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  1. I am curious about 5k but until it uses one cable I am skeptical but I can tell you 2 Titan X's are great for 4k I could have told you how 3 performed if I hadn't received one with a nonfunctional sli finger. I have to say WORST RMA experience EVER I am never buying from Nvidia directly AGAIN I will use EVGA or ASUS
  2. Thanks if I make a dedicated LAN rig then I will turn this into a 900D all water cooled stay at home kinda rig
  3. Here is a shot with the side panel on sorry about the blurriness but between the lexan's reflections and all the blue LED's my camera keeps freaking out now a little bit closer and clearer and btw that is my custom side panel delta fan controlled by speedfan no grill though so watch your finger ouch!!! Lol but the reason I skipped the fan grill is most of the noise the deltas make comes from airflow turbulence and putting a grill near it makes it worse (sound like a vacuum with your hand covering the opening) And now a shot of the front panel and fan control once again sorry for the blurry blueness Let me know if you want me to take it outside to get better light or if there was a particular shot inside or out that you would like to see better or that I didn't cover
  4. Here is a shot of the basement rad with 2 120mm deltas in push for 5.0 ghz (controlled by front panel controller) and 2 koolance 120mm led fans in pull for the usual 4.6 ghz (controlled by motherboard) to show you just how close the power supply is one of the reasons I chose it was that thermaltake makes of the smallest reliable psu's in a 1200w variant here is a shot some of the crazy hose bending I had to do to connect the bottom rad to the rest of the loop and with the side panel on it is nice an out of site (once again sorry about the dust)
  5. After I ditched the h220 rad I needed a res so I bought the smallest one I could find and squeezed between the ceiling rad and the side panel and hang it from 2 screws through the ceiling hex mesh with rubber vibration dampened (needed to do some Dremel'ing though) just barely fits also now that I finished the Rma for my RAM I put the light bars back in you can also see 2 of the 4 delta fans (all in push configuration) I use for my 5.0ghz overclock that are controlled by my front panel the other 2 are on the bottom of the rad in the floor of the case You can also see the single 120mm rad I have in the rear in a push configuration with a koolance blue led 120mm fan (controlled by motherboard) turning the exhaust into an intake it turns out the top of the case exhausts sooooooo much it suffocate the exhaust fan (especially with the deltas active) the configuration actually lowers cpu temps in all modes. It is also the only fan that is plugged into the cpu fan header and scales it's speed based on cpu temps the others are all set to a constant 1400 rpm cause even with prime 95 at 4.6ghz there is no need for them to spin faster to stay in the mid to low 60 range in a and are conditioned room (at 5.0ghz I set all the koolance fans to run at the full 2200rpm)
  6. Here are some random shots of inside the case, and you can just barely see one of the 2 koolance 120mm blue led fans in pull (controlled by the motherboard) on top of the ceiling rad this is kinda crazy but I put my Samsung 840 ssd back here (upper right hand corner) behind the fan controller that takes up 2 5.25 bays and there is room for one more lol even have the wiring routed already
  7. Now this pic is after I ditch my h100i for an h220 (see page 1 for a pic from that time period) which I ditched for my own custom loop lol sorry in advance my room has terrible lighting this is with the lights on flash on this is with the lights on flash off
  8. Wow it is amazing how much things change I was looking at one of my old threads and found a pic of my computer when I first assembled it I forgotten it ever looked so empty lol that was when I still had my 850w psu a physx gtx 660 and an h 100 I wow seems sooooooo long ago you can also sort of see the active fan that is being suffocated by the titans here is a better shot you can also see here how the vrm is connected by a heat pipe to the Southbridge fan
  9. How are they leak wise when you disconnect I was thinking of getting those for my current setup cause installing and removing the loop is quite complicated the rads have to go in and come out in a specific order and a really complicated manner since i have to install all three rads pump and res assembled do to lack of accessibility
  10. Hey that MO RA3 420 is pretty cool maybe in the future I'll get some quick disconnects and make so I could remove it whenever I want (easier to go to Lans) but for the mean time since I just bought my Samsung ud590d ($623) like a month ago all the cash i blew on the steam summer sale ($???) and my OR DK2 ($372) should be shipping in the next month I don't really wanna blow $700 min just to cool my already cool enough computer I mean even at 5.0 ghz my cpu never goes above 73c and my titans don't go about 76c even while gaming at 4k maybe after Christmas
  11. Nice Wow nice rig man I like your rad placement what kind of temps are you getting on your cpu and gpu? Alas unfortunately the reason I didn't get a case like the sma8 is I love to go to LAN parties and i drive a miata a full tower like that or the 900D would NEVER fit in my car not even on the passenger seat.I don't really care about noise (mine is quiet enough at idle for me and in gaming my audio setup and AC are louder) but even if I did unfortunately nocturnal fans won't cut it for my rig my led fans have almost twice that static pressure of nff12 and 90 cfm also my stage 2 fans (used for 5 ghz in no AC environments) for the top and bottom rads are deltas with with 12 mmh2o and 150cfm like 5 times the static pressure of nff12. Since all my rads having 30 FPI so I need that static pressure and airflow to keep my 5.0ghz overclock stable even in poorly climate controlled LANS where all the computers are making it hotter indoors than outdoors. Also in that situation when the titans get warm they can heat up the rads they are sitting next to because if their aluminum construction so the fans need to compensate for that too when the situation occurs
  12. Wow that's a LOT of rads I'm glad I didn't go that route thanks for the heads up
  13. To answer you question first I using for 4k gaming(gets 60 fps in crysis 3 2xmsaa shadows :high eveything else very high), game streaming, recording let's plays, video editing (and soon to be editing 4k videos) and i wanted to start learning 3d design. As far as psu I'm running a thermaltake SP-1200M great psu had it since my 2 way sli setup and not as much as a hiccup out it even at my 5.0ghz and with the titans over clocked +100 mhz gpu clock with 150 mhz memory(most of the time I run at 4.6ghz with the titans at stock speed) As far as cooling goes this setup is working fine now i don't care about quiet i really only was considering water cooling to keep my titans from heating up my Southbridge and vrm. Now that I added the delta it keeps the Southbridge and VRM cool and keeps my overclock stable. It also delivers enough air to the titans, at max the fan can deliver 150 CFM @ 12 mmh2o which is never necessary(no grill watch you fingers lol) 70% is usually way more than enough and it is quieter than my air conditioning (which NEEDS to be on while I am gaming to deal with the heat this thing puts out). When I'm not gaming the side panel fan goes down to around 800-1400 depending on whether I am using hardware acceleration. In my idle times and this delta is quiet at those speeds lol at least quieter than the 8 koolance pressure optimized led fans running at 1400 rpm (max 2200 rpm with 90 CFM @ 4.1 mmh2o) and it still fits in my car And sure I will take more pics but keep in mind I have dusted it out in 3 weeks and because of all the air flow dust collects FAST lol it is the never ending struggle
  14. Lol thanks I appreciate it it took me more than a year and a half to build and tune it to run flawlessly
  15. Here is how it looks now that I added an extra 240 rad for the cpu and the 4th titan for a 4way sli setup and here is how it looks with the lexan window with a hole cut for my 120mm delta 4000 rpm 150cfm pwm fan controlled by speed fan linked to the gpu in the first slot as well as the Southbridge temps (got some light scratches from wiping off finger prints gonna try headlight restore)