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  1. Need to just think that everybody has a different taste and life gets easier. Like probably every audiophile would laugh at my choice of headphones. Superlux HD-330 with Bayerdynamics velour pads and I use them from playing guitar through my Royal RG1000 150W guitar tube amp (from the 60's-70's) to gaming. Sounds the same as AKGs and Sennheisers I used to use when I worked at my friends studio as sound technician, but I don't break a bank when the guitar amp decides to give it's loving embrace of Telefunken EL34x2 + ECC84x5 (originals) beauty without caring what's connected to it with full blast and I can say that old Sennheiser HD448s and now at least 5 Superluxes haven't survived that But it's not what you have or how good it is, it's about what you like. I have got a chances to try out audiophile stuff, I actually was queuing to get to test Orpheus when there were pair for show in one hifi-store close by, but I remembered what happened last time I was testing "so great and ultimate" cans... I asked where the EQ is because I would like to make some tweaks and the guy nearly got an heart attack Just coming from the background where you mix the music to sound as you like to hear it instead of trying to listen the music as it was meant to be heard (and I might have lost a lot of my hearing these 26 years I have played guitar) because, what I think, the mixer of the song has done bad job if the song doesn't sound good with the 1$ ear-plugs just as well as with the 50k$ setup and that is completely what the listener likes to hear (just like the image adjustments on TVs aren't meant in normal use to get the most of the Adobe RGB -standard, but to make the image look good for the user, if that is Abode RGB -image good for them, they can easily get the good image from any screen that can be calibrated, as for me I like a bit more contrast and more saturated image turning a bit to reddish and it's a hassle to get a new screen to look good if it's for entertainment use).
  2. What the **** I'm reading? " Oven cured polymer ceramic finish is durable and aesthetically pleasing, offering a choice of colors to match you room, and tastes. " That just a long way to say that the aluminium is cera-coated which isn't anything magical. Like saying "this piece of aluminium is sunk in water and with electricity grown a strong and durable coating on it" is something else than just anodizing. I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't "Stillpoint Ultra Mini Very High Quality Footers" but only Stillpoint Ultra Mini footers. But I couldn't have thought that flat footers are good to be placed on flat surface. I was already ordering one to be set on my bowling ball, what a shame... Oh, and those who hate reading and especially ads, don't go to Stillpoints website, like... god... I don't think how I can recover from that wall of text which doesn't really make sense past couple chapters (like why would you need that expensive footings when the real damage for your audio quality is happening inside your equipment, like should you buy Stillpoints for all of your caps and resistors to mitigate this problem or just for your rack or what the whaty what?). I don't mean to offend anyone but for real? $4k for cera-coated aluminium rack with fancy footers and some "vibration cancelling material" (probably just fancy way to say either silicone or rubber or felt) here and there. Like yeah, it probably took long time to design that and the possible audience is quite small so you would need to ask higher price, but $4k for a aluminium shelf? Like Orpheus at least had included box with fancy servos and stuff and was clearly meant to be luxury item for those with more than too much money to burn with very limited quantity and all that. But if the whole package is cheaper than it... I'm still totally lost in the worlds of What, Why, Is-It-Really-Necessary and Wouldn't-It-Be-Better-To-Go-And-See-The-Band-Live-(And-Cheaper).
