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  1. Soothing Xmas Music

    Also, don’t even bother with buying LMG’s tone dead Christmas Album. I pity the ears of those people who bought it.
  2. I guess security is one of the reasons why the 2018 iPhones are so freaking expensive. 

    It’s a Twitter thread worth reading though I don’t know if security alone is worth paying $1100. 


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    2. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      I mean it's also on the Xr, so maybe it's worth the $749?

    3. Jtalk4456


      But given security is part of the os which is "free" with the device, it shouldn't realistically change the price. 

    4. captain_to_fire


      It’s true that the OS plays a part in the iPhone security, the newer A12 chip plays a bigger role and that is exclusive to the iPhone XS/XR unfortunately like defending against hardware based attacks used by GrayShift. 

  3. Why is EVERYONE Buying these Headphones??

    I don't know about you but I despise the title "why is everyone buying these _____". I can't explain why though.
  4. What song are you listening to right now.

    I was referring to this. The umbrella they've used in the music video which is black outside and red inside.
  5. What song are you listening to right now.

    The title reminded me of one of my favorite songs from Lorde “Green Light”. That’s what happens when you marry that Nickelback guy as it turns out like the song below. 😂
  6. What song are you listening to right now.

    I still want that black and red umbrella
  7. How can I convince my dad to switch from tobacco to e cigas?

    I’ve heard from people saying that ibuprofen doesn’t work for them as a pain reliever. Would that mean that ibuprofen doesn’t work for the majority of population? Small anecdotal record/s is not a sufficient counter evidence against its indication. And that is why for a comprehensive smoking cessation program, it’s best discussed with a rehabilitation doctor like a psychiatrist, etc.
  8. How can I convince my dad to switch from tobacco to e cigas?

    Ask him to try over the counter transdermal nicotine patches. The patch contains nicotine which is the stimulatory/addicting substance but without the carcinogens. Also, try asking him to go to doctors preferably a psychiatrist and a pulmonologist and ask for their smoking cessation programs. Afaik, the program involves a combination of psychotherapy and pharmacologic treatments. I’m not a fan of e cigarettes nor do I recommend them as healthier alternatives since most of them contain “propylene glycol” which can lead to the condition called as “popcorn lung”.
  9. What song are you listening to right now.

    Dat falsetto tho at the end
  10. happy birthday

    I presume it's the 20th over in the philippines 

    1. captain_to_fire


      Thanks 😘. Though it’s an unfortunate reminder that I’m 27 y/o and in school. 

    2. Dan Castellaneta
  11. College or work?

    Five venti caramel macchiatos from Starbucks with extra espresso shot. I think it was something to do with antidepressant use. I’m not yet taking pharmacology or legal medicine so I’m not sure.
  12. College or work?

    My anxiety levels are through the roof when it’s gross anatomy especially with muscles and identifying origin, insertion, innervation, and action. Looks like I’m bound to fail my first major exam for anatomy and that pesky practicals with the nasty smelling cadaver. ⬇️💀 not for the squeamish My professors are always saying med school != rotations. I don’t know if I’ll be good at it as I’m not exactly a people person and I don’t know if I can get OPQRST correctly. A part of me wants to quit and just take my Master’s degree (is research better @RorzNZ?), do research proposals and get funded or get a MBA and do business stuff because med school ain’t easy. I definitely get envious of my friends just constantly traveling. Not only substance abuse is common within the medical field because of the stress despite the Libby Zion Law in the state of NY (not followed by most countries afaik), we’re also subjected to a lot of unhealthy food because we have to study and yet doctors are expected to teach their patients to eat healthy. I’m definitely going on vacation after this academic year. Maybe on a beach with friends, get drunk afterwards. Then by M2 it’s more difficult since it’s Pharmacology, Pathology (histo and physio conspiring together), and others.
  13. College or work?

    Gotta keep those pesky adenosine receptors at bay. At the moment I can safely say I have high caffeine tolerance because three to four espresso shots doesn’t give me the jitters anymore.
  14. College or work?

    I'll have to ignore what everyone has said and share mine. What are you most passionate about? For me it has always been medicine since I was a child that's why even if it's difficult, I took up a degree in life sciences and now I'm a M1 in med school. Am I happy? As M1 I'd say it's a struggle since you have to study everyday and for the most part I'm sleep deprived and binge drinking three to four espresso shots. But I know once I became board certified, I'll be extremely satisfied. Books are expensive though. As for tuition, it varies from country to country and I'd say tuition is not an issue for me in med school ($2K/semester). I'm sure @Nicnac and @RorzNZ can share similar or different experiences. How I wish though I my undergrad degree is pharmacy. Even if I didn't go to med school, I can work as a community, manufacturing or hospital pharmacist.
  15. Moderators on the forum

    because he refused to print the t-shirts