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  1. compufreek

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    This projector looks amazing, first time I'm actually impressed by the projector . Good job to the LG and big thumbs up on the "short" to LMG!
  2. compufreek

    Tesoro Excalibur v2 & Sagitta Spectrum Giveaway

    I don't like flashy or shiny PC components, i even disconnect my HHD and power leds on all my PC's, but this keyboard is visually stunning not intrusive flashy at all and so would love to get one ! Game on !!
  3. compufreek

    ZM-T2 Plus Mini Tower + H60i

    Thank you !
  4. Hello! I would just like to ask, if the above mentioned case is able to mount a single closed loop radiator H60i on top or side panels ? Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. compufreek

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    I just want it !!! nuff said
  6. compufreek

    Dumbest Tech Questions/Quotes You've Ever Heard

    The best one for me was in year 1999 when my friends mother asked me how much color does the monitor uses and how often does it need to be refilled
  7. My 970 would be greatly missed :_(, it still has 3 years warranty tho
  8. compufreek

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    I just love the Feenix Aria Headset, the pinewood look and size makes me feel all worm inside