  3. Valve/Steam only has two warehouses in the world: in Carol Stream, Illinois, US and in Tilburg, Netherlands. So I would guess they only have 2 hardware selling areas (NA and EU) and prices are just shown in different currencies. Also this is the official message from Valve/Steam about cancelled orders:
  4. Since 2009 EU has driven for phone manufacturers to use common charging port to reduce waste created from having multiple different chargers and cables, today Apple is the only one who uses a lot of money to lobby for a loophole in that regulation to keep using their Lightning port over micro-USB and now over USB-C (source). If you didn't know when NanoSIM standard was in forming ETSI wanted the whole industry behind one standard and so every device maker needed to agree, first option came from Apple (which probably had already started or designed iPhone 5) and was what we have now, nobody else liked it because this was one of a kind chance to fix old problems with the SIM-card, so Nokia and RIM challenged the Apples proposition with a new nanoSIM cards which would have been real upgrades over then already decade old design with only plastic cut away, it got really dirty really fast Apple getting SanDisk (maker of the original SIM) behind them and them threatening to lock away every and all patents for other than Apples proposition (because other propositions would have made SanDisks patents obsolete and probably costed them some royalties) Apple saying their nanoSIM design will be royalty free while Nokia saying their proposition will be completely free, but in the end Apple got it's will through by forcing ISPs vote for them and things really weren't going to go anywhere while Apple was steering the boat of their own proposition. And if you really know the history of HTML5, you really don't want to credit Apple for it, to name one thing the video-element which is still a fucking mess even after Cisco went and threw money on the problem and mostly that's a trouble because Apple still wants to only support MPEG over anything and everybody should pay royalties like Apple does even when there are options which doesn't include paying to support them. Metal vs. Vulkan is heavily on the lock-in. Apple doesn't give Metal to anybody else and Apple probably still does everything to keep Vulkan (or as it's known MoltenVK) away. In comparison Metal is supported on iOS, macOS and tvOS while Vulkan is supported on Android, Linux, Windows, Switch, Tizen and through MoltenVK on macOS (also Stadia runs on Vulkan). And the whole debate comes from Khronos thinking a bit too long to upgrade OpenGL to something competing with DirectX11 and 12 and Apple did it's own decision and made Metal and Khronos evolved OpenGL and AMDs Mantle into Vulkan, which then was rejected by Apple and still Apple refuses to support it in any form which then was countered by Khronos by making API that is Vulkan but instead works on Metal and it wasn't even free at first before Valve jumped in and threw money at the problem making MoltenVK open-source and free and so started Apples fight against it by banning all apps from their stores using it. There isn't a single technical reason why Apple couldn't support Vulkan natively, more or less Apples hardware choices apart from their own designs are behind creating Vulkan (AMD), it's just that Apple doesn't want to support it.
  5. Others usually don't advertise their products being "superior" in every way possible and when a flaw is found go full defense "but the others do the same". Everybody knows the cheap stuff is made cheaply and immorally and nobody expects any better, except when the product is Apple which advertises "We care deeply about the people who build our products, and the planet we all share. So we hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. And we share our work openly so others can follow our lead." and then is found to be just the same shit as everybody else. Apple is also the biggest company against everything and anything to be "gold standard" in the industry. Which flagship phone you cannot charge with USB-C cable? iPhone (it uses Lightning, not USB-C even if the cables other end is USB-C instead of USB-A). Which smartwatch and headphones requires you to have one specific manufacturers phone (out of the box)? Apple Watch and Air Pods. Like yeah, it's great that they stand against data collection but at the same time they stand against everything else also because they want to be some special snowflake. But their adapter-hells and walled-garden are the things to stay the fuck away from them and hope Samsung is the only one taking notes from them and creating their own walled-garden to Apples like. On the software level that's even more disgusting, liek the whole Metal-API which seems to be created only to strengthen Apple-gardens walls to make people choose between creating iOS and Android app just because Metal is that incompatible with others. How about supporting Vulkan? "No, we have Metal" Like at the point where someone who isn't bound to their direct competitor comes with a solution that really is excellent and supports everything out of the box, Apple doesn't support it because they have developed their own "better" version exactly like the shit with nano-SIM standard.
  6. Seems to be the thing. There's rumors that possibly all 27.-28.11. and later orders of 1 or 2 controllers are refunded and even some orders from 26.11. even so much that people with tracking numbers or even the controller already delivered have gotten refunds, bigger orders might have gone through and apparently few big bulk buyers would have emptied the warehouses. But those are only rumors, I still think that Valve just made a big good pile of shit and left the office for eating turkey and getting fatter and when they come back at monday they are faced with controller sale that went batshit crazy because no one was watching it and pulling the plug when stock and order amounts went haywire.
