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  1. Shaip gave me the new Key as promised today so id like to thank him and clear him of any wrong doing thanx again for the trades guys
  2. yes he did and the exact games for the trade he even did a count down to post the keys at the same time i posted he did not then as soon as he got the key he banned me from his friends list and did a FAKE dc i wouldnt have bothered to put in a ticket if i didnt have proof xD
  3. yea and you can save and attach your instant messages from steam to your ticket also is what i did along with a scanned copy of the game box, disks, and cd-key
  4. why would i leave up a ticket if i recive the code i will take it down as soon as i get a key ill even apologize
  5. so yea two people he has ripped off :(
  6. i didnt even get the code at all
  7. Try to be nice and give some games away then when you actualy want to trade something people are still rude had tomb raider stolen from me put a ticket in to ban his steam account since i have the box and cd-key and can prove i bought it :( names Shiap so trade at your own risk.
  8. Have 1 more Bioshock infinite and 1 Tomb Raider "The New One" both for steam looking to trade for skyrim legendary edition or Borderlands 2
  9. Sorry i broke the 3 line rule code instructions wouldn't fit xD
  10. First person In the USA only because this key only works there can have it!!! if you get it post please. Blood Dragon - Ubishop Download Step 1: Go to ,http://uplay.ubi.com/en-US/download the Uplay software create an account in the Uplay software Step 2: Add Far Cry® Blood Dragon to the shopping cart Step 3: Click on "Click here to redeem link" Step 4: Enter the game code below and click apply Step 5: Click the checkout button and fill out the necessary fields. Step 6: Click on submit order then click on begin download Key - 6yrwrnoru
  11. thanx guys all keys gone with the exception of crysis had to call and have it added to an account :(
  12. Have 1 copy of Crysis 3 for Ea Origin and 1 Farcry 3 Blood Dragon redeem Uplay key left will trade both games for Borderlands 2
  13. Still have Crysis 3 and Farcry 3 Blood Dragon for trade want Borderlands 2 Bioshock infinite was claimed xD If you have other steam games to trade just PM me and ill tell you if ill trade for them xD
  14. Have A Bioshock infinite Steam key, A Crysis 3 EA Origin Key, and A Farcry 3 Blood dragon Uplay key. Looking to trade for any of these games Borderlands GOTY, Borderlands 2, BF3, Or Skyrim or maybe other games of equal value.
  15. Devilsiege

    Origin keys - Give away/trading

    Want to trade crysis 3 for bf3 pe.