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  2. Im 16 - nearly 17, and have never drunken alcohol before. There is a massive party coming up soon, and im invited, should i go or not? I know my friends are gonna make me drink, but i have this fear of damaging my body.
  3. Everyone here has made great points and ive come to the basic decision of drinkin a little, but not too much. Thanks everyone!
  4. Im still here, just readin on the comments.
  5. I own a FX-8350 as my main CPU with 16GB of ram attached. I play JC3, GTAV, and use photoshop for my music covers. Do you guys think its worth it to upgrade. I currently have a R9 380 and im on Windows 7. I also am considering a Ryzen 5, but thats a longer term project. Edit: Im also slightly worried about a CPU bottleneck, can anyone confirm on that?
  6. By how much?
  7. I watched the benchmark that LTT uploaded and they showed 80fps on GTA V on extreme settings. I get 40-60fps on normal.
  8. If a card can run Ultra at so and so FPS, it will mostly be likely be able to run any other setting better, so why not use Ultra.
  9. This happens to all fullscreen applications, im just playing/using them, and they tab out to the desktop, without me touching anything.
  10. rip ryzen
  11. Use DDU to get rid of old driver, then install new one. I have the same issue and thats what I do to get around it.
  12. Im not sure if anyone has had this, but at random moments, during multiplayer only, my game will hang, it will show an error message, and crash. It states the issue is to do with not having enough VRAM, or the cards been unplugged. Im using an R9380 with 4GB of VRAM with an FX-8350. Anyone else had this issue with an AMD card? Ive tried turning off the VRAM limiter in game, which does nothing, and im about to update my GPU drivers, ill update the thread when its done.
  13. Funny, i just installed 17.2 and it fixed my problem
  14. To be honest, I really should, my PC is unstable af
  15. Not even OC'ed.
  16. Ive been watching alot of "Tech under ___" videos. But they only suggest what I already have or dont need. I am a DJ and music producer, as well as a gamer. I also like photography but im not really keen on buying a DSLR right now. I have about 80 quid to spend, what should I get?
  17. I have the option to get an i5 4460, with a mobo. I just wanted to know if instead I should get an i5 6660 and save up a little more money for the DDR4? Upgrading from my FX-8350 btw.
  18. possibly
  19. Hm, im not too sure then.
  20. (go to old downloads and download the latest beta)
  21. tried to use the latest beta version of rainmeter?
  22. Its going for about 60 quid on amazon right now. Its 3 years old, so I wanted to know if its any good right now. Im upgrading from a Corsair K30.
  23. I have a pair of Corsair Raptor HS40 headphones, they connect via USB, but when plugged in, disconnect after a while, the sound volume is then reset too really loud so it makes the headphones pretty much unusable. Anyone would know a fix?
  24. They are brand spanking new.