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    8GB G.Skill DDR4 2400MHz
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    NVidia 1050 ti
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    240GB SSD/1TB HDD
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    RGB Custom
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    Windows 10

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  1. vascobrissos14

    DEAD Card?

    Your word isn't enough proof (my opinion). Talk to him and ask him to lend you the card so you can test it on your system, the original one. If you don't care about the guy and live far away, trust your word and let him fix what he broke
  2. vascobrissos14


    https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/ethernet-doesnt-have-a-valid-ip-configuration-on-windows-solved/ I would try to uninstall the ethernet drivers and reinstall them. If that doesn't work, maybe something on your local network (the physical things like cables or switches) are damaged or mal functioning
  3. vascobrissos14

    Uses for old netbook

    Alright thanks man
  4. vascobrissos14


    Have you tried connecting to your network with WIFI?
  5. vascobrissos14

    Uses for old netbook

    Yea I thought about that. What Linux Distro do you recommend? I like Ubuntu but isn't it a bit heavy for this PC?
  6. vascobrissos14

    Uses for old netbook

    https://www.howtogeek.com/217659/how-to-get-a-chrome-os-like-operating-system-on-any-pc/ Should I go with that?
  7. vascobrissos14

    Uses for old netbook

    Last time I touched it, I installed W10 and it ran it when I turned it on now.
  8. vascobrissos14

    Uses for old netbook

    It's been collecting dust for a few years. I remembered I have it though and now I want to know if it's worth messing with it or just leave it collecting dust.
  9. vascobrissos14

    DEAD Card?

    Do you have proof that the Card was working before the sale? Where did you sell it? Online market? In person?
  10. vascobrissos14


    Can you send screenshots of the Network window on Windows? Ex:
  11. vascobrissos14


    Is your PC the only machine having problems with accessing the internet? Do all your other devices work?
  12. vascobrissos14

    Uses for old netbook

    I have an old netbook with a Atom N270 and 2GB of RAM. Is there anything useful I can do with it? I thought about installing ChromeOS on it but is it worth the effort? Thanks
  13. vascobrissos14

    Pc part picker fake?

    I don't live in the US but I always try to buy from phisycal shops. Online might be a scam. If it's phisycal, you know where to go if there's any problem.
  14. vascobrissos14

    How can I see if my laptop supports Optane?

    Ok, I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  15. vascobrissos14

    How can I see if my laptop supports Optane?

    Can I use like 20GB of my main SSD to accelarate the HDD? I've never tried this but I'm willing to spare 20GB of space to have better load times on my HDD. I have a lot of free space so I don't mind doing it. Does PrimoCache allow the main SSD (where Windows is installed) to be used as cache (small partition) for the HDD? Thanks