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  1. Till the 29th. Keys are still available from the Nvidia site. DL it now at 14MB/s whoot! won't take long. B)
  2. This is most likely the issue. Usually happens when a server gets hit with a lot of DL requests. Just try it again later in the day.
  3. Damnit! That would suck. I started out with one bad LED, I turned off almost all of them with the onboard customization. Turned all of them back on recently just to see that more have failed. I'm a sad panda... As much as I want to keep giving Corsair my money, they need to step up their QC. I have had one Corsair Vengeance 2000 headset crack, one failed K90 keyboard with a failed LED light and messed up C key, and the only thing that kept me from jumping to another brand was their excellent customer service. They happily replaced them with the newer products since I was still in warranty. I hope they can get these LED's under control.
  4. While I would agree that SMS are more expensive show headphones like Beats, they do make good on ear headphones. Although Linus's review was not enthusiastic, the on ear style Streets have received positive feedback regarding sound and overall build quality from various sources. I have a pair, and they do sound rather good when playing music from my Zune players (yes Zune 120GB rocks). They even sound nice from an iPhone. Nice tight bass and decent highs and mid range. Hardly audiophile grade but not terrible either IMO. I found a good deal way below retail and gave them a chance. While I like my Audio Technica, Sony, and V-moda headphones, I still take my SMS cans when I am on the go just to switch it up. As for this announcement, I am interested to see where Intel and SMS take the partnership. The built in Bio sensor is cool. I don't wear extra monitoring gadgetry when working out, but if they were built in the earphones, something I take into the gym anyway, then I would be more inclined to use it. Can't wait for a LTT review!
  5. I don't buy a lot of Steam games on day one....but this will be mine. Insert take my money meme here----------
  6. Still waiting for these to come into stock. No rush but it would be nice to replace my K95...which just blew a few LED's a couple weeks back. If I recall correctly, these new RGB LED's are suppose to be better quality?
  7. To be the first to play? HA! I won't even consider playing till it hits $9.99 or less on Steam! I can wait....
  8. Server IP has changed in case anyone was connecting to the old server IP. net.connect
  9. No the 2ds screen is the same size as the original 3ds. The battery is decent given that there is no 3D to sip more battery. And no you can't connect this or any DS to your TV. OP, I picked up the 2DS recently because I wanted to play Mario 3D land and New Super Bros 2. I was pretty much hooked and have been picking up a few DS and 3DS games over the last few months. I picked up a 2DS because I thought I didn't want or care about 3D. Well, I ended up buying 2 3DS XL's shortly after testing them out at Target. The 3D is pretty cool and I keep it on all the time. The 2DS is still a good buy though. I really like the overall shape and stiffer build because there is no hinge. The screens are also pretty uniform since they are really just one screen split by the plastic frame. However I keep going back to the XL's because the bigger screens are nice and big. If you do pick up Pokemon x or y, I could use a few friends to trade with. I just picked up X and Y through the free Nintendo Club promotion this month. That and I wouldn't mind friends for Bravely Default as well.
  10. When I was a child, I was into Transformers. My cousins had a lot of them and I would play with them whenever I visited them. Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money, so my Transformers collection consisted of just a few Mini Bots. Back then, I never did get any of the most popular ones like Optimus Prime, Soundwave, or Grimlock. Everytime I went to Kmart (they were super popular back in the day) I would browse the toy selection and wished I could have them. Now jump into my adult years, I make a nice living and can afford to buy what I want. About ten years ago I got back into collecting Transformers toys and have bought almost all of the original G1 toys and still have them till this day. OP, as a youngin' I know what its like to want things you cannot afford. I am not going to throw stones at you cause I was no angel back in my teens either. Just keep in mind that while you may not be making a lot of money now, keep working hard at your website or whatever you decide to do with your career, and eventually you will make enough money to support all your gaming needs. As of now, there is really no need to play every single game that comes out, especially on release. With Steam sales, Green Man Gaming deals, Amazon, etc; you can put things on a wishlist and get them pretty cheap.
  11. nelodiavolo


    I play pretty much every day. My bro and I rent a server and have a good time with the regulars. We run mods and have a decent following for the Arena we built for team death matches. There are a lot of people playing, but many are spread out over a ton of servers. It can get repetitive, however there are a lot of modded servers out there and there is always something cool to check out.
  12. As a Systems Administrator, I find this post amusing,..I hope you don't plan on playing Dota within your school's network.
