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  1. Hey LTT, I'm in the need for some help and I think this is the place to get some. I currently am using the Galaxy S6 active. (which i love) However, the problem that I'm running into is that is seems to be running at 90% load almost all the time. I use 360 security that shows it running around 86%-91% when it's not being used at all. After investigating a little more it seems to be that the Google play service app is using 80% of my phones overall power all the time!!! What would you recommend I do? Is there a way to keep the app using less power?
  2. My current idea was to overlay an image of the campus and have the GPS coordinates with with it so when he goes within a certain area the app would update to show where he is on the map
  3. Hey LTT, I'll be honest I don't have extreme skill in programming only what I learned from taking the class my school offered. I'm trying to create an app that would allow staff at my high school, mostly the athletic trainer, to check into an app while on campus that would say where they would be. The way it would play out for the trainer is that he goes from sport team to team and it can be not to impossible to find him without walking all over the school. My question I have for you all is: How to I use location tracking for apps Also, how accurate is tracking (with in feet? miles?) If you can point me in the right direction that would help so much.
  4. The title says it all, but what do you all think is the best new android phone out? I'm thinking of switching to it and want to see the best of the best.
  5. Hey LTT, Is there any good free high end video editing software? Something that gives you the same tools and use ability as what you can find in adobe's suit? I wish had access to abobe's software but sadly I don't have the money to do so. What do you all use for your film work these days? Thanks
  6. I started to watch LTT too long ago to remember, but one of my favorite videos that I remember was off a water proof cell phone case. Linus went ham on that case and left in underwater way longer than it was suppose it. I really enjoyed it because that was the first review that I felt it could dirrectly help me being a person who drops there phone more than I hold it.
  7. well they use a version of C# i believe
  8. Hey everyone, I'm doing a school project for my computer class and I'm trying to use unity to make a game, however it can't be in C it needs to be in java. Does anyone know of any tutorials for unity that would help me make a 2d game? If you do thank you a ton.
  9. Hey, Does anyone know how to or has made a tic tac toe AI for java. I've been trying to make the code so that it will take in a 2D array (3x3) and respond to where the other x's and o's are on the board to find the best place. If you have done this before or know somewhere that shows/teaches how to do it that would be amazing. Thanks, Adam
  10. hey ltt, I have a laptop that that I use with an external 22" tv screen next to it over my one HDMI port. Is there a way to use more monitors and a full GPU (780 ti?). My computer has 3 USB 3 ports, 1 HDMI, and one internet port. Is there something that uses USB 3 to power a graphics card that could then be used to power more monitors?
  11. is there any mouse that is better, or things to look for in one
  12. Hey, So the problem I seem to have run into is that I've hurt my wrist from a number of things one being using my computer a ton for school as well as the sports a play as well as just being a guy and getting hurt a lot. The problem when I'm using my computer (laptop) is that when I have to use the Ctrl and the shirt keys for programming it hurts my wrist. So, is there any good mouse out there that would allow me to map both those buttons to a button on my mouse? Thanks
  13. hey, I'm wonder if there is a way in java to create a way that your code will save user inputs for next time it will fun. My example of this would be to create an account for something where the user inputs info then can log in with it. Do you know how to have it save to some sorta of date place that then the code could check to see if an account is real?
  14. like pultiplayer, where you create a server and then two computers connect i saw a tic tac toe game made this way