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    Intel I5 2500k
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    Asus p8z68-V
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    8GB DDR3 ripjaws 1600
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB
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    Silverstone raven RV02-E
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    120GB SSD, 1TB samsung spinpoint, 2TB seagate
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    Silverstone 850W silver
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    Razer deathadder v2
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    Windows 7 64 bit

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  1. Hi guys currently running a G.skill flare X 2x8gb kit at 3200mhz (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/38946/g-skill-flare-16gb-2x8gb-3200mhz-cl14-ddr4) Discontinued as you can see, on a ryzen 3700x and its been pretty much fine since i had it when i had my first 1600x processors (then some teething issues when the 3000 came out had to wait for a couple of bios updates) but i wish to upgrade to 32GB and i have a couple of questions Is it usually easier to hit the 3200mhz mark with a 2 stick kit or would it not matter too much of i got a 4 stick kit? Don't think i can pick up another flare x kit because pretty sure i got the CL14 and the current ones are CL16 so not sure if mix and matching there is the best of ideas... Anyway i'd rather just use the DOCP and not mess with it manually either so thats another consideration. I was looking at this as a kit https://www.centrecom.com.au/gskill-trident-z-neo-32gb-2x-16gb-ddr4-3200mhz-desktop-ram or this one https://www.centrecom.com.au/gskill-trident-z-32gb-2x16gb-ddr4-3200mhz-gaming-memory But if anyone has any better suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. My two stores i usually buy from are centrecom and Pccasegear as linked above. Centrecom is local but pccasegear i gotta get delivered.
  2. Anyone suggested the Pimax Vision 8K X VR headset for review? I know they did the non X model at CES 2019 and i remember linus saying focusing on refresh rates before higher resolution but this was lets you toggle in between so would be cool to see a review on this one. https://store.pimaxvr.com/shop/product/pimax-vision-8k-x-384 Or there's the artisan model too. https://store.pimaxvr.com/shop/product/pimax-artisan-927
  3. AUD buddy aussie prices tend to be more. And that would include labor costs which i assume would be the 50-60 bucks part, the wifi usb adaptor i got her cost 30 and thats not with a 5ghz option attached to it either. Itll be her choice not mine. EDIT Yeah apples taking the mickey out of it. They wanted 209 bucks and 5 days, 100 for the labor and 109 for the card that certainly aint happening when an authorised store quoted under 100 bucks and 2 days lol.
  4. its a 2015 apparntly, a local authorised apple repairer and usually my 2nd favourite shop will take it for 2 days and get it done under 100 bucks, she obviously wont wait that long so i set an appointment at an official apple place to get a price on them because god forbid they can quote something they should already know and if its over that i wil tell her it aint worth it, she'll likely just have to use the adaptor.
  5. Well wifis dead, had to get an adaptor but will take it to apple care at some point. CNW004 or something was the code
  6. Well I'm running a Asus X470 prime pro and i can't complain but it doesnt come with wireless or bluetooth if you want that sort of thing inbuilt. Dunno how much it would cost where you live but it cost me around 220 AUD
  7. I would wait for AMD's next gen which is coming soon and you don't also have to get the newest of motherboards if you want to save some money on that front. Im running a 3700x on a x470 board and have had minimal issues. Had to wait for a bios update for destiny and OC ram but works like a charm now.
  8. I'm honestly hoping she just accidentally pressed a key combination and turned it into airplane mode or something... Isn't there a diagnostic function with macs that you can do while booting to check if hardwares working?
  9. Sigh hoping that won't be it because that would be worst case scenario and i dunno if i have any spare. Other suggestions before i go that route?
  10. Hi guys so my sisters macbook pro has suddenly stopped detecting wifi. I know pretty much next to nothing when it comes to MacOS issues but considering im that tech guy in the family im expected to know these things... Anyway she told me apparently the symbols no longer there and it's not finding any wifi at all. She's going to bring it over to my house later today and i was wondering what could be some solutions to fix this issue? Not quite sure of the model i think it could be the 2013 model? Any suggestions will be welcome.
  11. Ok i just upgraded to 10 with no issues so far. Apparently windows 10 removed 3 things. Microsoft security essentials (replaced by defender essentially) Intel(R) WiDi which i think is the wireless app that usually comes with like a dongle or laptop (wireless is still working ok) and the Intel(R) USB 3.0 Extensible host controller. I have no idea what this does and why win 10 removed this can someone tell me what it does and is it important?
  12. Uh actual important question, I'm pretty sure the SSD is MBR not GPT and im pretty sure its legacy BIOS. When performing the upgrade should i choose the legacy option or the UEFI option in the boot menu? Is it going to matter? The laptop in question is an old Dell Latitude E5250
  13. I assume you use that USB installation media thing? He just browses the net and its already got an ssd the laptop is perfect for him. Just hope firefox and things will remember his details because i dont remember them off by heart and i doubt he really cares... (which is something i keep saying to remember your damn passwords)
  14. OK so my step dads laptop finally needs an upgrade to 10 due to 7 losing its security updates. Normally if this was mine I'd do a clean boot and be done with it and just backup my stuff that i wanted. However he is a very... moody guy when it comes to things how he likes it so its gonna be annoying for him going to 10 to begin with. I still read that the upgrade path for free still works and im thinking of going that route. Just wanted some confirmation would most of the programs like firefox google earth (dunno why he bothers) etc still go along for the ride along with its settings? His bookmarks, auto logins etc? Will some files and folders on his desktop still be there after the upgrade or is this something that windows 10 will no longer show? To be on the safe side I plan on using Macrium reflect to make an image but i thought I'd ask some people who may have already done it.
  15. The drivers i download for my chipset on the motherboard manufacturer site. For some reason it's telling me it installs AMD radeon software like a GPU sort of the Adrenalin software but there is no extra program that comes up except in my control panel. If i uninstall that app that then try to update the chipset drivers from AMD's website instead i get those 2 errors i linked as a screenshot. However if i leave that software alone it goes through fine and im wracking my head as to bloody why it's doing this.