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  1. YES WOW PLEASE. I had a 480p projector mounted to a ghetto mirror setup at home and even set at maximum distances and completely taking over the room the picture was always lacking, and then a person would walk in front of it casting massive shadows and ruining what good I could make of it This is a real short-throw projector, it conquers my old setup, it would be glorious to own one.
  2. yafai

    Home built wifi router.

    For a router, I woud use RouterOS - you can get a slightly limited license for free and a full license is real cheap shuld you wish to upgrade. Supports SMB shares for local and external discs. Very customisable router - bit of a learning curve but plenty of support from the forums.
  3. yafai

    Network layout showoff

    My home: Solid = Wired Dashed = Wireless Lounge Gramofon hooked up to home theatre. Kitchen Gramofon hooked up to Logitech 2.0 PC speakers. Use both for multiroom Spotify Will soon purchase a third Gramofon to extend the Spotify to the study/dining room - I've only recently got an amplifier for the bookcase speakers in there (currently hooked up to the iMac). Each Gramofon is an access point and extends Mikrotik's SSID for my devices - also hosts the fon hotspot for guest access - auto allows my Facebook friend to access.
  4. yafai

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    I want in! The headset is the most appealing - I can use it for more than just my PC, but Xbox One game streaming too!