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  1. TL;DR: The whole internet filtering everywhere (except probably China's great firewall) is mostly a bad joke because way too easy to circumvent and as effective as swiping dust under a rug. Minority argument is just as good as slippery slope argument; For example the dog leashes law is mostly pointless because people will break the law when they don't understand it and far better results would be gained through putting all that energy and funds it took to make the law and enforce it into education and information because all the law did was put ankle-bitting monsters into leashes and people are still as stupid with their untrained dogs as they were before, while making handling courses more affordable and spreading information about them and maybe even rewarding new dog owners for taking them would have had far better results (ie. people being more educated about handling dogs while dogs would be generally more trained). Same thing here, making something like a porn pass will create a tons of headaches and tons of problems especially in UK (which doesn't only upkeep filtering list for things ISPs are supposed to block from customers on default, but also a whitelist because their filtering list is so broad and general that ISPs are mandated also block sites like sex education, suicide prevention and addiction helping), while offering government funded or -aided courses on IT skills that new parents most likely will need would not only lessen the amount of headaches but also educates the population so that they might also learn other useful skills and probably also how to communicate with their kids generally better. Tackling minority problems with measures that will concern not only everyone in the population but also parts of the whole world is same as burning down your house because you spotted venomous spider. [partly joke] But maybe that is Australian way to tackle problems since apparently when rating porn, extra caution must be used when the woman doesn't have double-D ta-tas so that the porn doesn't excite wrong people. [/partly joke]
  2. This would be the case if we were talking generally, but when we talk about UK which actually has a history of being interested about what porn adults watch and has gone quite a, let's say nicely, protestant levels of making sure they watch right porn (or more like no porn at all) things get a bit more colorful. Taking account the western countries, UK is probably the most internet censoring country there is by having "voluntary" (for ISPs) ISP level blocking of quite excessive list of things by which a site can be blocked (dating, drugs and alcohol, file sharing, gambling, games, porn, nudity, social networking, suicide and self-harm, weapons and violence, obscenity, criminal skills, hate, media streaming, fashion and beauty, gore, cyberbullying and hacking and web-blocking circumvention tools; list by Wikipedia), it's opt-out for consumers but apparently consumers cannot completely opt-out of it because some monitoring reasons. UK has gone even that far to protect this that they were ready to use their veto in EU (thank god brexit happened, now their over-protection has zero chances to spread) to stop net neutrality guidelines from happening because there was a chance that they would make ISP "censoring" illegal in UK (they didn't use their veto because their "greatest fear didn't happen and ISP "censoring" is borderline legal in EU; there was some leaked memos about EU suggesting forcing ISP "censoring" to be opt-in to what UK pulled "but the children"-card and probably caused them to threaten with their veto). All would be probably good if things went as in movies they go and no one made mistakes ever and everyone understood things as they were meant to be understood. But that's not how life on this planet works at all and things go from zero to anti-hero in less than second and so far the UK ISP censoring has had quite a good list of things that have been overcensored like: sex education, help with addictions, support services for rape and domestic victims, child protection services, suicide prevention and things with "funny" names (last one is my addition to a list found in Wikipedia because generally that is a thing that 100-proof, always, without exceptions happens with automated filters because we still haven't invented technology that understands contexts; like you can guess how many automatic filters will be screaming red when you write "I have a faggot of shittam branches from which I'm going to make a nosegay" ("I have a bundle of branches from certain American tree from which I'm going to make a bouquet") which even has context in it which makes every word fully acceptable). And generally those lists of websites to be censored by ISPs are extremely badly administered everywhere because that would be a lot of work and what governments generally hate is hard work (quite few years ago Finland had quite a bad case about this with out CP-censory list that one guy went through and found that most of the sites censored were either not in use anymore or included content that had nothing to do with CP and *hocus pocus* that guys webpage listing the sites that had nothing to do with CP found its way to that same censor list without including any CP; and that isn't the only case in the world). Also that "because minority"-argument is kind of bad. Like "because girls have small boobs, we must ban women with small boobs from porn so certain people don't get wrong ideas" is really disturbing logic when making laws... Oh, Australia seems to have used that logic... Well, what can you expect from a country originally filled with prisoners from UK [HUMOR included, do not take seriously]. Yeah, there is a point, and a good one, but at the same time that is like burning the whole house down because venomous spiders. Like should we ban the use of sign language because some of its signs resemble hand signs used by gangs and white supremacists and/or these groups might in the future start using sign language signs? With every "because minority"-law there is the lingering huge question: "Could we attain the same results with better informing, better education and other measures that aren't as radical as the action of the law?" and mainly because the fact is that even when there is the law there still is the minority who will break the law and probably with only the law that minority won't even get any smaller (just like "you need drivers license to drive a car", I have never driven a car with my drivers license and I think it would be really odd to see a car that you drove with your drivers license instead of using your hands and legs on the wheel and pedals). As in, putting in the porn license that will affect everyone, will censor sites that decide not to implement it, most likely will affect sites not intented and creates a ton of headaches, and it will be circumvented in matter of seconds and in days everyone knows how to circumvent it and all the headaches were for nothing. But if instead they were to put all that energy to educate parents (and soon-to-be) about IT, how to monitor their children's internet usage and how to talk to their children about porn children found from the internet and informing parents about the dangers of children watching porn, the effects could be much bigger because instead of doing things for people, they would teach people to do those things by themselves and handle the situations by themselves. Just like the law about keeping dogs in the leashes, there is still a lot of dogs walking free and attacking other dogs and the law didn't do much, but if we were to make dog handling courses cheaper and more accessible with government funding and awarded people and their dogs for taking those courses, informed dog owners about the dangers of keeping their dogs free (dog getting hit by a car, dog getting lost and so on) and made minor adjustments to some laws (like hardened the sentences from your dog attacking other dogs and added more punishment if you hadn't completed handling courses with the dog) the effects could be much bigger (IMO "would be bigger" because there would be a ton of side-effects like dogs generally being more trained and better behaving and less ankle-bitting monsters in leashes without any kind of training; says a guy with actually trained dog and probably within next months a puppy to be trained as service dog).
