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  1. MajorFoley

    CD limits

    Thanks for the explanation, i think it was MP3 player supported but i just did it this way cos it seems safer, if it works it works i guess. Means longer burn times (only burning at 10x) but if it works, which at least it does in mine but i have USB then it should work on theirs. Either way even with MP3 i would still need to use at least 5 discs because of 2 very long tracks they want too which go for 47 minutes alone..
  2. MajorFoley

    CD limits

    Cannot believe i am asking this question, so parents friends wants his music put on CD's (apparently car doesnt have a USB plug) and i said i'd do it while they are down. So i got some 700MB discs with about 80 min length time and using imgburn. When i go to create the disc with files that get to about 76 minutes (close to 100% according to imgburn) but the files themselves are around 300mb, Imgburn says its about 807MB while burning! This normal?
  3. Hi guys so first post here, got the Vegas 15 pro on humble bundle and trying to compress like i did with virtual dub with some success. It compresses fine but seems to brighten up the video noticeably. So the settings I'm using in OBS are partial colour range, colour format NV12 and colour space 601 along with Nvenc encoder CQP15 . Screen shot provided shows the test video on the left with the X264 compressed on the side. Provided another sceenshot of my x264 settings. Any ideas? Can provide more screenshots of OBS settings itself if needed. Comparison X264 settings
  4. MajorFoley

    Switch pro controller not being detected by Windows

    Ok progress, i was able to get Windows to recognise it, i think my xbox 360 controller drivers were preventing it from installing for some reason... Anyway ran into other problems now, when i activate the steam options to use the controller when i check those windows controller settings in control panel all the buttons look like they are being pressed extremely fast, meaning i can't set up their binds in some games and programs. Any ideas there?
  5. MajorFoley

    Switch pro controller not being detected by Windows

    I'd still rather use a wire if possible though.
  6. MajorFoley

    Switch pro controller not being detected by Windows

    Motherboard doesn't have inbuilt bluetooth and i don't have a dongle, would i need a high version of the dongle or would any do? I know theres specific dongles like 8bitdo and Magic NS but i would personally rather wired. Cables definitely not messed up, went to try the same setup laptop found it immediately. Tried scanning for hardware changes in task manager didn't work either.
  7. Hey guys having a minor issue. From a lot of the posts i have seen the Nintendo switch pro controller is supposed to be mainly plug n play then use steam controller settings to set it up. however windows is not recognising it at all. Not getting the USB connection sound or anything. Any ideas? Using Windows 10 pro tried different USB ports
  8. Hey guys running into some real annoying stuttering issues, especially where i am up to in Last light, streaming and non streaming it and it's getting real frustrating. I've tried forcing V-sync in nvidia control panel, I've tried no V-sync (running a g-sync monitor anyway). I've tried compatibility mode for windows 7 I've disabled physx, SSAA and tessellation, AA is on x4 and quality is just on med-high. Specs are AMD Ryzen 1600x (not overclocked) Nvidia geforce GTX 1070 (latest drivers installed) G.skill 16gb 3200 Ram (O.C profile) Windows 10 pro. Games on a HDD that isn't full I've also tried using real time priority in the task manager but that makes the issue worse. If anyone has any other idea's i'd love to hear them. Would like to finish it on stream (The issue persists both on and off stream)
  9. O.P. Hope this isn't in the wrong forum section to post. So used to make some content on youtube, with FRAPS and virtual dub. Now that i have my new pc i'd like to get back into it except FRAPS isn't gonna cut it anymoremore and i would like to try to do more with my videos than using virtual dub which i used for compression. With these settings here and i'd like to use similar ones again https://i.imgur.com/rjmmRYD.png Been speaking on OBS discord and they recommend the settings basic indistinguishable or use advanced with NVENC and set CQP 15 for good 1080P 60FPS quality. And while it seems alright i wanted to ask some extra questions. Was messing around with color range and such and people say full color range would normally be better but i noticed partial actually looks a bit more than the game itself (dunno if thats my monitor playing tricks on me). I attached some screenshots here. https://i.imgur.com/Y6MUT0Z.png – full NV12 and 709 https://i.imgur.com/HrXKWXE.png – partial NV12 and 709 https://i.imgur.com/cAWdoIB.png – comparison Also tried using Davinci resolve 15 as it was free but apparently they don't let you use outside settings like the x264 one did. I do remember at one point vegas letting me when i tried at my friends but its an expensive piece of software! So when i saw this humble bundle i nearly leapt at the chance to get it but im worrying im being a bit hasty today with just 1 day before it ends, Vegas pro 15 (no longer sony by magix) on humble bundle for about 35 AUD with some other programs included here https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-even-more-software?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_2 And I'm wondering should i go for it? My main concern though too at the moment is also the colours i get in the screenshots i provided as partial looks more similar to the game on my screen than the full does.
  10. MajorFoley

