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  1. mapexlegend

    Blueray processor

    apu will be plenty powerful for 1080p
  2. mapexlegend

    Thoughts on 21:9 monitors

    Hey everyone, I've become interesting in the 21:9 aspect ratio monitors, I just want to know your thoughts about them and if you have one what your experience has been on it compared to a 16:9/16:10 monitor? Do you find gaming and media consumption better or worse? Any weird compatibility issues? Thanks Ethan
  3. mapexlegend

    Seidon 240m, H220, Custom, H110

    780 is nearly titan performance, a 7970 which is like two generations old now WILL not out perform it.
  4. mapexlegend

    Anti-Virus on android?

    Hi, I have a new HTC One and just wanna know so I need an anti-virus app like Avast?
  5. mapexlegend

    Pride and Shame all in one build. Warning...large pics.

    I think the radiator is sweet! gives it a real industrial look!!!! I think you should keep it, maybe polish it up then it would be awesome!
  6. mapexlegend

    Best Budget - Mid Raid Cards

    Snapshot sounds perfect for what I want, just wanted to know the difference :) Thanks everyone for all your help!
  7. mapexlegend

    Wireless AC vs. Powerline

    well then what would you recommend?
  8. mapexlegend

    Wireless AC vs. Powerline

    "nas" is network accessed storage, it will run over WIFI so i can access the content on all computers, gaming consoles as well as tv's, it may be hardwired to my main rig but there are plenty others devices that i will wish to access content on
  9. mapexlegend

    Wireless AC vs. Powerline

    I plan to add a nas onto it, so I wish to stream movies as well as store and access large files from it
  10. mapexlegend

    Wireless AC vs. Powerline

    Hi, I live in a 2 story house with my router being downstairs and my main rig being upstairs. My question is will powerline be faster/ better choice or would wireless ac be better?
  11. mapexlegend

    Is this a good match?

    whats the difference between the Xonar st/stx and the Xonar dg?
  12. mapexlegend

    Is this a good match?

    Will the audio interface work properly and without any trouble with games, itunes, vlc player, youtube? or will i have to go through and adjust alot of settings?
  13. mapexlegend

    Is this a good match?

    Had a quick look around, can anyone tell what these would be like in comparison to the essence with active studio monitors http://audiotrends.com.au/Cambridge_Audio_DacMagic_100_Black.html?action=viewProduct&itemId=1625 (With A5+ or Studio Monitors) http://audiotrends.com.au/Denon_DM_39_Black.html?action=viewProduct&itemId=1861 http://www.apollohifi.com.au/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=1206&category_id=46&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=80 (With A5+ or Studio Monitors)
  14. mapexlegend

    Is this a good match?

    Hey, My budget is around 500-600 Australian all up, that includes dac/amp as well as speakers(if that's possible), It will be just used on the desk in my bedroom, I want to be able to use headphones as well as play through a set of good quality active speakers. What I'm asking is it worth paying extra to go from a Xonar Essence Stx to the Essence one? and are there any alternatives to an essence one for around the same price? I guess in essence i want a 2.0/2.1 active speaker system that runs through a high quality sound car or dac. I hope this helps and thanks for all your advice so far, its very helpful :)
  15. mapexlegend

    Is this a good match?

    Hi will the Asus Xonar essences stx and a set of 5" - 8" studio monitors sound good? or will using a essence one be better? or are there any alternatives? I want really good computer audio not just for gaming but for music and movies as well, however I'm unsure how to achieve this. I know onboard audio is very poor quality but whats the best way to get good audio without going into $10000 audiophile equipment?