  3. Legally, yes just like you can take a picture with Canon camera, edit it with Photoshop and put it out for sale and Canon or Adobe have zero legal right to ask royalties or anything else than their license fee from the sales of that image. With WC3:R things get interesting I would really like to see someone to mod the hell out of WC3:R, put that up for sale and completely use Blizzards EULA as toiletpaper here in EU where EULAs generally are legally toiletpaper with no hold in courts, especially if they include something that is legally impossible, like WC3:Rs EULA has. By EU directives and so in almost every EU country you as a creator of copyrightable material have "creator rights" over your creation and you cannot transfer, sell or give away those rights even if you wanted, you can ignore them but then it's your loss. Generally these untransferable rights are the moral rights (Blizzard must credit you for your map, no matter what kind of license they make you give to them and they cannot get around this by only making some editing to the map and then release it as theirs) so as WC3:Rs EULA includes a part where you wave goodbye to these rights as you "give Blizzard complete license with all of your rights over mod/map without any compensation", well that's borderline illegal and usually the whole agreement is toiletpaper after that, especially when we talk about agreement between a business and a consumer.
  4. Again good example to not to follow studios or publishers but to follow the creators. If you find a game that you love, take a note from the credits who made/designed those parts you loved and follow them or just follow the studios homepage to see who leaves and who stays. Kind of good, kind of bad examples for this are Remedy Entertainment (which leads have been the same since Death Rally and Max Payne 1 and still continue to be the same and they haven't failed to deliver a good game yet (Max Payne 3 wasn't made by Remedy, they sold the whole Max Payne away after the second one because they were finished with it)) and Cyan Worlds (which lost a lot after Riven when Miller brothers weren't as much in the lead as they were with Myst and Riven, but after Uru and getting back on it, Obduction was finally again good old Miller made game that is worthy to be the spiritual sequel to Riven). Of course these are my personal choices and people can disagree with them, I mostly follow the game designers because they are mostly the people who create how the game works and what it looks like (director having the last word for everything but usually when game has director it starts to be so huge that the director has named lead designer(s) who handle the prototyping, sketching and all that), leads are usually good choices to follow because they are up in the pyramid and have a lot to say what the final product will be but if you liked some 3D-model or texture or level or whatever, feel free to find out who made it (ask around and hope someone answers) and follow them, maybe one day they will be lead in some game and manage to make it great for you. With this tip you would have known that there really isn't many persons who made the original WC3 working at Activision Blizzard, actually many of them probably haven't worked for them for years, and even from key people there's probably only 1 or 2 left, if even that. Like if they were to bundle up the team that created the original WC3 to make a remake, that's something you could rise some hopes for (big name here being Rob Pardo who served as the lead designer for WC3 and WoW and left the company in 2014 and founded Bonfire Studios in 2016 (which itself is quite interesting soup to watch for; quite interesting backgrounds for some key people and 4 years without announcing their first game; either they have another Duke Nukem: Forever on their hands and don't get anywhere or it might be something actually interesting)) because at least they would know what they are working with.
  5. Problem with not having government placed minimum policy is that companies are scumbags. Like with Nintendo even when there is laws that mandate refunds companies will go below that to get more profit and without those laws the refund option would be extremely rare (see how digital storefronts didn't have any kind of refunds before Valve got into trouble and was forced to make one and after that others followed because if they didn't they could face legal troubles). When even with set limits and laws companies are willingly and readily going against them to gain more profit what do you think majority of companies would do if there wasn't any minimum set? Be nice to a consumer when even now they try their best not to be? Also without legally set minimum policies, what you going to do with scammers and companies that actually do harm the consumers for their profit? You cannot sue them or put any kind of legal pressure on them because they are not breaking any laws or set limits. Most of the companies once the regulations and laws would be removed would go full on "rape the customer"-mode and most likely the bigger the company, the stronger they go. Just look at EA, Nintendo, Valve, Epic Games, Apple and literally any company and its history and you will see that there isn't nice guys over there and without any regulation they would do everything to milk the customers. There are some companies that are the good guys but they are the minority, very small minority.
