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  1. How about power consumption? GPS is such a big power hog.
  2. Unless the password is stolen in plain text which happens when people use public wifi which makes them susceptible to SSL stripping, the password is later hashed and dumped on a database. So I see the value of PassGAN.
  3. Just like anything else it's just a tool just like a knife. You can use a knife to slice a medium rare steak or stab someone, same goes to this. I just hope password managers use a similar machine learning API too.
  4. Uber loses licence in London

    Well in Philippines it's the other way around. They want to regulate Uber way too much to the point that they've been suspended for 30 days because of pressure from cab drivers. I'm glad they're back and I prefer them over taxis.
  5. Uber loses licence in London

    Yes! I'm glad they're back. Crony taxi lobbyists ugh! I think most of the complaints on Uber is from taxis/cabs who can't compete with Uber because they can't adapt.
  6. Sources: Cornell University Library, Science Mag, and Threat post The article however didn't mentioned password managers so I guess it's safe to use a reliable password manager with two factor authentication. I have a feeling that as AI, machine learning and neural engines become more powerful, we might see cyber attacks much more serious. At the moment, it predicts what passwords are the easiest to guess to give companies chance to change their weak passwords into a more secure one. But as far as I'm concerned, most websites don't read passwords as plain text like "I<3myhotboss", websites read it hashed like this one "eed4b508e6f5acda3178c880bc490546" and I think there's already an online database containing hashed passwords that are used by hackers to brute force. But then, I can see this being used by legit password managers and they'll notify the user if the password they're using is easy to guess or has been used somewhere else so that they'll notify the user to change for a more secure password. So I'm all for this and I hope this will be implemented to current password managers.
  7. Also known as an "advanced persistent threat" While the video is a sales pitch for Trend Micro, it shows how a typical APT attack works. Believe or not, some corporations do such things to undermine a competitor or to spy on the competitor's classified documents. Let's say I own a big business and I want to know if the rumors are true that my competitor is in the brink of bankruptcy or if their CEO is a lazy slob in the office so that I can start rumors in the newspapers and TV and their existing customers will flock to me. I could hire hackers to craft malware and copy it ten USB flash drives and randomly drop those at my competitor's building in the hopes a dumb employee will plug it in their workstations. If an employee plugs in the drive into one of their workstations, it can spread from one computer to another since the hackers I hired made the malware conceal itself from AV programs. It could a tracking malware harvesting keystrokes and credentials or infect their servers with an encrypting ransomware. And in just a few minutes, I can bring down my biggest competitor to its knees. That's how potentially cutthroat APT's can be. That's why business owners, both big and small should educate their employees to immediately stomp and destroy flash drives they pick in the street.
  8. LGBT community

    +25 on the mods so that will be 1259. I wonder what the comments in this thread when it reached page 666 or page 1080. I'm looking forward for page 1440.
  9. I want an example of rule of thirds but with a giraffe or an ostrich because they’re both tall animals. 


  10. What should I review next?

    A round up of the best dSLRs and mirrorless cameras at different prices: $500, $1000, $1500 and $2000.
  11. Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    How about a Photography how-to with Brandon? The definitions of ISO, shutter speed, shutter lag, exposure, focal length, aperture, etc and how each of them affects picture quality. Also, what is the rule of thirds and golden ratio. Another idea for a video, when to use a wide angle 50 mm lens, et,al for different scenarios.
  12. Freaking out a little bit

    Those are random bleedings but they are not full blown periods. If a pregnant woman is bleeding the same amount of blood as a period, it’s not a period but a miscarriage or other medical condition like an autoimmune disease during pregnancy. Yes, pregnant women may have small amounts of bleeding but to say that a pregnant woman is having a regular menstrual cycle is wrong. Once the fertilized egg lands on the uterus, the ovary temporarily stops ovulating during the course of pregnancy. So no menstruation cycles during pregnancy.
  13. Freaking out a little bit

    A lot of parents opt out for sex education for their kids, thinking that sex is all about pro-creation and is reserved for married couples. Which doesn't work. Just look at Bristol Palin who was an abstinence only spokesperson but in her second trimester.
  14. LGBT community

    So he likes NVIDIA... interesting...