  7. It highly depends on situations. Bigger reviewers get stuff for free for their reviews and while mostly brands themselves send those out quite often it's also some "third party" that gets the product for the reviewer (see how many brands want to send their stuff to Tech Jesus, but he doesn't care because he has connections to get what he wants without even going the "official way"). Getting stuff to review isn't the actual point for reviewers, except smaller ones will do what they can, but bigger ones are really after products before they are released. Like releasing a review of new CPU week later it's release is not a big deal, you could have loaned it from your friend, releasing a review of a new CPU at the same time as it's released is the cake and for that you need to get the CPU far before it's released (this is why you see LTT, BitWit, Jayz and others releasing reviews of the same product at the same time). Apple in these cases is very special case in these matters, it's one of the most "careful" about their public image and even their main events are invite only and this used to be quite a big thing before Apple allowed live"streaming" their events because if you wanted to write about the event, you needed to be there and if you fell out of the invite list it was impossible to get back and falling off from that list was extremely easy and quite many news outlets managed to fall off for even tiny amount of negative voice for Apple product. Getting Apple stuff before release is probably close to being near impossible without really good connections inside Apple and having extremely good track record giving Apple "good visibility" and at least from the news sources I follow, not a single one is that close to Apple. IIRC writing about iPhones old antenna problem and blaming it on Apples design was enough that few bigger news outlets didn't receive invitation to the next Apple event (or any later), I would guess even hinting that some Apple devices are more prone for bending would drop you off from getting special care from Apple and receiving (buying or just getting) stuff before or as close as possible to release (I would think this is why the few "mac-fanatic" sites I have encountered are extremely protective for Apple, like writing how it's really expensive to fix Macs because reasons that are more like Apple being Apple in their walled-garden or how any design flaw made by Apple is actually just people overreacting to normal behavior of those kind of devices).
  8. I don't have a issue if someone is buying this for the looks, I have issue if someone is buying this for necessity and someone throws this level of BS to the public: Like did the writer of the article even bother to do some research? Even passive HDMI cables go around 15m for 1080p (HDMI1.0) without problems and for 4K and 3D that's around 8m (HDMI2.0). And after those distances still somehow cheaper option is to go with active-copper HDMI-cable than with fibre. When fibre becomes necessity option for HDMI2.0 we talk about lengths of 15-20m+ and I don't know with what math someone can make 9ft and 15ft even close to those lengths. And yes, I would and I will bash anyone who goes out and buys something like 1m-5m Monster cables or fibre cables at prices like 50-100€/$/£ and higher. Because that's the definition of buying snake-oil (excluding actual reasons, which are very specific and very rare). Just like I loved to bash my friend when he worked in one HiFi-store for that they always and in every corner tried to sell gold-plated cables for twice the price of non-plated, the reason for that bash wasn't that the gold-plating would be snake-oil all of the time, but it's complete snake-oil and ripoff when there wasn't a single device with gold-plated connectors in the store and they used sales pitches like "with this cable you get superior sound quality and it will last longer" (they didn't sell any audiophile grade stuff, except some cables that had huge margins in them), like someone could notice the difference between 5€ and 10-20€ cable with their brand new 100€ radio and like it would make a sense that the cable outlasts the device.
  9. Well, apparently probably maybe we haven't seen all of this yet. From "Processing" to "Cancelled" and yes, that's mine and I haven't cancelled anything, just being the impatient little sh** as usual and every now and then reloaded the shipping status window to see what is going to happen. This was something I did not see coming. The receipt still says "Processing" and I haven't got any emails or anything, so I will be updating this when something else happens. But either Valve sold too many Controllers (in EU at least) or some hiccup somewhere. E: Apparently I am not the only one. Well, this got interesting. E2: And refunded. I guess Valve is Valve always, seeing how much noise comes from those cancellations I would guess there's quite a mob that is getting refunds and I can guess the reason is that even Steam can't handle that much physical sales. What really pisses me off is that there is no communication from Valve, just "here's your money back" and that's it, also I can guarantee that Valve knew this is going to be "very busy" time and not having hands on deck to do the reasonable damage control (taking the item from the sale when the stock numbers go haywire, which they apparently did after 26th of November since it seems that mostly cancellations are from people who bought the controller later).
