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  1. Is this the one Mike was talking about an unreleased LP single? also I like watching his studio videos atm
  2. @Crunchy Dragon is my rap ghostwriter
  3. I really have no problems where will an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine will come but I don’t get as to why would the Russian Health Ministry would name their vaccine candidate “Спутник/Sputnik V” which is a low orbit satellite that lasted only three weeks before its batteries died? https://sputnikvaccine.com/about-vaccine/ considering that they haven’t published any studies just yet. I’m hopeful but skeptical at the same time. Vladimir Putin said that his daughter got the vaccine candidate but that is not an evidence of efficacy and safety but just a single anecdote.
  4. A customer with a “health condition” complains about wearing a mask but has no problem drinking a boba loaded with sugar which promotes obesity and type 2 DM? Lol
  5. I’d prefer my phone calls sounding crystal clear like a landline call thanks to VoLTE instead of sounding choppy back when 3G networks (especially GSM) would allocate tiny bandwidth for voice because most is used for data. I wouldn’t be so worried about this since it’s not a vulnerability in phones.
  6. It’s a good thing our employees keep reminding our customers to wear their masks properly, so far no Karens detected.
  7. Why won’t they make 12 GB RAM sticks? 

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    2. captain_to_fire


      @CircleTech whoa that’s a lot. Thanks

    3. Pascal...


      So wait, which Node is like High End DDR4 memory on then ? When talking nm.

    4. CircleTech


      @Pascal... depends on the memory manufacturer. Samsung I know is manufacturing memory at a 10nm node. I do not know what SK-Hynix and micron are rolling out their DRAM but I would have to guess between 14-7nm.


      The highest capacity memory chips are currently available only from Samsung. Samsung has some 64 gigabit 3D stacked die memory, but it’s only for servers. The highest density memory available for regular desktops for peons like us is 16 gigabits per die.

  8. I’ve said it in this forum before and I’m gonna say it again, Apple is like a bad, abusive boyfriend and here’s why. He’s like this crazy, hot, good looking guy who owns the most fanciest cars and owns a big house but the longer you’re into the relationship, you realize how big of an asshole he is. 

    • You can’t upgrade the memory and storage of your MacBook, you gotta pay up!
    • Devs can’t bypass Apple’s in-app purchase 30% cut. Back then it was Spotify’s issue, now it’s Fortnite. 
    • For the longest time, you can’t use industry standard chargers, you gotta use lightning.
    • You can’t install security agents/parental controls on your iPhone despite the fact that built-in security can be jailbroken or be exploited by state-sponsored hackers.

    And right now, this bad boyfriend is also a thug and yet, so many people can’t get off of this asshole as if it’s a subtle case of Stockholm syndrome because he has something other good looking guys don’t have. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • fastest mobile chips
    • most abundant app and entertainment ecosystem 
    • timely software updates 
    • the most fine-tuned mobile and desktop OS (back when I was using a Mac, I never had major OS problems unlike Windows, iOS is the most “set it and forget it” mobile OS unlike Android imo).
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    2. Gundar


      When people keep replying to this status update and you think you got a notification because somebody like your comment but it's Denfi and his arguably wore profile picture arguing about what apple should do with Blademaster91, not like what apple should do with Blademaster91 but like Denfi is arguing with Blademaster91 didn't want you to get confused.

      Edit: its a formal discussion not a argument 

    3. Den-Fi



      didn't want you to get confused.

      I think that made it worse.

      Also, I don't think we're arguing.

      It's more a discussion.

    4. lewdicrous


      Isn't that 30% cut on top of an annual cost? I think it was ~$99/year or something like that, even if your app is free.

  9. For the same price of a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro?
  10. When Twice's boss drops a new single and makes an August comeback and it sounds something my mom will listen lol
  11. !Ay mira eso! ¿Dónde esta, Densestu? FullSizeRender.mov
  12. I'm sure King Poet and Densetsu will win over a smartphone and a DSLR photography contest