  6. I really loved that LTT took the standpoint to pricing from the professional use. Like when put like that it's no different from camera and lighting gear pricing that goes from mildly crazy (RED) to completely insane (there is a reason why movie productions rent their gear and still then they are expensive). And I mean really insane, like some simple IO-cards go for thousands easily (I once talked with a guy from YLE and it costed them around 1M€ to upgrade one of their mobile multi-camera live broadcast gears from analog to digital output and they basicly just slapped A/D converter and hardware to it, probably building completely new all digital set would have been a bit cheaper but when there's extra in the budget and the amount of budget next year depends on how much they can go to red earlier year, it's probably completely logical move to upgrade the existing gear).
  7. Basicly this. While Nintendo(n't)s TOS/EULA/whatever abides EU consumer law by having refund possibility, their services are build so that the refund can be denied right after purchase because without any prompts or warnings the preload starts. This is also kind of big issue with German consumer law that has left open that kind of loophole, apparently Norway has same kind of law in place like Finland where receiving item is considered to happen when the item is usable (IIRC one Finnish court case was about some custom bicycle which had its wheels delivered as backorder later than the rest of the bike itself and while the bike itself had been in customers possession over 14-days and its return window closed when the wheels arrived, the court verdict was that the return window starts from the date the wheels were delivered because the bike was unusable without the wheels). I so would love to see this case dragged all the way up to the EU courts where most likely Nintendo would have really bad time considering the EU laws on the matter are very clear and now the thing seems to be that Germany just has bad adoption of those laws (while EU makes the framework for the laws the single countries have their freedom to implement those laws as they seem fit as long as the spirit of the law isn't changed and certain things are fulfilled, that's why they are called directives).
  8. Probably almost everybody knows how different officials in different countries think about refunding digital goods (mainly US being US and just rising their hands and EU and Australia "forcing" companies to make refunds available because consumer safety). Nintendo has somehow managed to zigzag around all of this and its eShop (for Switch, Wii and handhelds) stands as the only bastion in the grey mass as a place where refunds are completely absent for digital goods even with preorders. From My Nintendo Store Terms of Sale: How is this possible? Easy, by German law the digital goods apparently are refundable as long as there hasn't been any "beginning of performance", in other words as long as the user doesn't have a single bit of the software/video/whatever. So, that's why when Nintendo has a preorder, you at least get an icon to your device to show that you have preordered a game and most of the time even preloading has already happened and you have all (or some) of the games code and assets in encrypted format on your device and as so the delivery and the use of the digital good has started and Nintendo don't need to give refunds. German court has "now" judged that this is fine and good way to handle customers (original source in Norwegian , in comments summary in English). This isn't final verdict but for one and half years this will be the way before there's any process with the appeals. To make things clearer Norway's Consumer Rights Council is after Nintendo for breaking their consumer laws (as Norway is part of EEC, Nintendo breaks EU consumer laws) but thanks for some global mumbojumbo legal things that make as much sense as "diplomatic immunity" today, Norway must drag Nintendo's ass to German court because that's where Nintendo of Europe's HQ is and then things get really complicated because now it's Norway and Germany vs. Nintendo and because of it things like actual court papers are marked secret and everything is done behind closed doors (this is why we hear about this now and not in December when the verdict was given). ------------ Personally I couldn't give a cent for this. After buying 3DS XL I have more or less lost any interest on anything not-retro Nintendo(n't) brings up just because with free-to-play games Nintendo(n't) has shown that it can be even worse than mobile platform (the badge arcade and the couple Pokemon games, like holy ****, if you don't know what a cash grab is then there's your great examples) and then the way Nintendo(n't) EU/NA handled the problem of not being able to register a new Pokemon online account when Moon and Sun were released (first they deny any problems being present, then they say some people have problems and at last they fix the problem and compensation for missing out events and stuff for couple weeks was nothing because there was no publicly announced problem). And it's not even that the current Nintendo(n't) has bad customer service, I remember Nintendo(n't) having very bad customer service back when SNES was a thing (I managed to get DOA SNES and the local videogamestores manager agreed to change mine to a brand new on his own account because last time SNES was DOA it took 6 months to get a replacement one to the customer). Also I was kind of expecting this. After all it isn't very uncommon to hear that "when digital goods are delivered, they cannot be refunded" in multiple cases and it was only a question of time when someone tried to use that to stop people from refunding preorders. That guy being Nintendo(n't) isn't also any surprise to me just because Nintendo(n't) is Nintendo(n't), kind of same as hearing that some game company is causing problems for another company to get insurances in Japan you just know it has to be Konami, like you don't directly expect it but then again when it's said it's as clear as it can be.
