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    PM an admin or a mod and ask them to do that for you https://linustechtips.com/main/staff/
  2. LGBT community

    So which country has the closer proximity to Hans island? Is it Canada or Greenland (Denmark)? I'm not an expert on UN rules on territory but if I'm not mistaken, a country's exclusive economic zone includes island/s closest to a particular country. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I think that quality is what makes Intel and Microsoft share a lot in common: wasteful acquisitions like Microsoft acquiring Nokia's hardware division which flopped and Intel acquiring McAfee which is just a "lol" to everyone.
  4. OP5T with SD835, 8GB RAM and 128GB storage for only $499 without a contract... It reminds me of two year contracts sold by shady and greedy wireless carriers with strings attached like bill shock and hidden fees not included in the very fine print.
  5. I didn't know that Skype wasn't encrypted until now. That's disappointing. Meanwhile in Hangouts since 2016... ...and FaceTime and iMessage... Which makes me wonder when will Telegram add secured video calling?
  6. Not really. USB Type C is just the connection system with 24 pins. USB 2.0 or 3.1 is the interface. You can actually make USB 2.0 work on a type C port. and certainly there are a lot of USB 3.0 ports that are still using the USB type A port.
  7. It looks like you got a defective unit. If it's still under warranty, return it and ask for a replacement. I know a lot of Android phones using USB type C and they like it and never had any problems like the ones you mentioned above. Also, with USB C it is reversible so you don't have to worry about proper orientation and there much lesser risk of breaking the connector than micro type B.
  8. LGBT community

    Lol. That's so much better than our territory dispute with China (which could get political and I'm not going to elaborate further) I wonder which one tastes better? Canadian Whiskey or Danish schnapps? Ah I see. So most Canadians are living near the border because the upper portions don't have roads or very rugged. I think some people in Greenland speak the same native Inuit as the inhabitants in Nunavut. I could be wrong.
  9. Perhaps in 10 nm Icelake or Tiger Lake CPUs architecture changes have been made.
  10. LGBT community

    So I'm guessing along the provinces of Quebec and Ontario the US-Canada border is not straight. Given the proximity of Nunavut to Greenland, I wonder why Denmark hasn't given up Greenland to Canada just yet. 🤔 That map reminds me of the story Linus once told in the WAN show where TQ writer Jon Martin drove his car from North Carolina to the border in BC and a snap decision will be made if the CIC will allow Jon in or not.
  11. I know that and nowhere in my post undermines the struggle to design a new CPU architecture. But given how the software patches for Meltdown and Spectre is causing problems to some computers and possibly smartphones, don't you think it's right move to have a slightly modified architecture or hardware change to increase security without crippling performance? So much is at stake if the vulnerabilities are not patched especially big institutions like corporations and governments like data breaches. As far as I'm concerned, Meltdown and Spectre hasn't been exploited in the wild just yet and most of them are proof of concepts. But why stop at software patching when hardware changes can be inspected by a few third parties then later tested prior to releasing to the public? Cybercriminals are most likely working right now on how to exploit these two vulnerabilities.
  12. LGBT community

    That library along the US-Canada border is interesting as well as the one in Minnesota.
  13. I can understand the struggle for x86/64 processors but what about ARM? I'm guessing Apple's chip design team is working their asses right now to eliminate Meltdown and Spectre in their upcoming A12 chip for the 2018 iPhone but what about Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845? The chip was released by the end of 2017 so did Qualcomm did a redesign in the SoC architecture to patch Meltdown and Spectre without crippling performance? I just hope the 9th gen Intel processors got submitted to third parties for a security audit before selling them and I think other chip designers and manufacturers should do the same.
  14. LGBT community

    Canadian geography is interesting especially along the border with the US. So if your house is in the border, does it mean people living in that house have dual citizenships? @8uhbbhu8