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    gaming , music
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    My name is Anton and iam Russian, : no i dont live in Siberia (i live in NYC US , iam from south part of Russia next to Black Sea there is no snow where iam from) , No i am not having vodka for breakfast (i rarely drink), No i dont have bear as my pet , No i cant play balalaika ... nice to meet you too :p
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    Sabertooth Mark 2
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    16g Corsair 2400
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    gtx 980ti Hybrid
  • Case
    Corsair AIr540
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    ACER xb270HU
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    ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus
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    win10 pro
  1. TBH , may be , but its hard to tell , what do you have installed
  2. 980ti is the way to go .... you will not regret iit
  3. i7 4790k I only can vouch for bf4 performance 1440 1 card 780 . Low settings = up to 100fps 2 cards 780 Low settings = stable 100 fps with occasional drops 1 card 780 . Utra settings = up to stable 60hz with occasional drops 2 cards 780 Ultra settings = stable 100 fps with occasional drops I has same questions before Now got 980 ti m and hitting 120 stable Ultra goof luck
  4. interesting will wait on asus rog UW
  5. http://www.amazon.com/SteelSeries-Wireless-Gaming-Headset-Surround/dp/B00G6IJ5NI http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-GAME-ONE-Gaming-Headset/dp/B00GWU8FTK
  6. tbh i had rog swift NT panel and had many issues with it , i returned it and got Acer with is same price but its ISP | ACER xb270HU
  7. ogh lol , eah earbuds 1, sound isolation is superb 2. comfort is the best 3. sound is top noch
  8. you very right , i got Sennheiser IE 80 and very happy even tho its stereo
  9. your best net is to see event logger in win , clear the log and when you have fps drops see on events whats happened , must be some error in some instance
  10. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ONLY MY EXPERIENCE AND MAY VARY Hello people , i recently got very interested in having best possible sound and surround in bf4 game . and starting to look in forums whats best headphones for it . This 3 headsets was very recommended for gaming and surround sound particularly .... ASUS STRIX 7.1 , > So 1st i went a got ASUS STRIX 7.1 , its USB headset with real surround 7.1 , top on the ASUS line, its has 5 drivers inside each cap . sound on those somewhat surround and issues is volume level , if i bump up volume in Bf4 , they starting to fart when explosion next to me , another thing about this , that are super huge and heavy , so after playing around 40 min my head and ears starting to heart . They has this external hub where you can adjust volume in for each speaker , but effect of the surround is minimal ... Iam very disappointed in this RETURNING Since i have SoundBluster usb external card with optical output , i wen and got SteelSerries Wireless H > ordered thos one , and i must say sound quality ist very very good in this ones , Mids , Highs , Lows , and they very comfy and sterdy , sound very clear . They have external Hub and anything can conect to it , optical , consol, TV , PC . But issue with them they that 7.1 surround , my sound card only can do 5.1 , and as i found out early optical cable only capble of 5.1 output , so ingame they sound great , but surround sound is not that great , and i not happy about it , as iam looking for surround ... Iam gona keep them for watching TV and they work great simply connecting to the back of TV optical So i still didnt found good surround headphones to play bf4 The only option was is razer tiamat 7.1 , is has 5 jacks , but this one needed a good sound card with 7.1 surround capabilities . Ordered ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus , top card on the market , has all possible options , its PCI plus need 6pin power connector to power it .... razer tiamat 7.1> So now iam very excited about i have 7,1 sound card and true 7.1 headphones .... This Razer overprices crappy products , Highs and Lows are somewhat good , but mid its absolutely horrible in this headphones , the drivers it self , they must be very low quality , the hertz range it very low , again if i crank up volume , when explosion next to me they farting really.. . I coudnt believe how bad this headphones sounds , iam not sure why , i played with all possible options with soundcard soft , and again i couldn't achieve more or less immersive sound in game , very disappointed in Razer company . I only had bad experience with them , 1st was Mice now this headphones .... My verdict is , that i couldn't find good headphones that gives me good surround sound for bf4 ... there is one more in marker ROCCAT® KAVE XTD ANALOG – PREMIUM 5.1 , but iam afraid it will be same Finaly i went and got Sennheiser IE 80 and this is the best earbugs i ever head , they sound simply amazing , very very good quility sound , ingame (stereo ) and music
  11. may be just get better fans , and possibly water cooling
  12. Thnx for many and quick replays , iam very happy with Accer 144hz 1440 ... i tried dual setup , but i found myself never use 2nd monitor and for gaming bazzles its sucky . thats why iam really looking at least 120hz 1440 ultrawide ... the only ones i could find is 1. Predator Z35 - its only 1080p , which is a shame for that kind a display , some people say , there is not much difference , but when you use to look at 1440 , jumping ti 1080p, you will see pixels , for real ... 2. ROG Swift PG348Q - this guy all i wanted but only 100hz ( , may be some say 100hz not much difference then 120hz , and again , when your eyes/brain use to 120 stable gaming (bf4 mainly ) you / I , will see difference , i tyed limiting bf3 fps to 100fps and i not happy with 100hz ...
  13. My question is simple : 1440 ultrawide 120 or 144hz ? is there any I currently have Acer xb270hu , and i cant and dont wona downgrade to 1080p , any suggestions ? money not a problem PC can handle