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  1. I would focus on learning the fundamentals of programming. Keep researching and learning new information and technologies. Take as many opportunities as possible to learn such as any AP/Computer Science classes your school offers. The other stuff comes such as pay comes later down the road. Just do what you want to do.
  2. I used to be in a similar boat years ago. I'm currently in my junior year of high school taking an AP Computer Science class. I'm not an expert by any means, but here is what I have learned through my experience. I would start with one language such as Python (that's atleast what I started with). Learn the basic fundamentals of programming such as looping, data structures, object-orientated, and computational thinking. One you understand one language, I feel its a lot easier to learn others. For now I would start building upon smaller projects, such as guess the number, password generator, etc. As you continue to practice, the more you will improve upon your skills.
  3. Well anything is possible, however, it would require a bit of work. There are several factors that would determine the difficulty of this such as game engine/library and all the functions required to make it what you want it to be. It would also depend on the quality of work you want. Now I'm no professional in game design, but these are my two cents. As I was typing this @Aimi mentioned Unity and Unreal Engine, which maybe look into scripting in both of those to get to know game development.
  4. Very cool! I'm actually looking at upgrading my i5 6600k to some type of Ryzen 3rd Gen CPU. Probably not a 3950x, but most likely a 3700x.
  5. Sweet, I'll probably end up going with some form of a B450 Mobo. However, I have one other question. I currently have a i5 6600k with a GTX 1070. Would it be worth it to upgrade to a 3600x or 3700x? I would need a new motherboard, ram, and have to ditch my H100i V1 cooler. Note: I like to do lots of multitasking. Typically when I'm gaming and have downtime, I'll watch some videos or even work on some small programming projects on the side.
  6. I'm looking at potentially building a new system with a 3700x and I have been researching some motherboards. I have noticed that the X570 series boards are fairly expensive compared to something like a B450. Is it worth forking out the cash for a X570 or would I be better off spending that money elsewhere? I don't have an exact budget at this point, but I am trying to keep some costs minimal. Thanks!
  7. Mostly Modern Warfare, GTA 5, Rainbow Six, and most triple A games. Typically the game is using the most CPU and nothing out of the ordinary in terms of background processes. Integrated Sound Card.
  8. The past month I've noticed some strange problems with my computer. I have been noticing lots of audio stuttering when playing games along with some games crashing. I've tried lowering my overclock from 4.6GHz @ 1.3 to 4.5GHz but I am still experiencing issues. I've noticed 100% CPU Usage in most games with GPU Utilization of only around 30%. I've also done a fresh install of windows a few weeks ago, but no luck. Is it about that time to upgrade? Specs: i5 6600k Asus Z170-a Windows 10 G.Skill 16GB
  9. I'm a bit confused. You can't get rid of that so you want to go to windows 7? Is this computer for personal use or school/work?
  10. Right click the Recycle bin and go to properties. Select your designated drive you want to store your recycled files to.
  11. Yeah doesn't sound very pleasing. Have you tried resetting the CMOS yet?
  12. I recieved a friend's computer who wanted it to be formatted as it was running a bit sluggish. Windows took about 5 minutes to boot and it is unbearably slow. I ran crystaldiskinfo and the following was reported: So should this drive be replaced?
  13. Asus z170-a. I took a look at it. It seems interesting but a little bit experimental yet.
  14. Is a X570 board worth it over a B450?
  15. I'm kind of in a tough decision here. I'm looking at upgrading my CPU from my i5 6600k and I'm interesting in switching to Ryzen. I'm currently stuck between the 3600x and 3700x. I'm trying to upgrade for hopefully under $500. I mostly use my computer for programming (web applications) and some slight gaming. My computer right now can handle heavy multitasking while doing web development, however, my computer does seem to struggle when I open a couple of chrome tabs while playing a game. The games I'm looking at playing are probably some newer titles like Watch Dogs 2 Legion and Triple A titles to that sort at 1080p (144fps). So in summary, is the 3600x worth it or is the 3700x for my use case? Also, what would be a good cooling solution for either chips? I currently have a H100i v1 and most likely will need an upgrade.
  16. Looking at upgrading my current gaming/productivity rig. My budget is not yet determined, but I'm hoping for around >$500 USD. I thought about selling my current CPU and upgrading to a 7700k, not sure if its worth it though. Current Specs: i5 6600k @ 4.5GHz Asus Z170-A Motherboard 16GB DDR4 3000MHz GTX 1070 Corsair h100i v1 cooler Any ideas?
  17. Need help finding a new laptop for computer science. I currently have a MSI Ghost Pro, but at most I can get about an hour of battery life with it and terrible heat issues. I'm looking for a ultrabook laptop for around $1000USD that has good battery life and enough performance. So far I am interested in the new Dell XPS 13, Surface Pro 2 (will probably wait for a refresh), or an HP Envy. OS: No preference. Most likely will end up using Linux anyways (vm or dual boot). CPU: i5/i7 --- Which ever is affordable RAM: 8GB or 16GB? I believe 8GB might be fine for computer science, but I'm not sure about running VMs with 8GB (I'm also a huge multitasker) Screen: 13.3" or 15". 1080p resolution is fine GPU: Fine with integrated GPU, no gaming. Weight: Preferably an ultrabook style laptop Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Just looking for the best value for my money.
  18. Because Final Cut Pro is made by Apple and macOS is also made by apple. I'm sure Apple doesn't appreciate running their software on third-party hardware, however, it is possible.
  19. In Chrome, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Under Privacy and Security, click Clear Browsing Data Make sure Cookies and other site data along with Cached images and files are selected. Click Clear Data.
  20. I'm not highly experienced with VBox, but try to reinstall virtual box with the latest version. It seems like build 5.1.7 and below had this problem.
  21. My guess is just a faulty drive. Get a Linux bootable drive, and pull any data you can access of that drive. Check the SMART disk status also to see if the drive has reading errors. It could also be things such as an MBR configuration problem or something like that, but my guess is a faulty drive due to symptoms prior to the error message.
  22. Well, first you will need one of those raspberry pi's to be setup as the client for the cluster. Then the rest of those raspberry pi's will be used as servers. The client and server setup should be straightforward. All you need to do is install all the necessary dependencies and download the necessary Octapi files for the server and client.
  23. I was actually doing some research myself on this topic earlier today. What I ran into was a project called OctaPi. You can do things like develop a Python3 applications and deploy them to the cluster.
  24. I've been experiencing a similar problem since the "October" (November) update. Does the new folder show up when you restart explorer.exe?