  9. Start reading how Apple has been the one retarded snowflake with a lot of money (probably posted before). And yes, I call Apple as many degrading terms as I can because Apples history is full of this kind of shit and while often they have brought in some questionable improvement, mostly it's just because they want to be different for their own gain (also Apple is a corporation so I cannot attack their person even if I called them [whatever the worsest degrating and insulting term you can come up] because Apple isn't a person who can be insulted). And I say "questionable" because Apples choice have rarely become universaly adopted and usually when that has happened Apple has ASAP ditched that and made something else (see firewire and displayport). It's kind of amazing Apple hasn't ditched thuderbolt yet because others have started to use it. And like EU, I want to see some proof that lightning is anyway better than USB-C in phones and that USB-C is too thick for iPhones. And don't say durability, we all know that the connector isn't the shitiest part in iPhones charger. And remember lightning isn't thuderbolt, while they are compatible they are two completely different things (thunderbolt being completely Intel made connector, protocol and standard while lightning is Apple patented connector). And as I said, since 2009 everybody else phased out their proprietary connectors for microUSB and now everybody else is phasing out microUSB for USB-C. Yes, main problems currently are fast-charging and wireless charging but trust me, if EU was to do the same for them as with wired charging now, most probably everybody else would adopt one standard and be fine with it until something newer comes and phase to it then while Apple would be screaming their mouth full of sand and refuse to play nice (mostly because their standards on these are their own and anybody using them would need to pay royalties to them, if they even agreed to license them out, just like with the lightning port).
  10. This has been coming a looooong time and it's good that EU finally puts the man pants on and stops listening Apples lobbying for the loophole they have been using these 11 years. "It will hinder the development", just in what tin can have you been living? Like didn't you notice how everybody else than apple have changed from proprietary connectors to microUSB and from there to USB-C and all of that since EU made manufacturers to sit together and come up with one charging port for mobile devices (exceot Apple who have burned around million dollars yearly to lobby for their adapter loophole). And yeah, I put this 100% on Apple because once again they are so immensly retarded company that they cannot even do the one very basic human thing called communication and negotiate with other companies to meet common goals. Like how hard can it be to communicate and negotiate like others surely did in the first place when microUSB was chosen and probably now the second time when USB-C has been chosen? Aparently for Apple that is the impossible task and I guess the reason is that they just want to be retarded snowflake eating sand at the playground.
  11. Broadband: 9,90€ (100/10Mbps unlimited) Cellphone: 20,90€ (200Mbps and everything unlimited) Netflix: 15,99€ (4K) Spotify: 9,99€ Viveport Infinity: 9,99€ Humble Choice: 11,28€ Patreon: ~11€ VPN: ~30€/year so 2,5€/month Total: ~91,55€/month + varying euros here and there without much thinking probably maxes around 120€/month
  12. Pokemon getting a DLC instead of new game is kind of good. GameFreak has been a scumbag with S&M getting their "DLC" as a new game. But the bad side is that Sw&Sh has been under flak from the day 0 for GameFreak quite possibly lying their asses off by saying that they didn't include the national pokedex because they needed to remake every pokemon, which they very possibly didn't do, and now they bring parts of that in a DLC. DLCs generally aren't bad but they have gotten the scumbag seal thanks to EA, Ubisoft and their "friends" being dickheads. Nobody probably says that a DLC that actually adds new content is bad thing (for example Alan Wake American Nightmare or TES DLCs) but the extremely bad sound to the word comes from the day 0 DLCs and DLCs which content is already in the main game but just locked out (as in DLCs which content was already made but cut out to make more money). Just like microtransactions get their bad reputation for developers so willingly, greedingly and easily bringing P2W elements to the game and needlessly adding grind to the game to only boost their income. Very good examples for this are Assassins Creed Odyssey with it's "normal DLC" content and MT shop both made only to milk the gullible vs. Guild Wars which limited DLCs to mainly affect PvP (giving PvE players DLC content for free and asking a price for PvP content and level cap rise) and having a MT shop that is completely vanity, first one is toxic as hell and give bad name for the whole industry while the second one is good but ArenaNet isn't known to be the most profitable company. It's usually magical how big companies managed to fuck up with DLCs, good example for this is Wreckfest, people who bought the game as "Next Car Game" in 2014 were promised that any content to come before the release and even after the release will be free for them, 2018 THQ Nordic gets majority ownership from the Bugbear and happy fucking birthday they start to bring the modern monetization to the game in form of Season Pass and DLCs and guess what? After being called out and small storm formed that promise made in the past was broken, only couple of the DLC cars were given out as "compensation and generosity" and all thanks for THQ Nordic wanting some dough (what I have heard the Wreckfest Season Pass and DLCs are the worst selling products of Bugbear ever made). TL;DR: DLCs that actually add new content for a complete game are usually good, but too often modern DLCs are "the rest of the game" as in the main game as it is isn't a complete game and DLCs are just way to hike the price even as boldly as releasing DLC at the launch day and that is what bird people call "a dick move" and purely out of greed.
