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  1. wow its 2020 this is pretty cool

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Happy New Year.

  2. Everybody knows what he's doing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He's obviously holding on to his desk to stay put due to massive earthquakes. duhh
  3. I'm just curious: What kind of tournaments? Faceit lol? What is the average rank (mm, esea) of the players in your team if you have any? What positions are you looking for?
  4. If there is a prize you better pay it out to the winner haha. I can't remember which lan it was, but there was a pretty popular lan with some of the biggest teams, but there were a ton of issues; one being that they didn't pay the winners the prize money for a long time and therefor got a terrible rep.
  5. They are so much better than regular! I currently have the corsair k70 (mx blues) and it feels so nice. There are a lot of different types of switches for mechanical keyboards, so do your research before buying one.
  6. The s340 is a great case - I absolutely love its look I've heard it scratches easily but mine hasn't scratched yet. (had it for 6 months)
  7. A few minutes ago I spilled mountain dew on my desk and a small amount went onto my desktop. It has an nzxt s340 so theres a fan on top, and a small amount went in. Paranoid me opened up the pc and wiped off every surface that had 1 little drop, and it seemed pretty dry in there. Everything seems to be working now, but could there be something I'm missing/any long term effects?
  8. Because I have it and it runs amazingly with my 1070 on every game I've played
  9. i7 6700k, asus gtx 1070 strix, oh yeah I have a 250gb ssd. Maybe it's not so good at blocking noise...
  10. I can barely hear it and it is right next to me (no, I'm not deaf :D) Mine came with 2 case fans.
  11. I have an asus 1070 and it's amazingly fast. I'd say get the 1070.
  12. I actually just upgraded to an i7 6700k and a gtx 1070 and it blows pretty much every game out of the water. 10/10
  13. Haha yeah, I was just messing with one of the many obvious scammers I meet on a daily basis.