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  1. No, even if i connect the ssd only in my system there is a problem. And it takes long time to boot windows sometimes.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm experiencing a weird pc behavior and I think the culprit is my psu. Below is my pc spec; Amd fx 8350 stock clock Asus m5a97 v2 Sapphire radeon r9 290 tri-x stock clock Xigmatek tauro 700w 3x sata 3 hdd 1x Kingston 128gb ssd Cm seidon 120m lc 4 case fan Cm storm scout 2 Regular usb mouse and keyboard The motherboard and the ssd was recently bought. So after i bought both of these part, i connected everything and some of my hard drive was not available in the windows. So i interchange the power connector between those drives to troubleshoot if there is any broken connector and the result was not consistent. Sometime the same connector was ok and sometime was bad whether anywhere i connected it. My psu was about 3-4 yo. Please help me cuz i dont want to end up buying wrong part when the other part is broken. TY in advance.
  3. Hey Linus, I like the Kuhler 1250 because from my research, this cooler is the best in its class with a great build quality, can't afford it because I'm in collage right now so all the money is spend to my education, I'll be the luckiest person if I win the cooler. Thank you and have a good day.
  4. OIC, thanks for the info...
  5. The laptop specs is: Core i7 4700mq 2.4ghz Nvidia GT755m 2gb GDDR5 4gb 1600mhz RAM 1tb 5400 rpm HDD 14inch 1366x768p display DVD & CD writer combo swapable by Ultrabay
  6. Hello guys, I own a Lenovo Ideapad Y410p which have a Nvidia GT755m 2gb GDDR5. But when I play NFS Most Wanted 2012 by using the laptop battery, it does not uses the nvidia card instead uses the Intel HD4600 graphics so the game is lagging. When I connect the laptop to the charger, it automatically uses the nvidia card. My question is,how to enable the nvidia card to play the game while just using the battery?? Thank you guys. Gamers rocks!!
  7. I love the Xperia Z2 because of the Omnibalance design which gives the premium looks and the camera. About the dbrand, i love the color and the texture of the custom skin, nice work :-)
  8. thank you for all of your support, actually, the card is DOA, so sapphire replaced it with a new one
  9. both is DVI-D type, so it does not support VGA monitor right??
  10. nope, dont have onboard graphic.. :-(
  11. same happen to me, but mine didnt show any signal at all.. :-(
  12. the card have 2 dvi-d port i think, if i'm using a dvi to vga adapter it will not work right???
  13. yes, all the fan is spinning properly, are there any way to know if the card is damaged?
  14. yes, all the power cable is connected, i'm using a 700w xigmaek tauro psu.
  15. yes, but it the monitor does not detect any signal from the card, is there any hardware problem or any incompatibility issue?
  16. Hello everybody, I'd just bought a sapphire r9 290 tri-x, after i'd unboxed it, i cant connect to my dvi monitor, i also cannot connect it using hdmi head cable to dvi head plugged to the card.. please help me somebody :-(
  17. Go for AMD, as you can see in Logan from teksyndicate video, 8350 wins when you do heavy workload. More core is needed in future gaming. And from his benchmark result, Intel cpu is 10fps (as example because I dont remember the exact fps) higher when 1080p gaming, then, 2-3 fps higher in 1440p gaming... :D
  18. 8320 is ok, 8350 is just OCed from 8320. Get the 8350 because future game will need more core, as you can see in ps4 and xbox one, which is using AMD's 8-core Jaguar. It shows that future game need more core.
  19. I agree with you. The way AMD's core work is not like the way a lot of benchmark works. That's why the result is lower than the Intel's processor. I think 8350 is probably like a 'hidden monster' :P.
  20. I agree with you, the Piledriver architecture is design to perform well in super heavy multi-tasking. IMO, why would you buy more expensive processor while the 8350 is faster.
  21. Hi everybody, i want to know, what is the function of disk deffragment in windows? Many people say that it can make the HDD or SSD to corrupt faster, is it true? Thanks man :D
  22. pick the x3 one, for the cooler, just get any secondhand amd fx cooler, it has 4 heatpipes. phenom does can run bf3 and bf4 maybe lag a bit.. good luck, you are very kind to your friend :D
  23. There is no review for this model because it is not available in america or other european contry, sonic gear is made in singapore.. I think I will go for it and after I'd hear it, I'm satisfied with the sound quality. Thank you for all these help.. :D