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  1. I guess no one gave her the memo that volumetric flasks aren't used like that. If she was a student of one of my college professors, she will be shamed in the entire class.

  2. These videos are probably the best explanations on how airplane WiFi and airplane toilets work but that’s expected if a pilot explains it. 👍🏼🚽💻


  3. LGBT community

    I hope you got that taken care off with a therapist or a counselor.
  4. LGBT community

    Is public transportation possible?
  5. LGBT community

    Is that the one responsible for driver's license registration in the US?
  6. LGBT community

    That's possible but then I don't play PC games that much at the moment. I wonder how can CDs be reused for a nifty hat but won't make me look hideous.
  7. LGBT community

    700 MB for steam game backups?
  8. Corrupt a Wish game

    Turkey Sandwich granted but it will be dipped in Carolina Reaper pepper sauce I wish my grad school application is accepted
  9. I have a dream that PC OEMs would stop shipping laptops with the 1366 x 768 resolution. It's the worst. I'm surprised there are no smartphones with that resolution despite having more pixels than 720p.

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    2. hey_yo_


      @WhisperingKnickers I was talking about resolution bruh

    3. WhisperingKnickers


      I know, they make the resolution that way to honor the socket

    4. WhisperingKnickers
  10. LGBT community

    After some cleaning, I found 10 pieces of blank CD-R, how can I put them into use other than using them as coasters? It's not like Windows 10 can fit in a 700 MB CD unlike Windows XP. Edit: Has anyone watched the full documentary?
  11. which countries are you guys from

    12.8797° N, 121.7740° E
  12. I don’t know how could this be better? How about just give users the option to install updates when they want just like Apple? 



  13. Is there a red pill to switch to Android because I'm considering that. 


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    2. hey_yo_


      @Legendarypoet What is that red pill @wkdpaul sells? 

    3. Densetsu


      I can’t say. I don’t want my protection fees raised. 

    4. hey_yo_


      What kind of red pills are we talking about? 

  14. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for believing once that the Pentium 4 is better than a Pentium 3.