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    Asus B150M-A
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    8GB DDR4 Ballistix
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    Windforce Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060
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    NZXT S340
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    120GB Sandisk SSD, 500GB Toshiba HDD
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    Samsung S24E510C
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hi, I've been wondering for a while if it is possible to connect two Bluetooth devices to a headset. What I want to achieve is have my phone and PC connected to my headphones over Bluetooth at the same time. I've managed to be able to connect both at the same time by disabling 'media audio' in the Bluetooth settings of my phone, however this means that I can only listen to the phone noises like alarms on my phone and everything else on PC. I would like to have it so that I can listen to music off of my phone while playing a game on my PC all over Bluetooth. If anyone has any idea on how to achieve this I'd love to hear your suggestion.
  2. I purchased a strip of RGB led's and being the cheapskate I am, purchased the absolute cheapest set I could find and ended up buying one that needed to be plugged in through USB. I didn't want to have the cable poke through the back of my case and into a USB port (or use up a valuable USB port), so I decided to buy an adapter. Unfortunately I bought a molex to 5.5mm and I didn't have a controller. So I purchased a 5.5mm controller to connect to the RGB lights. So at this point it's Molex --> 5.5mm --> RGB controller --> RGB lights. The new RGB controller that I bought had a button on it to increase the brightness, so I mashed it until it went to the max brightness at which point the lights literally started smoking and the plastic began to shrank, so I quickly unplugged it, I tried time and time again to quickly reconnect it and lower the brightness but it never worked, so I bought a new controller that I can control over wifi and set the brightness to 1% and it's still bright enough that the LED's get uncomfortably warm. So how should I connect my LED strip to my PC without having to use a wall outlet, USB port or RGB header since that molex seems to fry it? This is the LED strip I purchased.
  3. I can hear the noise that indicates that a device has been plugged in is connected, I can't think of any explanation as to why one cable would work but another would, let alone 3 others.
  4. A: The monitor is definitely enabled, I can move my cursor onto it and other windows will go onto it. B: It should work at 144hz especially since it did with the other cable but I tried doing 60hz and even making my own custom resolution at 61hz just incase that the default resolutions weren't working. C: I can't change the input source for some reason because that the onscreen menu doesn't get displayed... which is very strange. I also found out that if I plug the new DVI cable into my motherboard the monitor doesn't get recognized at all.
  5. They look the same to me (Old on top)
  6. Alright, so I have a cheapo 144hz korean monitor that I bought just over a year ago and I decided that I wanted to do some nice cable management. I bought a gas-spring dual monitor arm and realised that I would have to buy a new DVI-D cable so that I am able to have my cable run through the cable area on the arm. So I purchased a new DVI-D cable and plugged it into my monitor and it didn't work... I was confused so I tried plugging in the old DVI-D cable and it worked. Thinking it might be the cable that is the issue I plugged it into another monitor but both the new and the old cable worked. So my monitor must be the issue right? Well why is that my old DVI-D cable works, but not the new one if both cables work on different monitors? The monitor stays and doesn't show that it has 'no signal'. The nvidia control panel also detects that the monitor is there. I'm really confused and have no idea what do. Edit: Not only did I buy one new cable but I thought that it was the cable that was the issue so I bought another... and another... so I have tried multiple new cables but only the original one works.
  7. I'm just not sure it's worth the risk, because if it falls short then I'm pretty badly out of luck.
  8. I'm wanting to upgrade my PC with a 980ti/1070 and a 6700k or similar CPU and found an auction ending in 8 hours with a 980ti for $416 AUD + shipping and another poster on gumtree (Australian craigslist) that is selling a 6700k with a z270 maximus hero for $580 which I could probably lower to $550. I'll probably upgrade my PC with an extra 16GB of ram and some more storage later on the line which would cost around $450 for a combined total of $1450. Now my issue is that I found this system: Intel Core i7 6700K (4.00GHz) Quad Core Intel Z170 Chipset Corsair 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Samsung 250GB 850 EVO SSD Seagate Desktop 3TB HDD Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 Ti G1 Gaming 6GB Fractal Design Define S Black Window Case with Corsair RM650x 650W PSU Corsair H115i Liquid CPU Cooler BitFenix Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic 30cm Blue LED Strip The problem I'm facing is do I purchase the 980ti in the auction or buy the whole system? If I miss out on the 980ti in the auction there's a chance that the whole system which is much better value could be have been sold already. I only have 8 hours to figure out what to do, so I thought I'd ask for some advice. Also the whole system is a 3 hour drive away, so that kinda sucks.
  9. You can buy a cheap wireless usb adapter for less than 10 bucks as a temporary solution, then later upgrade to ethernet/powerline adapter. If you need internet immediately on your PC you can always connect your phone to your pc and use wifi tethering.
  10. Seems like a nice website but there's some really stupid grammatical mistakes like spelling "Black and White" as "Blank and White" and spelling "Orange" as "Range" as well as the prices being stupidly cheap to the point where if it is legit, they would be losing money. I'd say just go and try some other websites or build your own pc.
  11. I was hoping to find a more elegant solution if possible.
  12. Does it make any noises? Also, make sure all your connections are secure, PSU, ram and mobo especially.
  13. I have a fairly wide desk at 90cm and I also have a boom arm that I want to be able to place on the back of my desk rather than the side of my desk. I was wondering if there is a boom arm extension that I can buy to make my current boom arm longer or a way I can mod my it to make it longer. Currently it is only ~70cm and it would need to be nearly double that length for it to easily reach over my desk and monitors. I have been told that I should attach my boom arm to my monitor stand, but unfortunately I have a gas spring monitor arm that is too thick and inconvenient, so I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
  14. I have a BM-700. I don't think I'm going to invest in any more sound equipment, I think I'll be fine with what I have thanks!