  13. I don't mind. I still need to finish the second one. Now if I could only get to it at some point. Rust is taking 100 percent of my time.
  14. Maybe check the Windows Logs>Applications to see if there is any errors being reported for SS. Launch SS, and then check the logs since it should be at the top of the list.
  15. To our server? I'm pretty sure its up and running. Let me verify if I can connect via the console. Edit: OK I just tried it and was able to get in via the command: net.connect Its possible the server was down for a bit. It happens from time to time. Let me know if you still can't access it.
  16. Awesome thanks for the interest! We have had people from all over the world come into our server and duel it out. You are more than welcome to stop by and stay a while. :lol:
  17. Hey fellow Rust players or people interested in getting the game, My brother and I have rented a Rust server and would like to have a few people check it out if anyone is interested. We are running Oxide with a few plugins installed. One of them being UberArena with a decent weapon loadout for gun shenanigans in a decently sized building. Winner gets Armor and or a Shotgun. Loser gets spawned randomly in the map and the winner will be deployed back where they were. But if you do happen to play, be sure to store any items in a storage box as you will lose those items on you once you join the match. Minimum of 2 players needed to start a deathmatch. Bring up the chat command and enter /jt 1 or /jt 2 to queue up for a match. Other than that we have instacraft and daily airdrops enabled. A kit starter to get a boost. Not many players at the moment so anyone looking to just build and be left alone with friends should be OK. Server name: [uS West Coast] HUGE JACKPOT STARTER KIT!!|PVP|Sleepers|Instacraft|Get Building Rust Squad!! To connect hit F1 in the game and paste in the console: net.connect Old IP net.connect Our Rust Squad group is open to anyone to join. We are pretty low key and just want to have a good time and have some laughs from time to time. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RustSquadServer If you do happen to stop by, please feel free to offer any feedback to make the experience better. Rust and its plugins are updated regularly so its a work in progress.
  18. Corsair support has been great to me. Their support is in the US and are quite competent. It should have shipped all together. It did when I ordered my sleeving kit and 24pin cables.
  19. Sorry for the late replies, I didn't see them until now. My idle CPU temps are about 28c, mobo 29c, and GPU 34c Load temps are about 39c CPU, 39c Mobo, and 59c GPU. If I recall correctly, during summer time I was hitting only a few degrees higher. I'm using the Thermal Radar 2 sofware and set the fan levels depending on how hot it gets in my room. Right now its pretty cold so I have the fans set medium to low and noise levels are decent. This case is not silent however. I can hear noise from my HDD every so often and of course the fans spinning when under load. I'm in awe of the performance of this card. It gets the job done and pretty much eats anything I throw at it. I only game at 1080p but I will eventually get into 1440p displays once they become more price competitive. Only then will I consider upgrading if This card can't keep up. Surprisingly its rather quiet when idle and I even find the load noise tolerable. I am however not a silent freak. :lol:
  20. I usually turn my PC's off at night just because (mostly so my cat doesn't turn it on). Although I do enjoy the low power sleep efficiency of Haswell. Either way it doesn't really matter to me since booting my OS with an SSD is pretty fast with Windows 8.1. Sleep instantly resumes. IMO, especially nowadays with very power efficient components, you could leave your PC on 24/7 for years and still be OK. Hell we have an old legacy windows NT box at work that still runs till this day! And its pretty much been on 24/7 since the 90s! :lol: Besides, even if I could wear out my hardware, I upgrade and or do a complete rebuild every 3-4 years. So I am not too concerned with such things.
  21. I think it would be cool. I pledged after learning about the game here on the LTT forum. My main focus will be exploring in my Origin 315p and meeting cool people along the way.
  22. White for sure! Red will just be too much IMO.
  23. Zune\Xbox Music. Pretty good since I still use Zune players.
  24. Growing up as a teen in the 90's Daz Dillinger along with Kurupt and Snoop Dogg defined hip hop for the West Coast. He might not be as mainstream today, but that doesn't mean he can't reject such a low offer for two of his biggest hits. As already mentioned, it is not Daz's job to say Rockstar can't use it. Its common business sense that they can't use it without permission. Daz rejected, Rockstar used it anyway, and now they have to pay. Most likely more than what it would have been if they just negotiated with Daz. Even if they could patch it out, the damage is already done. Although a lofty claim to have the game removed, its just a strategic ploy to get the largest payout possible. A dirty lowdown move? Maybe. But hey Daz was and still is a hustler from Cali-forn-ia.