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  1. Zake

    Upgrade SSD RB15

    All in all it looks pretty good on the random test damnright average if not anything else, It's only shit when it's full, but i never plan to fill it, but i do need at least 1TB of storage, and I'm not gonna get a SATA drive for a lot more, since filling up them isn't an option either.
  2. Hey I'm about to upgrade my 500gb SSD on my Razer Blade 15, and I've been thinking about getting an Intel 660p Linus covered it in his video, but wasn't too impressed, but i beliveve that such a card would be perfect for me. I don't keep 2tb of anything ever on my Laptop, and i only use it for steam+etc launcher games, some occasional movies that, but never keep them there for storage. As I understood the Intel 660p M2. storage is good if you don't transfer too large files, as the cache fills up, and there's less room for cache the less space on the SSD is. By my calculations i'd be sitting around 1tb - MAXIMUM 1,5 TB storage of games, etc. So a 2tb Intel 660P would fit nicely. Have I understood this correctly?, and would the Intel even fit my RB 15?
  3. Zake

    New build from i7 2600k

    Thanks for the really quick response! Should i go for a new SLI compatible motherboard and my friends GTX 970 though? Since simply buying the other 970 is so simple, instead of buying and selling my current one. I do have an SSD with my OS installed on, aswell as a mechanical for storage and steam games. I live in Sweden so I assume prices differ because of taxes
  4. Hello I am new to these forums, but i thought i'd ask you guys before upgrading my computer. I am mainly playing games, and toy around with music programs from time to time. I am currently running: MSI p67a-c45 motherboard GTX970 Asus Strix i7 2600k PSU 750w EVGA with a really old benq 1080p 24" monitor. I'm thinking about upgrading to an SLI configuration, I'm able to purchase a cheap GTX 970 Galax Mini from a friend. Upgrading to a Z97-a Motherboard Getting an i7 4790k OR a i5 4690k And purchasing a new monitor, either an: Asus mx299q with a resolution of 2560 X1080 or a Samsung S29E790C with the same resolution but with a curve. Please help me or come with new suggestions! I am waiting for the upcoming black friday sales, and I think i can get a few of these things cheap. Should i go with i5 or i7 on this kind of resolution? Is it a good Motherboard? Should I SLI GTX970 strix with a Galax mini? Thanks alot, and i hope i didn't write this in the wrong section.