  13. Nope, it is shrunk and recessed Vives trackpad, it can sense motion in all directions and even has the button in it. Usability is a different question since there isn't room for side-to-side movement and the button feel is nonexistent which is why it's highly recommended to make it used as the locomotion pad on Oculus Touch (by default SteamVR prefab for Unity3D only has "scroll" and button active on Index controllers but you can still activate the full usability from the code, at least last time I played with Index controllers, been few months that all clients have opted to use just Vive controllers and on free time I don't even want to open Unity).
  14. Actually no. Only one on the VR field who has opted out on trackpads is Oculus which didn't have them in the beginning. All HTC controllers have trackpads and while Valve Index has joysticks they also have multipurpose trackpads which can be used like Vive controllers trackpads. Trackpads vs. joysticks is highly a question about preferences. Personally I think both have their uses and which one is better depends on the implementation and use, like trackpads for strategy games and other games that require mouse like interaction are superior but for a FPS or driving games where you need continuous movement (like turning +360-degrees) or otherway need to get longer movements with limited controller space sticks are superior. As said this depends a lot on implementation, you can make trackpads behave like sticks and it's fine. Personally from controllers I prefer sticks but if I was asked to design controller for PC I would probably go more to the style of PS4 controller with sticks and a trackpad but move the trackpad closer to thumbs like below the controller so you can use it without changing the grip.
  15. To be kind of expected. This is a project that seems to be in it's very beginning, like just made some kind of prototype for CES to get some opinions and poking some discussion about this kind of device. I don't believe that anything relating UFO is certain and final, even the design might change a lot (I would eat my hat if Nintendo wouldn't have few words to say about the "controller(s)" if UFO was released as it is now). So taking the time to talk about it on the floor probably wasn't a priority.
  16. Product wise I would go completely to the different direction. It's kind of clear that they are not going to be able to compete with full blown gaming PC hardware wise and even if they were the price would be huge problem (anyone remembers when PS3 was released with that $599 price tag?). Not to mention that we talk about a product that can be only compared to one other product and that product mostly rides with extremely strong franchises and being different from everything else. A bit aggravated statement would be that we won't get a handheld that can run Red Dead Redemption 2 with high settings even with $1,5k price tag, so it would be better to look elsewhere and that's what I'm suggesting: It should be cheap (max. $200, lower than $100 would be perfect) with hardware enough to run W10 without any problems (some light normal use and following services), 1080p screen, durable case and screen and good battery life. Handheld that is completely build to run cloud gaming as is and offers possibility to cloud game on TVs when connected. Sounds odd now when Google Stadia made entrance through the mud but we talk about a device that would possibly launch 2-3 years from now and hopefully then the services are a lot better and more accessible. There could be the $1,5k "pro" version that can run the games by itself or even just dock that would make it so it can run the games by itself when docked with price tag whatever it takes but the "base" device should be good quality aimed for cloud gaming and so cheap that people wouldn't mind if it wasn't perfect experience on the day 1. Device that isn't compared to Nintendo Switch but to Nvidia Shield except more affordable and not just another Android tablet made for gamers, which instead of competing against gaming consoles and gaming PCs competes against phones and tablets as gaming device and for that uses PC games instead of mobile games or made-for-it games and still manages to be "dirt" cheap but good.
  17. It's in very early stages and probably everything can change. The battery life is odd mention in the HCs video but considering they try to aim to run W10 games natively and with surprisingly amount of oompf behind the 2 hours is quite a achievement. Considering where they are aiming they are probably not dropping specs a lot. Screen resolution, dimensions and so on can be changed but going with less powerful SoC and other parts that would weaken the performance would be probably pretty bad decision. I have already quite many doubts about it, from which many come from the time when UMPCs (Ultra-Mobile PC) were tried and they were just awful pieces of things that while some had performance to actually run WinXP or Win98 somewhat decently their battery life was almost none (at least in real use), but if they were to drop the specs for cheaper price or better battery life the thing would most likely end up being just Switch running W10 which wouldn't be that impressive and probably even more gimmick (again Switch is great product but most of it is Nintendo, I don't think Sony or MS could get away with releasing console with Switches specs but for Nintendo that is just perfect because people don't wait life like graphics and other performance hog things from Nintendo games as they expect from PS, Xbox and PC games).
