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  1. iPad Pro 2018 rumored to be a giant iPhone X

    No wonder they're doing their best to woo developers to port their x86 programs to UWP. But at the moment, many UWP apps are not on par with many iOS apps. Apple just gets more love from developers despite the higher royalties promised by Microsoft back in 2012. I wonder if that's still the case.
  2. iPad Pro 2018 rumored to be a giant iPhone X

    Back in college, I use tablets for mostly as e-readers for books and PDF notes. Some textbooks on Amazon Kindle are significantly cheaper than printed books. Now that I graduated, I think Windows 10 at the moment is trying to be everything at once just like Windows 8. iPad apps based on experience better than their UWP counterparts. UWP Netflix is very slow af in comparison to the Netflix app for iPad which is fast. Even playing a downloaded episode on the UWP Netflix app is slow which doesn't makes sense since I downloaded it for offline viewing. The UWP LastPass app is trash and hasn't seen a UI update ever since Windows 8 unlike the iOS LastPass app which works well with Touch ID and is constantly being updated. I don't know if it's Microsoft's fault but probably not.
  3. LGBT community

    I guess thanks to Australia's glorious supreme leader Malcolm Turnbull some things are about to change I just find this video hilarious
  4. Peanut Butter and Chicken

    You know, you could just season the chicken with salt and pepper. Adding peanut butter will burn the peanut butter. Lemon goes so well with chicken. Marinade it with lemon juice and include the zest overnight or at least two hours so that it'll be tender.
  5. I finally found a song that would describe mine: "...Said I love you but I lied..."
  6. LGBT community

    Did something intimate happened for you to get the wrong impression or is she sending mixed signals? Edit: Also, drunk texting is a bad way to woo someone. I know a lot of people who is like that because alcohol is sometimes referred as the "truth serum".
  7. LGBT community

    Cry me a river to old people... But then I wouldn't put so much hatred on them as most old people (including my parents) grew up on the aftermath of world war 2 and they're basically in an environment that tells them they need to reproduce and have children not only to replace the dead ones but also continue the family bloodline. So for the most part, homophobia whether it's explicit or thinly disguised is rooted on cultural and emotional evolutionary baggage.
  8. Why is there no new LTT or TQ video today?

    1. Max_Settings


      There is an LTT video, it's the One Plus 5T review, like all the other tech youtubers today.

  9. Grammar/Biology Help

    To say "isolated" as per OP means it's the past tense of isolate. The word "isolate" can either be a noun or a verb. In the OP, the word "isolate" is used as a noun since it is going to be the one observed in a light box. But I do stand corrected on the "was". It's supposed to be "The isolate were observed under a light box" since the original sentence is in second person unlike "was" which is used in first person singular. But then someone with a better grasp at English grammar can correct me on this
  10. LGBT community

    I'm surprised they didn't used a picture of two good looking men kissing and just imagine the responses from viewers: "...Ugh! What a waste! They're both cute..." or "...What did Malcolm Turnbull do?"
  11. Grammar/Biology Help

    "The isolate was were observed under a light box". If you don't mind me asking, are you using blood agar for culturing pathogenic bacteria?
  12. LGBT community

    Hmm, that's a tough one. Some people would ask me if I'm gay because I do not fit the gay stereotype and the moment I say yes, they can't believe that I am even though I am watching RuPaul's Drag Race. I got shamed for what I wear twice in my life I think. One is when I was wearing a tie wrong on a party and I wasn't wearing a suit. Second is when me and my first boyfriend are in a beach resort and we're getting weird glances from people.
  13. LGBT community

    Did she gave you the wrong impression or you got the wrong impression? How many dates have you two done together?
  14. LGBT community

    I'm awarding you a new CPU for your 8700th post.
  15. Has Google demonetized themselves?