if it's available yet. If I recall correctly it's also around $280 USD.
  6. Get that or a used aftermarket 290x if you want to save money at the cost of heat and power consumption.
  7. The RX 480 has proper support for DX12 and Vulcan, only performs about 5-10% percent worse now and will do much better in the future. The 1060 will likely be the better choice for a year or so but will fall far behind in Vulcan which is the future and benefits everyone. basically the 1060 is a marginally better choice for now but the RX 480 is yet to see its full potential and looking at past generations and Vulkan in doom as well as non reference over clicking the 480 will likely be around 20% better than the 1060 in between 1 and 2 years time. The 4GB 480 is also a very good choice being ~10% slower and 20% cheaper than a 1060 at the cost of 2GBs of VRAM. if you want future performance/dollar get the 8GB aftermarket 480 as console ports will likely start using more VRAM in accordance with the higher VRAM likely to be found in the Neo and Scorpio. If you want performance/dollar for a shorter period of time (ie before new consoles plus 3-6 months) then get the 4GB RX 480. I dont see the reason anyone would buy the 1060, especially when considering overseas prices.
  8. The 1060 is 500 AUD and the 480 is $330-$380 AUD. Seems like a card that will only sell in the US and Canada.
  9. The 980 and 1080 have a very similar TDP. If they can fit a 980 in a slim form factor they can likely do the same with the 1080. If they can't then it's unlikely for a 1080 to be found in a laptop like the razor blade. I dont really know what I'm talking about however with an m series GPU I would assume it costs a similar amount to its desktop counterpart but performs about two tiers lower. An undervolted 1060 might work well in a laptop.
  10. You're not going to sell it for $250 USD when you can go P67 with a 2500k and 4GBs of DDR3 for less than the $145 you valued your stuff at. Someone who wants a potato PC won't spend $250 on something almost 10 years old.
  11. You will notice a much bigger difference upgrading your GPU than CPU. If you had bought an overclocking SKU you would have next to no benefit upgrading in games however I've only seen comparisons between overclocked chips.
  12. If you're in the US it's a terrible deal and you could have got similar performance for considerably less. If you're anywhere else in the world then it's a decent deal.
  13. Of course, I messaged them 10 minutes after the ad was posted and still haven't gotten a response.