  18. Alienware (Dell) has shown, at least, in the pre-CES 2020 showroom a gaming "device" concept that is basicly "Nintendo Switch on steroids" running Windows 10. There's not much specifics about the hardware but it runs on SoC that is capable of 1080p to 1200p 60fps gaming, has battery life of about 2 hours, touchscreen and apparently in a bit bigger size than Switch. Features otherwise are kind of same as Switch but just with Windows 10 "tablet" meaning it has Bluetooth, fully working USB-C with Lightning (or two, on the video you can see two USB-C ports: one on the top and another on the bottom) and possibility for even 4G and 5G connectivity. Physical controller is directly ripped-off comparable to Switch's Joy-Cons sitting next to the tablet and having the ability to remove them and attach to controller "block". Biggest difference between Switch and UFO is that UFO is fully capable Windows 10 "tablet" so you are not restricted to only gaming and only the sky is the limit. It's completely prototype and concept so there most likely will be a lot of changes or even that this is the only time we ever hear and see it. My personal feeling is that UFO is interesting concept but looking at the gaming side, it falls to the same pit as Switch, not being the greatest handheld and not being the greatest home console. Don't take me wrong, Nintendo Switch is great and extremely successful but Nintendo is different case from everything, like while Nintendo is counted in the console wars, it clearly doesn't care about the competition and the competition doesn't really care about it and the audience doesn't compare them and Nintendo swims in their pool and does what they feel like and it just works fantastically for them. UFO in the other hand doesn't have that "Nintendo magic", it probably would be W10 tablet aimed for gamers and without miracles it would drop directly in between and start competing with both cloud gaming and console gaming. 1080p gaming in near future will be specless and platformless, you don't need to care what device you have or what game you want to play in 1080p and where you want to play it, you can play it; I say "in near future" because we still aren't there but Stadia and GeForce NOW (mostly GeForce NOW, especially now that they have rolled out more access to the Android app and it works beautifully) show that it's feasible. So on mobile side it's chances for me doesn't look that good, on the TV side of things, well I wouldn't say it's not bad but it also doesn't shine the brightest, it being W10 machine it more likely competes against things like Steam LINK and HTPCs where it has it's own place and it could succeed, but it will be more likely put in the same basket as PS and Xbox and then while it being different, it's a no contest. One thing that could save it would be the price. $100-200 and it's a deal, if nothing it's an interesting curiosity to have and the price wouldn't be that bad. But it's Alienware so price most likely would be around $600+ and at least it's a "no" from me (I can get most of it's use for far cheaper price even today). In the end I would like to say that even if I come as quite negative against this Alienware UFO concept, I still think it's a cool concept. I have my look on the gaming and how it might evolve in the future and against that I don't see how UFO would make things any better or attain success. I could see a lot more uses for it outside gaming with a bit different features and connectivity but there the price will be even bigger question. But as said: What do you think? Where would UFO stand and has it chances against the competition? What is the price? Yay, nay, meh or wow? ---------------------------- LTT video on the subject. Apparently the SoC is Intel (or at least uses Intels iGPU).
  19. I see it same as with WinRAR. While yes, you are going against their EULA when continuing to use the software after the 40 days test period and by doing so you use it "illegally". On the other hand they allow you to do so and in case of WinRAR have even go public saying they don't care about home users breaking the EULA and continuing the use of the software after the test period and ignoring the prompt to buy a license. WinRAR is strict about this in their license agreement: But in practice they don't enforce it. With the word "illegal" I would be careful here. While by the law it is illegal to breach an agreement, it only becomes illegal when charges are pressed. As in if police sees you breaching the EULA of Windows by using inactivated copy, they are not going to arrest you and take you to the court or fine you for it unless Microsoft wants to do so for you for breaching the agreement/contract in which case it can be taken even to a criminal court and you can be fined/jailed for it. In other words breaching agreement/contract isn't illegal if the other party doesn't want so (as in you cannot be regarded/deemed as a criminal who broke the law and did something illegal). Just like in case of damaging ones property, you scratch someones car and no one is going to push criminal charges or any kind of legal charges against you if the owner of the car doesn't want so and while you did something illegal that breaks the law, it won't be held against you and you won't be deemed criminal and in legal terms you didn't break the law or did something illegal.
