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  1. captain_to_fire

    Moderators on the forum

    Illuminati confirmed: @Crunchy Dragon is a an itamae who breathes fire instead of using the stove when cooking and uses a katana to cut sushi servings.
  2. captain_to_fire

    Moderators on the forum

    I don't need to. I'm so close to the mods they temporarily bring back banned members so I can have the last word [that one]
  3. captain_to_fire

    Moderators on the forum

    Crunchy Dragon is served in a Japanese restaurant
  4. captain_to_fire

    Moderators on the forum

    So this thread is still going...
  5. captain_to_fire

    Microsoft caught trying to shove ADs into Windows 10's Mail App

    I’m probably alone with this but I think Microsoft makes better apps for other platforms
  6. captain_to_fire

    Microsoft caught trying to shove ADs into Windows 10's Mail App

    I paid for my Windows 10 license and I’m paying for Office 365 Home annually. Just saying.
  7. captain_to_fire

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Together we’re gonna travel the globe from Alberta to Ontario...
  8. captain_to_fire

    Should i get i5 or i7 8th MacBook Pro

    I think @DrMacintosh can help you with that
  9. To all parents out there, make sure you block YouTube from your kid’s iPad, iPhones or whatever so that they’ll never see the moron that is Logan Paul. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nicnac


      Update: The actual fuck Logan?!


      I mean I celebrated his dumbness to an extend (not the suicide forrest though lets be clear) but this is too much even for me

    3. captain_to_fire


      @Nicnac this is new level of stupidity even for him 🤦🏻‍♂️

      the original clip below 👇🏻


    4. Nicnac


      wonder if he's doing it to stay relevant somehow

  10. Well the iPad is basically a big iPod Touch. I think Apple is slowly testing the waters of merging the two operating systems. In WWDC 2018, Apple announced that they’ll provide developer APIs to make iOS apps run on the Mac with little changes to the code so that the app would run natively instead of emulating it. W10oA opted for emulating x86 on ARM which resulted to big performance penalties. Don’t get me started on the absurd pricing of some WoA tablets.
  11. Makes me wonder why Microsoft’s excellent precision drivers used by the Surface line aren’t standard to all PC OEMs?
  12. After upgrading to a SSD and adding more RAM, I still can’t use my Dell Inspiron 13 as a regular tablet (it has a hinge that folds into a tablet). The UWP equivalents of the apps I use aren’t on par as the iPad versions like Complete Anatomy. The software keyboard in Windows 10 is a mixed bag. Their word suggestions is better than iOS but it’s slow to bring up when typing in forms and in browsers that aren’t Microsoft Edge. Also, I don’t think a software engineer, app developer or even a pro video editor would ever want a touchscreen alone just to use it. Heck, even in my uni most students have no problems of carrying a thin laptop and an iPad.
  13. I think that’s probably the reason why Apple is in the fence of making a macOS/iOS hybrid even though they use the same kernel even though they admitted that they’ve done a ton of tests with Macs with touchscreens. (play at 11:29)