    Davinci resolve render issues

    I think its the latest free one which is 15.2
  11. Hey guys so im recording files in OBS with NVENC with a CQP of 15. Recording comes out fine although i do have to remux it to mp4 using OBS inbuilt tool to get davinci resolve to read it. When i go to render with H.264 master preset, I set the frames to 60 as well as the resolution to 1080P but when it gets to about 48% the render fails and resolve just crashes immediately. No error message no nothing. Also tried the youtube preset and the render finished but the audio is bad, like real stuttery and laggy same in preview in resolve. To make sure it wasn't the file i opened it in a normal media player and it played fine Settings for both were MP4 format, H.264, resolution 1920x1080 HD, frame rate 60, quality automatic best. Any ideas?
  12. Won't have a choice, it's a trial, could always wait for a sale, too bad i missed the humble bundle they had on months ago apparently. Guess ill go ask OBS community and see what they think. Thanks for your replies man, still gotta figure out how im gonna copy games fonts for use as intros but we will see.
  13. OBS has an option to mux MKV into MP4 if i had to which does work, its more of a precautionary thing but considering recordings aren't gonna be more than an hour it shouldn't be that much of an issue. The problem is how to get OBS to go lossless when its only giving me pretty much 2 codec options. NVENC and X264... Sorry for the late really been busy. Also resolve unlike vegas doesn't seem to take my codec X264 settings (like with vegas profile you can tell it to use that codec) but with resolve i don't see such an option i think you need to use their presets.
  14. I think DXtory is now out of the question, it hasnt been updated and one of the games i do wish to record Doom 2016 will absolutely not run with DXtory, the moment it tried to hook in it crashes, kind of leaves me with OBS at the moment, gotta find a way to record lossless instead of straight to x264 on it. Funny though resolve wont take an MKV of x264 from it but it will take the file if i change the recording format to mp4. Go figure...
  15. Thanks man, just ran my first test with DXtory with lagirith codec with multi threading and RGB and man did the file size end up huge for a 12 minute video. 127GB, i noticed that it also by default will not keep the mic and game audio in one track and you have to extract it as they are 2 channels and VLC or WMP will not run 2 tracks at once. Guessing there's no one to have them just be one? I know it's better to have em separate but it's just a thing i'd like to know Well don't wanna start with Animated just yet. Maybe just image text fading in ya know. Im downloading Resolve now and gonna try to see how well this compresses with the X264 codec i installed. I think i used to use very fast at the time but gonna try medium first. I did notice with DXtory the recorded FPS liked to go between 56-60 fps which isn't too bad although when the game transitioned into cutscenes or whatever it would drop massively for a sec but its not a big deal. This was just on Age of mythology EE as a test. Saved the recording to my NVME drive but i think i may have to get a separate 500 or 1TB SSD if i wanna record with good speed. I got a 4TB HDD (WD Black) but even with its speeds at 160MB/s I was getting some pretty big dips for some reason and it definitely affected gameplay as i was playing. Does DXtory force your monitor if its a 144 to run at 60 while recording? EDIT: so tried putting the file in resolve the one i made with the SDD and nothing happens, i guess it may not be compatible with the codec... I'm gonna contact them EDIT 2: so tried some other codecs like UT video, i noticed if i want to use something like RGB i will get frame drops in the recording file, around 1-12 (so around 48-60fps) when i was using UT video RGB VCM and around 1-15 while using lagirith. When i tried UT video 4:4:4 709 it was a lot less, around 1-5 at times so about 55-60 fps. I noticed the drops don't really happen if its recording to the SSD instead of the HDD. So i dunno despite the benchmark maybe the HDD is having trouble keeping up with the write speed needed if i wanted to record with RGB? I mean it is a bit full. Recording with x264 directly wasn't the greatest idea either, pretty much less than 30fps all the time