  20. Wow, supercomputers use Linux. Is this the news from the 90's? Also good luck trying to run even Pacman on supercomputer and then the same build on anything else (all that performance really doesn't transfer well into general workloads leave alone trying to run common software in those environments). Also calling Android Linux is like calling iOS FreeBSD (or did you mean those couple tries to make Linux-phone so even Stallman could finally buy a mobile phone, which he won't because the government might track him through mobile base stations, from which both won't see any more than marginal marketshare because lack of features and high as hell prices). Also the casual "gamer" hasn't touched Winblows for around 15 years now. Consoles (from which none is even close to be even as open as Winblows), mobile and Facebook have been the platforms for casual gamers since FarmVille became a thing and smartphones broke through to mass markets. M$ has already made their move on the future of Winblows. You can kind of see it under the same business model as WinRar: Consumers have few caveats they can remove by paying but most of the money comes from business licenses. And oh! Do I see the "1995...2000...2005...2010...2015.2016...2020: The year when Linux became the most used consumer PC operating system!" -slogan, well good for you, I guess. Well, hard to break it for you, but you aren't in the consumer segment EA and most of the game publishers are even interested about. You probably aren't even interested about the yearly games they pump out (which are their bread and butter, while gamers are screaming how EA goes down with the Anthem and the few tens of millions they lost with it, NHL, FIFA and Madden 20s are still money makers and extremely successful in that, like it or don't). Even I'm far from the ideal consumer segment that the game publishers watch since retro gaming and getting the newest games from sales and paying for Humble Monthly Choice aren't the way they want to sell their crap. "Hey! Linux is going to take over soon!" Now already? It has only been 30 years taking over the consumer segment and gamers. While it would be great to get it up but I don't think it will happen in the next 5 years, maybe even 10. The stars are just not aligned right for it even with Valve developing Proton. More or less the consoles will take more markets (and compared to them Winblows PC is closer to Linux than them, leave alone talking about FOSS) and mobile gaming continues its rise. Cloud gaming might come in few years but Stadias "great" launch and even still questionable working proves that it also might take few years and hopefully GeForce NOW style services will take the lead. PC gaming will probably continue its route to be more open for indie and smaller publishers and the eSport platform and things probably will stay pretty much as they are unless someone does something stupid or something extremely radical and succeed in it (and while Valves Proton shows that Linux is also gaming platform, the thing is Proton is just glorified WINE so it will still take time before the bigger game developers will start to build Linux versions). The outlook of the market is still that while Linux runs from toasters to supercomputers, it still has that 2-5% marketshare in consumer PCs and it still has its old caveats and since recently few extras (to name one Nvidia stopping the support almost completely). What comes to the actual topic. Well, what did they expect? EA has been the laziest bumhole for a long time and asking actually working anti-cheat from them is stupid and trying it with running the game unsupported is a gamble. And it's totally legal for them to do so, nothing you can do for that. Are they assholes while doing this? Yes, extremely but what else did you expect from EA? They manage to release one game that isn't pure shit and peeing to the cereals of the gamers and everybody suddenly forgets that it's still the same old EA that made the worst SW Battlefront II and other crap games.
  21. RMAs and recalls are usually different cases because then we talk about dangerous products instead of old products. There is kind of big difference with a completely working speaker rendered broken and things like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rendered broken because the quite a huge hazard of catching on fire suddenly and violently. As said, Sonos doesn't give one flying fuck about what really happens to a speaker as long as it's one less working speaker on the face of the world. (That they offer the chance to ship the speaker to them is probably only available in EU/parts of it where Sonos could possibly end up punished really hard from having a campaign where they create possibly hundreds of tons e-waste without any certainty that that e-waste is processed correctly) You do not get discount if your speaker was used to the point that it doesn't work anymore or was any otherway broken. You do not get discount if you were the good guy and recycled or reused the speaker. Only case where you get the discount is when you break a working speaker.
  22. The problem is Sonos isn't giving people 30% discount from recycling Sonos speakers. They are giving 30% discount from bricking Sonos speakers. I would guess if your Sonos speaker is already broken and you cannot connect to it and/or it cannot phone home, you cannot brick it and so you cannot get the 30% discount. So, to get 30% discount you must deliberately break a working speaker to get 30% discount. Things would be a lot different if it was that consumer must provide proof that they have recycled Sonos speaker (receipt from recycling center, receipt from selling or others) to get the 30% discount. Then clearly Sonos was inciting people to recycle their speakers but that isn't the case at all.
  23. Then it's on them like always. If you go and buy 30 years old Toyota and go to the store or to Toyota to complain that the Carina II doesn't have keyless ignition or 5.1 audio system, you get a long and juicy laugh and after that tour around the new car models and offer to buy one that has what you thought your old rust pile should have. Difference here is Microsoft didn't make the decision for the consumer unlike Sonos did with CR100, Microsoft strongly adviced people to upgrade from XP when the support ended but in no way rendered XP machines unusable with update to force people to stop using them. Microsoft maybe should have done that but it's not up to them to do so like it isn't any other manufacturers place to do and in the past there's only one case where such doings by the manufacturer have gained acceptance for it (Samsung Galaxy Note 7), most likely if some manufacturer did so and got caught and it would rise enough noise, they would be keelhauled in at least EU courts so hard (too bad that in the end EU is just as corrupt... *cough* lobbyed... as any other government that passing the quite strict ban for planned obsolescence has been halted just like the strict order for all phones to use one single charging port standard). And that being optional for the user is kind of moot point. We all know that the CR100 update is out there and everytime someone uses CR100 that still works, the device will whine about there being update and "you should update to get the newest features" and there is no HUGE red flag and notion anywhere that says "This is the last update and designed to render your device unusable, only update if you are sure you don't ever want to use your device again". And stop the shit about new features and connecting to new devices. If you update the CR100, it cannot connect to anything anymore, there is no new features or ability to connect to new devices. It's fucked up, kicked the bucket, dead, unusable, broken and drawn it's last breath after the update and only new feature in the update is that you have a "great chance" to buy a new one (preferably from some other manufacturer than Sonos because you clearly can't trust them about when your device gets the literal "killer update"). Welcome to the modern world where things change as the time goes by. I would eat my hat if not 90% of the worlds population wouldn't understand that thing from the year 2000 isn't compatible with another thing from the year 2019 and mostly if the thing from 2000 worked with the thing from 2019 people would be pleased but no one in their right mind expects it. It's always better for the environment to continue using and repair than throw away and buy a new one. Recycling is never 100% and most of the time even that is extremely greed driven industry (PCBs are the best example of this: While it's completely possible to slowly heat the old PCBs to get the plastic and the metals to melt and create easily separable layers and it can be even done with chemicals without using heat at all, but they take far too much time and effort and are far less profitable than just burning the plastic on the PCB and collect the left over metals). And like in this case, even if it's optional, planned obsolescence is always totally wasting resources.
