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  1. My bad. I was wrong. Firefox does H.264 encoding. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=837859 But I'm not sure if it's software decoding but it won't actually make sense for them to use software decoding since Intel chips since Sandy Bridge allows hardware accelerated video decoding. EDIT: Firefox only uses the H.264 plugin for WebRTC calls.
  2. Should loli be legal?

    Even without looking it up myself, just by people’s description in this thread makes me a bit disturbed.
  3. Should loli be legal?

    So it’s child pornography then?
  4. Should loli be legal?

    Can someone tell me what is loli and why is it NSFW?
  5. I can’t check at the moment but I think all Firefox installations have an H.264 plugin enabled by default. It would be interesting how much power and CPU consumption in comparing Edge that uses hardware decoding vs Firefox which uses software decoding for H.264. Nah. Not an out of the box solution
  6. Chrome and Firefox are maxed out to 720p Netflix
  7. Have you tried it with a virtual machine?
  8. Isn’t hardware decoding uses less power than software based decoding which uses more CPU? I remember Steve Jobs posting a letter in 2010 where he argued that hardware accelerated video decoding in their in-house chips consumes less power than decoding a video with software like Flash. Don’t quote me in this but I think for Firefox and Chrome to playback native H.264 they need a plug-in of some sort since they use the royalty free VP8/VP9 whereas Edge and Safari uses H.264 and since Netflix is using H.264, Safari (1080p) and Edge (4K) can play at higher resolutions. I’m not sure so I hope someone can clarify. @GoodBytes @leadeater
  9. I’m guessing Edge is using hardware video decoding? I guess it’s the reason why Edge is the only browser that can play 4K Netflix.
  10. Google Chrome will use EVEN MORE RAM for Spectre security fixes

  11. PSA: Activating the Emergency SOS function in iPhones only disables Face/Touch ID but it doesn't activate USB restricted mode (now available in iOS 11.4.1). The only way for URM to kick in aside from keeping the device locked for an hour is rebooting the phone. 

  12. LGBT community

    I still prefer Windows Media Player
  13. It is turned on all the time because it needs to be to enable real time protection.
  14. What happened to the font size and font face editor?

    It's hard for me to read text in the forum after zooming out to 90% even at 150% Windows scaling even with my contact lenses. As I've said in a previous reply, I'm nearsighted.