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  • CPU
    i5 6500
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z170A Gaming M3
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2133MHz
  • GPU
    Galax GeForce GTX 1070 EXOC
  • Case
    Corsair Spec-Alpha
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    128 GB SSD, 2TB HDD
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    Aerocool KCAS 650W
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    LG 29UM57-P
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    Stock Cooler
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    Ttesport PoseidonZ
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Hello. I recently got an Asus Zephyrus M and it came with 16gb 2666mhz soldered and 1 empty ram slot. I am looking to purchase an 8gb stick with the same voltage and latency at the preinstalled module. Will this config run in dual channel or only single channel? Thanks
  2. Hello. I currently have a laptop with 16gb DDR4 2666 in single channel with 1 extra empty slot and I am looking to buy a second stick to make it dual channel. Is there anything specific that I need to look for in the new RAM stick or can I just go with any laptop DDR4 stick? Thanks.
  3. Hello. I am looking for a new laptop for university that I can also use to play game on (GTAV, Watch Dogs) at decent FPS. Preferably thin and light. Currently looking at Razer Blade 15 Base Model and Asus Zephyrus S but other options are welcome. Thanks.
  4. after doing research and looking at headsets that suits my needs, i decided to go for the kraken chroma. but before i make my purchase i want to know from the people who own and use it how was the experience? does the headphone sound good? is the mic good? and how is the user experience of synapse? i do not want any headset recommendation as they are either not available in my country or too expensive or doesnt suit my needs.
  5. i have a msi z170a gaming m3 motherboard and is choosing to buy a headset (hyperx cloud) which uses 2 audio ports for mic and headphone. when looking as the back of the motherboard i saw 5 audio ports. how do i know which port is for which or should i just plug the headset into the front of my case?
  6. If i use it for casual gaming and for listening to music do i need the surround sound?
  7. I heard that 2 uses USB and its not as good as 1. Is that true?
  8. Is the cloud 2 worth the extre cost over the cloud 1? Whats the difference between the 2?
  9. What does headphone and microphone sensitivity mean and is higher the number better or worse?
  10. If i connect a headset that has a separate audio and microphone jack connected to an adapter to a pc that utilizes a single headphone jack will the microphone work? example: steelseries siberia 200 connected to the included adapter to a PC, will the mic work?
  11. All i need is one that is just as good as the Apple EarPods. Im not a hardcore gamer, and since i am used to the sound quality from the EarPods my expectations are very low on sound quality. And since i am spending my own money, i want to keep the cost down to a minimum ($80 max)
  12. I wanted to buy a new gaming headset to replace my Apple EarPods that i am currently using. I wanted one with a quick mute button on the mic (when skyping/gaming) and also retractable/detachable mic. I used my friend's Razer Kraken and it has both of what i need, but any other suggestions that are maybe cheaper? RGB is not necessary
  13. I heard Intel is going from their Tick Tock cycle to a 3 way cycle. What does that mean?
  14. I am using GeForce Experience Beta build version and I cannot find the setting to turn on the FPS Count for games. Is it on by default?
  15. When I attach a graphics card to the motherboard, the card need to be screwed into the side panel of the case in order for the card to stay in place. Does this screw come with the motherboard, case, or GPU? Or any random screw will work? In case you want to know graphics card is Galax GTX 1070 EXOC.