  24. That is the part I call BS on. I know with Sonos we go dangerously close to the insane world of audiophiles with all of their snake oils in forms of +$2000 aluminum shelves and what else, but still if you go and buy 10 years old device and even remotely think it will support the newest features on the market, you are batshit crazy and it's totally on you. No one sane would even expect 10 years old device to be in anywhere near mint condition and even work as well as it did 10 years ago. It's always good that the company tries to prolong the life of its products by developing more software features on it, but everyone knows there are limits to it and in some point the support stops and the product is what it is. The real concrete crap part in Sonos is that when they have got to that moment, they ship out device bricking update. Think what kind of hell would get loose if Microsoft or Apple or any other company would ship out bricking update when their devices/softwares support ends (and in few cases have gotten loose, like the Apples crippling phones because old battery to deliver better battery life with the cost of performance, all without asking the customer first do they either want poorer battery life or poorer performance). Bricking devices is quite well generally thought as dick move except in very limited cases. Like very limited cases, like business devices which may include sensitive data and even then companies like Lenovo (IBM) has been in very bad light time to time because their business laptops have this feature of blowing a fuse and locking everything down if you try to format the storage or any other way try to wipe the device without BIOS admin password (because they are ThinkPads, 10 years in service and they are hardly run in for light use but mostly at that point no one knows the admin password and fuses blow and devices brick). Doesn't even matter if it's user choice or not. Right way for Sonos to go with this would have been to make that feature but instead of bricking the speakers, it would just completely wipe them clean and return to the state the software was when it was first bought. Also what the fuck? Are Sonos using some really cheap ass elements in their speakers and asking still that much for them? Like any a bit more higher-end speaker I have ever come across gets better when it has seen some use. Like I bought Audio Pro T3 some time ago and it's recommended to not even start to compare it's sound quality before at least 30 hours of use and the best I have seen were some headphones my dad bought back in the day that had warning labels that they need couple hundred hours of use before reaching their peak quality. "Oh, we must brick our older products that people who buy them second hand don't get wrong impression" you know what, I just got the right impression, their shit is so bad that it doesn't last longer than few years and so they must deliberately break it ().
  25. The thing is, any designed obsolescence without good reasons (manufacturer not wanting to run a net service anymore isn't a good reason) is quite usually seen as a dickmove from a companies. There isn't a single reason why CR100 shouldn't work as AUX-controller for speakers, like yeah the internet services are down and obsolete but it doesn't mean it couldn't connect to older speakers (the ones it was connected earlier) and play stuff from it's AUX-connection. It's like company bricking a BT-speaker completely because Apple rolled out new AirPlay that doesn't have backwards compatibility while the speaker doesn't even really need the newest and shiniest iPhone to work because it has normal bluetooth connection and AUX-connector that doesn't need AirPlay to work and work even with the stereo set from the 70's which doesn't even know what an iPhone is. To take part into the general discussion. This is really a dickmove from Sonos and a stupid one in that. "We care about the environment and with this you can do your part", like fuck off and quit that BS. Any person with even 1 working brain cell can understand that not working device is more wasteful than even somewhat working device. To make a very grim and way too harsh example: "You get 30% discount for a new puppy if you shoot your old dog! After all it's already too old to work as police dog and so has lived over its usefulness." Like a old dog couldn't live as lapdog if it doesn't have any mental problems (and even if it has they can be managed), but I guess it's more important to make sure every new dog owner pays for the breeders and don't even think about adopting an old dog. [Just pointing out the insanity of offering discount when bricking the device that is completely working otherwise and there is only bad reasons why it couldn't work and those same reasons work as why Sonos should be avoided. Do not harm your dog in any case and when getting a dog please consider adopting]