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  1. No specific class. I have to do something related to all classes. From software (networking, programming (mostly)) to hardware.
  2. I'm currently on my course's last year and I need to make a project to present about what I've learnt (and more). I'm at the point where I need to gather ideas and start preparing the project. I want to make a Project Planner. It'll have a Website, a DB and an API (for now). I'm thinking of running the whole project on a Raspberry Pi 4. For the Website, I'm going with HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP, ETC. For the DB, probably MySQL. For the API, probably NodeJS. Thinking about running the DB on an external HDD using USB 3.0. My questions are: Are all of the languages above compatible with each other? Is the Raspberry Pi 4 powerful enough to run all of those together at the same time? If yes, which RAM version should I get? 2 or 4GB? Thanks
  3. Actually, 1 8pin and 1 6pin. Going with this one. https://www.pcdiga.com/fonte-de-alimentac-o-kolink-850w-core-series-80plus Buying it later today to test it. Thanks
  4. Have you tried doing the opposite process? Connect your phone to the wifi, then share the internet access to your PC using usb (usb docking).
  5. I got some free parts and I'm building a PC out of them to sell for some proffit. The CPU is a Phenom X4 955 GPU is a R9 390 8GB Asus Strix Now, my question is if any of the 2 PSU's I have are enough to run the PC. Leaving images of their power specs. Thanks EDIT: I know these PSU's are not from the best brands, but I only want to know if they'll run the PC.
  6. I got an old but still decent PC for free. It's featuring: ASUS M4A77TD PRO AMD Phenom II X4 955 4GB Ram Corsair XMS 3 CL9 120GB SSD 1TB HDD ASUS U3S6 (USB 3.0 and Sata 3 card) A cheap 650w PSU A Cooler Master cooler (small but seems to do a good job) DVD reader A cheap case Now. I don't know what to do it this. It seems to be working perfectly. Ran cinebench R20 and got 689 points while never passing 55-60ºC. I firstly thought of making it a FreeNas NAS since it has 6 Sata + 2 Sata (expansion card). That idea quickly faded since I alredy have an odroid running OMV and that is more than enough for me. I then thought about selling it. What do you think I should do? Sell the PC whole? Or part by part? If any of the 2 above, how much should I ask for? Thanks
  7. I have a Benq monitor that isn't turning on. When I plug the power in, nothing happens. When I try to turn it on, nothing happens. From what I know, it was working fine. Is it a dead PSU? If it is, what do you recommend I do? Try to fix the PSU? Thanks
  8. Problem fixed. Problems with GPU drivers. The GPU is probably semi-dead. Thanks
  9. Right. Forgot to mention I cleaned every dust inside and repasted. Yea the fan seems to be at full speed. Thanks
  10. If you have a dedicated GPU, you can't plug external monitors to the onboard outputs. Plug your monitor to the GPU. Check if the GPU is well seated in the motherboard slot. Check if the BIOS has any option to enable/disable PCIe slots or GPU or something related to PCIe.
  11. My grandpa upgraded his ASUS U30JC to a new laptop and gave me the old one he used. He upgraded because there were times where the laptop just went crazy and couldn't be used to work for a whole day. But the next day, everything worked relatively well. The laptop had Windows 7 and I installed Windows 10. Everything went well and the laptop was actually running pretty good. When installing programs and such, I felt the heat coming out and checked the temps with HWMonitor and with the CPU at 100%, it was hitting 90º or more (celsius) and still maintaining clocks above the base clock. After I installed the GPU Drivers, I tried to open GeForce experience and it had artifacts all over the place. I could hardly read what was written. I just kinda ignored it and tried to use ThrottleStop and XTU to undervolt the CPU. All without luck since "The platform isn't supported". After all of this, I installed Epic and Origin and when launching Epic, I got all the artifacts I got before and after a bit, the PC froze and blue screened. I then tried rebooting but it didn't even log into windows. Just crashed at the beginning. I went to sleep thinking it was just hot and in the morning, it would be good to use. Nope. Same problems. I tried to Safe Boot it and it kinda worked and I uninstalled a part of the Drivers but the problems were still there. I didn't touch it anymore since I had to go to work. Now that I'm on my break, I remembered to search "This laptops overheating issue" and found this. https://vinafix.com/threads/asus-u30jc-fix-cpu-overheating.3318/ What do you all think I should do? Is this an overheating problem? Driver compatibility problem? OS compatibility? I really want to fix the laptop and put it to use. PS: The laptop currently has the most recent BIOS (217) Thanks
  12. My HP laptop broke yesterday. After the battery died, I plugged it with the original charger and when I tried to turn the laptop on, it did nothing. After letting it charge a bit, I tried to turn it on again and still nothing but now there's a light blinking on the keyboard (CAPS LOCK). From what I read online, 5 long blinks and 3 short ones after mean that the motherboard is the problem but I'm not 100% sure. After pressing the power button, the CAPS LOCK blinks do their thing and the PC power light stays ON and the PC warms up after awhile. I alredy opened it and reset the BIOS, unplugged and plugged the cables, cleaned the dust, removed the HDD and plugged back in. I believe the laptop is dead but hey... I might be wrong and someone here might know the solution to fix it. Laptop model is: HP 15-bs007np Thanks
  13. Fixed. Had to install Vista and run the BiosUpdater.exe on Vista.
  14. I also tried that method but it says "Error. No admin privileges Code: 1725" when I execute the exe with admin rights. So I can't update the BIOS from Windows