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    Ryzen R5 1600 @3.9GHz
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    Asus Prime X370 Pro
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    Ballistix 3000 2x8 gb
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    XFX RX 580 GTS XXX 8GB @1425/2025
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    NZXT s340
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    Samsung 850 evo 250gb + 500gb HDD
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    Thermaltake berlin
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    AOC 144Hz FreeSync
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    Noctua NH-U12S
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    Corsair k70 RGB (Red switch)
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    Logitech g502 Proteus spectrum
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. I think it's a viable option only if you don't own a windows license. It doesn't offer better performance, it doesn't support all the games/peripherals that windows does and having problems with some anticheat is game braking in multiplayer only games. I don't mean it can't be better than windows but at the current time it isn't unless all the games you play work well there and you don't wanna spend 15€ for windows
  2. Yeah 4GHz on first gen ryzen is rare in my experience. My cpu can't stand 4GHz even at 1.4v but Is 100% stable at 3.9Ghz 1.325v.
  3. My XFX RX 580 runs at 80°C, with your ambient temps I think it's normal. Just crank the fan speed up and leave the case open while gaming if you are not comfortable. You can also try using Radeon chill (you can enable it in radeon settings)
  4. I think the card is OK, with the game bundle (if you actually want those games) it could also be a better choice than an RTX2080. What I really didn't like was that some of the press didn't understand what this product is, an Instinct card rebranded for gaming. This is totally fine but you need to know it to undersand the product. It explains both VRAM capacity and performance results, otherwise it just seems a weird product. As for the not perfect launch i guess it's not a problem since the GPU was already developed and any sell is almost free money for AMD. A great review (as always) IMO is from gamers nexus.
  5. @ChewToy!Bulldozer is like the finest wine, it becomes better with age. Honestly I'm done with this thread, he can't get the point and just keeps saying "I have good performance because I have good performance". Probably he just wanted the entire PC comunity to say that the processor is good because he has one. If you wanna have a discussion you need to be openminded and try to explain your idea as well as possible. If all you want to say is that you are happy with your performance is great but you can't say is useless to have more than 60fps avg on a 60Hz monitor or that that CPU is underrated for 4k. It won't be a slide show but it's not great, that's the rating and that's what you are getting. Have a nice day
  6. He stated that he got the 1080ti for free and it's great for him but for shure it's not a great pair.
  7. This is a benchmark run I made with the system in my signature at 4K. You are getting less than RX580 performance out of a 1080ti. You don't need to upgrade if it's good enough for you but that's not great performance.
  8. I have a bunch of HDDs from old laptops I want to sell, can anyone suggest me a good free software to clean the drives before i sell them? (for cleaning I don't mean just format them, I want it to write over the data and make the old data impossible to recover) (An old thread suggested DBAN)
  9. As other suggested the big limiting factors are (at this time) RAM bandwidth, die size and thermals. If you could make a really big die that also packs like HBM and be able to deliver all the power needed while keeping temps in check you could get integrated graphics faster then dedicated cards as it would be physically closer to the CPU. That's not an easy task, is much easier to pack all the power delivery and memory on a dedicated surface and connect it to the CPU with a high bandwidth connection, therefore you get a GPU as we all know (but maybe it won't be necessary in the future). That's at least my understanding, integrated graphics are just low power GPUs that share space and memory with the CPU.
  10. Coil wine "isn't a problem" if you have it it won't influence perfomance. Drivers might introduce lag but in several games with different driver revisions seems strange. Benchmark scores are more than ok. Be shure to DDU both AMD and NVIDIA drivers. If you are running multiple monitors try disconnect the others. You could also try different ports. EDIT: Maybe it really is a CPU bottleneck if you are getting same fps with different graphics settings and benchmarks run well.
  11. If you are not in a hurry I would suggest to wait for Ryzen 3000 and the non-RTX 2060. If you want to buy now I'd get the 9700k (two real cores over hyperthreading all the way) and get 2x16 if you want 32gb but I'd rather get 2x8 and spend more money on other components (if you will only gaming).
  12. If drivers and clockspeeds are fine then it sounds like a CPU bottleneck to me but I have no experience with the games you play. Reset all radeon settings and GPU clocks to defualt and monitor cpu core load and gpu load when gaming. You can also run unigine superposition and tell me the settings you were using and we can see if we get a similar core (I have a similar GPU)
  13. Try maybe a clean install of Radeon Settings if you didn't already (i suggest to use DDU)
  14. I would suggest to stick to BIOS overclocking if it's working or to do a clean install of Ryzen master. You could also try to reset all BIOS settings to factory and then oc again if you were stable at the same voltage and frequency. Did you do anything between when it was working and when it started crashing?
  15. That makes sense, I might have just missed the info but you are now at 1.3 and what frequency?