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Everything posted by Soviet_Tech

  1. I would want this SSD so that I can put it into my new rig that I just built a few weeks ago and I think it'll be a great late birthday present from the LTT group.
  2. I think that this phone will be the best budget phone besides the Motorolas flagship.
  3. make sure the power cord in the back of the PSU is really plugged in
  4. I would also makes sure that you dont have to many things running on a single power strip and also makes sure everything is plugged in well. Dont be scared to really put them in there. Also make sure the psu is plugged in and its actually on.
  5. Soviet_Tech

    My PC

    Pictures of my PC and the building
  6. Soviet_Tech

    side shot

    From the album: My PC

  7. Soviet_Tech


    From the album: My PC

  8. Soviet_Tech

    Mixtrack pro 2

    From the album: My PC

    i can dj parties
  9. Soviet_Tech

    My full set up

    From the album: My PC

    A waiting a bigger desk so i can fit the other 2 monitors i have
  10. Soviet_Tech

    A repeat

    From the album: My PC

  11. Soviet_Tech

    ITs finally finished

    From the album: My PC

  12. Soviet_Tech


    From the album: My PC

  13. Soviet_Tech

    Almost done

    From the album: My PC

  14. Soviet_Tech

    Build Station

    From the album: My PC

  15. i got the MSI 970A motherboard and its great and clean looking