  10. You probably meant to quote me. Cancelled orders and CC bounces usually take a longer time to go around and this seems to be constant jumping in and out of stock. Like I first managed to get it to my cart and when entering my address it went out of stock and Steam started to whine about it, noticed it still being in my cart few reloads of the page and they were back in stock and I managed to place my order. If it was CC bounces coming back to stock, it would be like hours of backlog and huge amount of those since they come and go constantly. I have seen this same happening couple of times in different webstores and it's usually that while the stock is reduced when item is put into a cart, at the same time its being reserved, but the software checks the stock when customer goes to pay and notices that the item is out of stock, it blocks the payment as to not charge the customer for an item they probably can't deliver. It's good and robust system as long as there isn't a rush to buy one item because then the system starts to get a lot of "reserved" stock because people don't get to pay for them and then there starts to be people (like me) who might have one paid reserve that is going to ship and one "ghost reserve" that isn't even paid or even offered an option to be paid. These "ghost reserves" come back to the stock little by little when the reservations for them expire.
  11. They come and go depending on how people get them to their carts and get to pay for them. Big issue here is that Steam blocks paying if the stock is 0 and it reduces them from the stock when they are added to carts, so people with it in their carts can't pay for it and they slowly return back to stock. Just keep refreshing and may the hope be with you (I just managed to buy one).
  12. No, it's not like watching a YT video which you can cache up and make the latency even worse. You can get better image of things by using Nvidia NOW as example: When you start a game from the client device, Nvidia NOW allocates and boots you a virtual PC in their server to run the game, you need to login to your Steam/Origin/Whatever service on that virtual PC for it to start running the game you want, this is done so that the app on your device sends input data (M/K, controller or whatever) and the server streams the display of that virtual PC to your device. If you add cache anywhere in the middle of that (except the normal running caches in the virtual machine or what would be used when running the game locally), it's going to add latency and that is going to multiply and fast depending on where you add a cache. The optimal situation would be that there isn't any latency and it would feel like running the game locally, but as that is impossible with current technology, they just need ti minimize the latency as much as possible and the first thing is to remove all and any cache and serve the input to the server ASAP and serve the output to the client ASAP. TL;DR: Think it as a PC running in a server which mouse and keyboard or controller is the ones in your hands and which monitor is the device before you. You don't want any cache in there or it's going to be really bad experience.
  13. They just disappear from the store and remain in the libraries of those who have bought them. So no one is loosing their asset flips, rip-offs or achievement/MT miners (even if they would love to), new people just can't buy them (which probably in most cases is good).
  14. Well, people loose their shit over 10-30% increase in FPS (at the best) and reflections that didn't even look that good compared to actually well done with earlier tech, how much was that? $1500 for the flagship and $700 for even the entry from which even the flagship has hard time running what was promised? And don't even get me started with CPUs, 5% increase per generation and that's the "development" for which people are peeing honey. You see the tech has a tendency to develop quite slowly even if the ads make it seem like ligthyears each year, and most of that goes away when you really look at the statistics (like those few 30% increases between GTX 1080Ti and RTX 20180Ti, most of those happened with games that already were running +120 FPS, like "hurray! Instead of running only in 140FPS we can now run this game at 160FPS or even 180FPS" like that's a great development, can I finally run Crysis now?) And passthrough cameras are already here, it's called Vive Pro and if we are strict the original Vive already had the possibility for that but no one really wanted that because it only had VGA-camera in the front and it wouldn't have been that great to do anything. And BTW the passthrough cameras on Vive Pro are the poorman's choice, the real deal is not having cameras at all for passthrough image but to have transparent layer on which the digital image is projected on top of the real world.