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  1. I have a pair of Corsair Raptor HS40 headphones, they connect via USB, but when plugged in, disconnect after a while, the sound volume is then reset too really loud so it makes the headphones pretty much unusable. Anyone would know a fix?
  2. They are brand spanking new.
  3. I got this on my Android phone (1+3) after I installed vShare and two games from it, it says its an update and boasts features my phone already has. When I press "update" It takes me to a screen saying "Do you want to install this application?" and the application is called "update". EDIT: Just scanned my phone with MalwareBytes and it found no malware.
  4. Gotcha.
  5. I never installed this "update". I just uninstalled the apps that i think caused it.
  6. I scanned it with Malwarebytes and it said nothing was found.
  7. Name a good one please.
  8. Ok, will remove now.
  9. Hi everyone. Im looking for a 360 controller (wired) to play Rocket League and GTA V with. I want to avoid the expensive Microsoft one (£30) but I also dont want to buy something thats £10 and complete crap. I looked around on Amazon but couldnt find anything that looked good.... Anybody bought these controllers before? (If you gonna send a link Amazon UK pls)
  10. I have a Iiyama ProLite E2483HS. I looked deep into reviews on this monitor before I bought it. I bought a used one (£75 instead of the £120) and I never really see the smooth 60hz my brother gets on his Acer monitor. I have an R9 380. The monitor had a dead pixel but i got rid of it somehow...
  11. I see 60fps and stuff, but it doesnt seem as smooth as my brothers at all.
  12. I want an Xbox 360 controller specifically, I dont like the way the thumbsticks are on PS/F310 controllers.
  13. My bad didnt see that.
  14. I liked the Corsair 350D quite a lot.
  15. Build a hackintosh?
  16. Im using Win7, ive tried all the ports (3.0 & 2.0) with no success. I also tried installing it with some drivers that were on the computer, but that made it crash, any ideas?
  17. i5 - 6400 8GB DDR4 RX 470 H110M - S2H MOBO EVGA 500B SSD 250GB WD 1TB The usb im trying to plug in is to install usb drivers lol.
  18. It works on my other pc yet it doesn't work on this one
  19. Yes.
  20. Lemme check, how would I do that?
  21. You can get 360 controllers super cheap on eBay.
  22. lol do you know what it is
  23. You need this: