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  1. The best way to do this is by taking off the fabric and foam from the headband and replace it with a new one, probably from china or even Corsair themselves if they supply parts for them still. I do this with all my headphones, I even replace the ear cups when they become warn because they often add a lot more life to what would otherwise be a non-comfortable/functioning headset or pair of headphones. They can usually be gained for cheap too!
  2. No PSU restrictions, it is a standard ATX power supply that can be used. Dell are generally pretty good on the power supply end of things when it comes to standard connections around this era of workstations.
  3. You can buy adaptors that will enable you to convert one of the spare power connectors in your power supply in to a Molex connector. However, this does involve having spare connectors. I would recommend buying a new power supply in order to gain more connectors and therefore use the Dynamode USB-4PCI-3.0 properly.
  4. You need to plug in the Molex connector on the back of the card. 'Integral' means it is needed.
  5. Hiya, a hairdryer is perhaps last option. I can only suggest trying it with a live bootable Linux installer to see if you can get the GPU working. If not then it will be windows messing with you even after a DDU and I have seen this happen. A Windows re-install may be the best option if that is the case.
  6. If it was a power supply issue, you would likely not get a Blue Screen at all. It would most likely just turn off or brick up. Reinstall GPU drivers and anything else that might not work correctly, if not, have a look in event viewer after it has crashes and get back to us.
  7. I'm still happy with my ancient Microsoft wheel mouse optical.... Jk Jk, I'd have shot myself if I still had to use that thing. VvV
  8. Neither are you contributing anything useful for us to help you. It works both ways. I don't think anyone so far has figured out exactly what it is that you want, is it for a game? Is it for real-time machine learning? What is it. Don't make fun of the people who are trying to help you, you will get no decent contributions or helpful answers if you are not willing to help yourself by providing us with more useful information. Your last sentence also describes you, not us.
  9. Make your own then if you're not willing to take on the help that you've asked for.
  10. Honestly that sounds like a PSU problem. A PC, most of the time will only shut down without notice if there is not enough power going to a component. Hence the immediate shutdown. EDIT: When I say problem, I mean that you don't have enough power coming from your power supply.
  11. I feel like since the problems only appeared after changing his GPU then it will likely not be motherboard or PSU. If it was capacitors though, there would likely be no chance that the card works at all. I also feel that problems may be expected but this is not certain, otherwise he wouldn't have bought the card in the first place. No-one would ever be inclined to buy used items if problems are expected. As for OP: I'd agree with @Acid Panda and say try DDU with the drivers for your new card. Does your PC crash with a Blue screen or straight up turn off without notice? We need more information ideally
  12. I feel like you've missed the fact that generally speaking, without bad guys, there would be no need for guns. Therefore stuck in a never ending cycle which I find quite funny. All the same though, there is a large part of the gun and weapons market that is unregulated, polar opposite to movies so I can see your point for sure
  13. You make a very good point and I feel like my friends are all doing it stupidly. At the same time though, not many Uni goers can guarantee a job at the end I forgot to mention that I have headed into work roughly 2 or even 3 years ahead of all my other friends/folk of the same year as me whilst getting the desired work in the field that I need. I do at times feel quite separated from everyone in my year but I know that it's for my benefit. I'm happy with that.
  14. Honestly, I just meant that apprenticeships are best for getting into IT, other things are best for Uni. However, I'd also say that apprenticeships are probably better as you're earning and learning at the same time which a lot of my friends are not
  15. I work in the UK. I was a bar supervisor for a brewery and was on £10.50 an hour at the age of 18. However, I am also working as an apprentice IT technician earning less than £5 an hour currently, bear in mind that I am 19. After my apprenticeship has finished I shall be on more than double what I earn currently, more than what I earned at the brewery and I shall still be 19. You've just got to find good opportunities and I'd say apprenticeships are for sure the way to go. Forget Uni if you want to get into IT.
  16. Is this GCSE ICT or A-Level IT of sorts? I remember that the mark scheme is so very wrong and I'd have to go against what I know in order to get full marks. Just learn the mark scheme and you cannot fail.
  17. Hiya, This sounds like a great idea... Although I'm not entirely sure how I'd go about doing this... I've opened up FireBase but am not entirely sure where to begin if I'm honest Cheers, Brennan.
  18. Hiya, Thanks for the response. I have LED's attached to my Pi's separately so they are not on the Pi's themselves, I can send pictures of how they are set up if need be. As for network boot, I am not sure if it will work as I am using two different types of Pi Cheers, Brennan.
  19. Hiya, I'm currently in the process of getting a light system ready for use in a school that I work in. I have three Raspberry Pi's running Rasbian that have to do exactly the same job, except, for that fact that they will all be situated in very different areas of the school. I have the Python code currently working from the Pi's themselves however I am stuck on how to control the lighting from another computer in one go. The Pi's will be networked individually but ideally I'd like them to be controlled through simply running a script on another computer. I'd rather not have a web interface as this involves a whole set of other things that I'd have to put in place since we don't want the kids accessing the page. Sure, VNC works but it would mean that a member of the IT team such as me has to remote into each of the Pi's separately and run the desired scripts that I've made. It would be great if a non-IT member could change this hence why I ask. Is there a way I can run a single script (such as on a users desktop) to change the lights of the Pi's all at once? Sorry for the long winded question and back story. Cheers, Brennan.
  20. There's quite a lot that could be the issue based on how little info you give. Does it freeze when doing anything in particular or just at random? Also... I presume this has started happening since you installed new RAM, a GPU and SSD? EDIT: I'm sure you could also have posted this into the troubleshooting area of the forum btw rather than in general discussion... https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/46-troubleshooting/
  21. Honestly, a good point to make is the fact that WhatsApp is more formal and does not require Facebook, just a phone number. It makes for a great messaging platform in a work environment due to this. I use WhatsApp without Facebook and I intend to keep it that way lmao. EDIT: I completely forgot to add the fact that security is a great thing in WhatsApp too, you can export the whole conversation (If needed) into a .txt.
  22. I feel like there is something that a lot of people are wildly missing off for some reason... and that would be the specs to run something smoothly... which of course is down to the OS desired specifications. Sure, a quad core Intel Pentium and 2GB of RAM may struggle to run Windows 10 effectively but it would still work... whilst if Lubuntu or Slax Linux (for example) was installed on that same machine then it would run much better, not to mention that if the Windows machine had more RAM or a better CPU then it would also run better as well but... I'm coming onto my point now... It is not just down to the hardware, it is down to how much better the hardware spec is compared to the operating system required/recommended specs. (Of course an SSD is just simply helping this to be achieved due to faster load and read/write times but I'm assuming for each of these cases, an SSD would be in use anyway to make the best of the situation, I haven't used a computer without an SSD in years). PS: Not a dig at Windows users, neither am I trying to promote Linux, just trying to make a point
  23. Strictly speaking a VPN would mask your IP address but I don't think it can do what you want sadly....
  24. What are you actually asking for though? Results from a certain rig/part or?...
  25. I'm not a mod but this is probably where this kind of post belongs: