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  1. Yesterday I purchased a PowerColor RX 580 8GB from a person on facebook marketplace. When I installed the card, the fans spin but there is no display output. I brought the card to a friends house and tested it in his build and it worked flawlessly. I upgraded to an 8700K a couple of days ago and had either a dead motherboard or CPU, but I brought both back to the shop where I bought them and got them exchanged free of charge. Since the card was not working on the board that I believed failed me earlier (which has no buzzer or debug LEDs), I went back to the shop and paid the extra $20 for the MSI Z390-A Pro. Still, the card failed to display anything. I then proceeded to update the bios, change bios settings according to what others have tried online, but nothing has worked. The motherboard just doesn't recognize that the card is in the slot at all, so I can't try to flash a new bios to the card if that was the problem. Previously, I was using a GTX 960, so I've swapped that back in and its working fine. However, the far superior RX 580 sitting on the shelf in its box right now is saddening me. Does anybody have any ideas of what else I could try? People online have said possibly too much power draw (I have a EVGA 80+ WHITE 500W), but I haven't had any other components failing on me while I was running the card. Thanks to anyone!
  2. Blade 14, would be using it for work and gaming on the go.
  3. I have a 960 SSC, but a new card is never bad.
  4. I have never actually had an SSD in any of my systems and this would be a great start. Booting off of one is great for speeds in all but this would really be helpful in file transfer, lookup, etc, for me at least.
  5. The Kova (preferably black?). For day to day use I use an MX Master, but I have to switch for CS:GO, etc. My current wired mouse is getting a bit old and I think this would spice up my setup.
  6. Interesting how this packs a 960 in it. Impressive little computer, would be great for anyone, anywhere.
  7. Items look to have great quality and an industrial design. The mouse pad is what I'm most interested in, neat how they use that plastic (or other material) on the edges to help keep it down.