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  1. Maybe... I just want my device back and I cant risk bringing it to some other repair shop since a 5 year warranty is great if they actually stand to it. I'm glad to hear you didn't get the same treatment as me
  2. Sorry in advance as this is my first post and I've only been a lurker on this forum for some time. I also have no idea if this is the right section so again I'm sorry. Basically my post is about Samsung support or lack of it I could say. I purchased a Galaxy Note 8 when it was reasonably new due to being highly recommended by many people including Linus himself. I've always taken great care of my device and recently I had a problem with my device regarding severe lag and speed performances greatly reduced. Stutters when unlocking device or switching apps or something as common as pressing the lock button just to check the time on the lock screen. Eventually the screen just stopped illuminating as the phone 'packed up' and the only thing I could access was download mode which does in fact illuminate the screen bright blue with a message which in a nutshell states its for installing firmware on to the device. So I decided to send my device off to Samsung since I am still under warranty (Ireland issues 5 year warranty to all electronics). To my dismay, they told me the device had a cracked screen due to shipping and multiple support staff also relayed this message. It wasn't till I got on to a 2nd manager that he told me it wasn't cracked in shipping and it was actually recorded on the system that it arrived in great condition however the engineers "discovered" that the device had been previously dropped (I never dropped it) and that they didn't even look any further after that and gave me a quote of €280 for a display which I know works. Now I've been battling them on this and they refuse and refuse and refuse. I'm finally caving in and I am going to pay this because its been over a month since I sent the device away. real reason to this post is to warn others of Samsung Support and how they are turning into the Android version of Apple with their god awful customer service. I was also thinking maybe this could spark up a video idea very like the 1 testing the customer support centres of PC Building Manufacturers. Maybe test the Mobile manufacturers customer service because I've been taken advantage of here. I had to contact OnePlus on a matter to my old OnePlus 3 device a couple of years ago and it was all sorted over the phone in 1 phone call so I can see who cares for their customers more in that regards. Am I the only person who has had bad experience with Samsung in this aspect because I'm stressed so much from this. I'm not going to attach the receipt in case I somehow mess up blocking important info so I'll just type it out. Total price for diagnosis, processing and delivery : EX. VAT - €35 Replacement - Lens/Display Assembly - €170.62 Replacement - Component - €17.25 Replacement - Sticker - €5.13 TOTAL PRICE INC. VAT - €280.44
  3. Looking at the specs of the zotac I would love to have it given that I don't have a proper pc of my own but trying to save up so the money I have saved up would finish it
  4. I love all the products but my personal favorite is the headphones. I've been watching all Linus' videos with small earbud headphones. Also since my keyboard and mouse are giving up very soon and I never even got a chance to try a mechanical keyboard so that would be class, and the fact that these giveaways add up more than my whole computer! So please pick me.