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  1. amarulagold

    External GPU's for Dell xps13?

    Cheers for all the input... I will continue to have a browse for cheap mitx builds (or z97 mitx motherboards) but looks like i'll porbaly just get the xps15... most of the game I play don't need a huge amout of horsepower so the 1060 in it will probably suffice.
  2. So pretty soon I'm going to have to swap my current tower PC for something more portable, but I still want to keep playing my library of games. I've settled on either of the new Dell XPS laptops, and while the 15 would give me a dedicated graphics card and an easy solution I'd prefer to take the smaller XPS13 for its portability. Thus I'm considering an external GPU solution, such as the Razer Core or ASUS ROG XG Station 2, running out of the thunderbolt 3 port on the laptop. However after reading various forum posts it seems like the Dell laptops won't play nicely with either of those two options: https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/anyone-got-the-razer-core-working-with-the-dell-xps-13-9350.15177/ https://egpu.io/forums/pc-setup/dell-xps-15-9560-asus-rog-xg-station-2-a-tragic-love-story/ Can anybody confirm this and tell me why? Would it be possible to use another option (such as perhaps the AkiTio Node?) that doesnt seem to be locked to only for its manufacturer's laptops? Or are these problems now fixed with the new generation of XPS's? Many thanks for any help..
  3. amarulagold

    4k screen or GTX1050M ?

    Haha seems like there's a consensus to go for the 1050. Cheers guys (and thanks Rolling Potatoe for the graph)
  4. So I'm shopping about for a laptop as due to various circumstances my pc won't fit my lifestyle and I need something portable. I'm looking at the dell xps15 as I'd like something that's durable, capable and without a giant attention-seeking logo on the back (razer i'm looking at you, some gamers have office jobs). I've noticed that the prices between the models with 512gb nvme storage the price of the old generation with the 4k touchscreen and the current one with the GTX1050M (but no 4K) are almost exactly the same (and within my budget). So the question I have is: i7-6700HQ (2.6-3.6 GHz), 512GB nvme, GTX960M and 4k touchscreen? or i7-7700HQ (up to 3.8 GHz), 512GB nvme, GTX1050 and SHD? I don't mind too much about the lower CPU speed as aside from games I won't be putting it under sustained heavy loads, and while I realise that the 960M probably won't drive most modern games in 4k 60fps I assume that the experience will be better for the other 90% of my usage.
  5. amarulagold

    Any opinions on the Audio Pro Addon T8L's?

    No I didn't... I thought about getting the Q acoustics BT3's as well but settled on the Audio Pro T3 as it was cheaper nad had better bass. If you don't need dual channel id get the T3 as well as the sound is incredible for the size. If you go for the T*'s I'd love to hear how they sound though...
  6. amarulagold

    Any opinions on the Audio Pro Addon T8L's?

    Heya. So I'm looking to get a pari of powered monitors to use in the living room of my shared flat and then later for my PC. I'm looking at the Audio Pro T8L powered monitor speakers because of the price, cool finish and wireless capability (roommates leaned in heavily for something with wireless/bluetooth connectivity). Does anyone here have a pair and/or could tell me what they are like? Do they have enough presence to fill a room and is the sound quality up to par for the price? Any advice on other powered+bluetooth speakers I should look at in the £250 ($330) range?
  7. Hey alll Looking for some help, am trying to create a profile in Inputmapper where I can use my controller joystick to move my mouse cursor around, but when I bound the keys and started up the profile the cursor starts drifting around the screen. can anyone recommend the right sensitivity/acceleration/anything settings I should be using as have no real experience with Inputmapper or fine tuning controllers. Currently everything is is set at default.
  8. Unfortunately not. Resigned to using cable for now but will look into buying another dongle to see if that might be the issue.
  9. I did install the additional drivers. Will give those things a go, thanks
  10. amarulagold

    Bluetooth & PS4 controller

    If a different dongle works could you please post? Hvaing the same problem :'(
  11. ok, well crap. thanks for the closure anyways
  12. So I'm renewing this topic after encountering an unsovled thread from user dobby240240. Like him/her I bought a sony dualshock 4 and a bluetooth dongle (using Windows 10) with the intention of boosting my rig to 'not having to get out of bed at all' capability (what a time to be alive!) and likewise I did my absloute level best to snap that controller in two in rage and frustration from not being able to connect the bloody thing to my pc. The dongle works fine with wireless speakers and even my phone so I dont suspect the issue is there .Likewise I have tried using both DS4Windows and Inputmapper software and both work perfectly when the controller is connected via usb. The PC even recognises that the ds4 is there when i put it in pairing mode, but when I click connect it just sits there doing nothing until the controller gets bored, turns off and i get an error message. If anyone knows any solutions I would be grateful as there really isn't much online about how to fix this in Windows 10 and I really dislike having bought what are otherwise two great pieces of hardware that just cant seem to get along... link to dobby240240 's post
  13. amarulagold

    Asus BT400 Bluetooth Dongle/ PS4/ DS4 Windows 7 64bit

    If you ever found sucess with a new bluetooth dongle could you please post again? Many thanks from a fellow sufferer
  14. amarulagold

    Shure SRH1840+Fiio E10k?

    Awesome thanks!