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  1. my mom told me to play outside, n this is another thing will fill my bag while on the go LAN party
  2. white kova, sure it will match my clean setup in my room
  3. how about JBL synchros s500? in indonesia i get it around 100$ US
  4. for eadbud peronally i voted sbh80 from sony, water resist lol for headphone? i still dont know, btw how much would u spend?
  5. definetly i will hook it with my dormitory tv lol
  6. personally i ll go every 2 gen or till the guarantee is over or depend on the wallet and the promotion from local store haha
  7. personally for the price perform, i would say no to jump on new generation, mine using same 2600 non - k, still more than enough pair it with reff 290x from powercolor, 16gb boot it with 850 pro and placed all on the asrock z77 ext6 and do little auto oc until 4,2 with its features non-k oc
  8. i really like the nascita mouse and the dimora mousepad, it sure will replace may old goliathus speed that already ripped, and the old lachesis that already double clicked