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  1. Microsoft released their Cortana notification mirroring/phone management on PC with the Anniversary update. Not impressed, tbh. It does not seem to do anything that PushBullet does not already do, and better. Well, I guess some people might scream "UWP!" I really hope their blue light reduction feature that is rumoured to be in Redstone 2 will have something to offer over existing 3rd party solutions like F.lux. I would like to see it play better with dx8/9 games. Those don't allow F.lux in exclusive fullscreen, unfortunately. Newer games like GTA V allow it on both dx10, 10.1 and 11 in exclusive fullscreen. Wishful thinking though, can't see them going back to support older APIs when their direction seems very aggressively focused on "out with the old, in with the new, keep up if you can".
  2. Steel Series like to make cheap things. So does Glorious (albeit, focusing primarily on mousepads). Glorious mousepads have stitched edges. Steel Series do not. Glorious mousepads can be machine washed (gently). Steel Series do not say anything about washing. IMO you should go for Glorious. The stitched edges will make it more durable (less lifting of the edges) and easier to maintain. Just make sure you are not one of those people who get irritated by mousepads with stitched edges. If you do not like the tiny bump around the edges and prefer a flat edge, go for the Steel Series.
  3. I personally found my ATH-AD700 in an eBay auction for $60 AUD. I got the winning bid at $64 AUD. It was in the same city, so I picked it up one afternoon. The earpads were flat and made my head itch. I ordered some cheap ones from China and shaved my head. Great pair of headphones, especially considering the original price and the price I got it at. You could also try the Massdrop AKG headphones that go on drop fairly regularly. ~$200 USD + shipping to your country. It is Massdrop. Shipping times on par with most of those Chinese companies offering free shipping. ~1-2 months. Full black. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akg-k7xx-massdrop-first-edition-headphones?mode=guest_open Black with red accents. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-akg-k7xx-red-edition?mode=guest_open HiFiMAN HE-350. Supposedly an "entry level" open back headphones. Forgot what the dropped price was. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-hifiman-he-350?mode=guest_open
  4. Pay $600 + advertising campaign costs in an attempt to gain back lots of lost money from the recall and future revenue lost from the Samsung brand being trashed. Quite shallow, if I'm honest. I expected a big corporation like Samsung to be a bit more subtle in their business practices.
  5. Yeah, I'll help you with your "choises", if you educate me on what that is. Is that Finnish for "choices"? Any fan can be quiet if you turn them low enough, but you will be compromising performance. Any cooler can have its effectiveness increased by ramping up the fan speed, but at the cost of noise. Noctua fans (and in turn, their coolers overall), generally have the best performance/noise ratio. Noctua treat their customers better than other companies. When a new socket comes out, they offer free mounting hardware upon giving them your proof of purchase of your Noctua product and the motherboard with the relevant socket. All this VIP treatment comes at a cost. Noctua products are generally priced higher. Be Quiet is fine in terms of performance/noise ratio. A bit behind Noctua. Tends to lean slightly more towards low noise than performance. A bit cheaper too. Be Quiet has subpar mounting hardware. Phanteks has good mounting hardware. Noctua and Cryorig both have excellent mounting hardware. It almost becomes enjoyable to mount and remount a cooler. Another thing to remember. The pitch of the noise. Noctua have researched a lot. Every curve, every bump in their fans, has been designed so what little noise they do make, ends up sounding pleasant (generally a low pitch fan noise is considered less annoying than a high pitch one, and less audible even if at the same dBA). The low pitch sound is also constant, not choppy or "gratey". Coolers that outsource their fans tend to either sound high pitched (annoying) or "gratey" (choppy like, inconsistent). If you are the sort of person to play dress up with your computer and do not care about performance, Noctua is a bad choice because poop brown. Pick one of the other two. If you are this sort of person, I also recommend you pick your wife purely based on looks. I mean, who cares about anything else, right?
  6. http://www.anandtech.com/show/10610/intel-announces-7th-gen-kaby-lake-14nm-plus-six-notebook-skus-desktop-coming-in-january/4
  7. Microsoft tried to be Google, but pulled it off with less tact and everyone ended up hating it. Google is like the cool kid in class. He's not perfect, and he may have a shady record, but his charm keeps everyone liking him. Microsoft is the fat kid who tries to be the cool kid and ends up tripping over his own shoe laces.
  8. The only mice currently worth buying on the market. Logitech G Pro. Logitech G403 wired. Nixeus Revel. This one can be found for quite cheap every once in awhile on Massdrop. Last time it dropped to $32 USD excluding shipping. DM1 Pro S. Stop buying mice with garbage sensors. If you don't care about having the latest sensor, just keep using the office mouse that you currently have. Otherwise, save up for one of the above 4 options. All 4 of them have the 3366/0. The Rival 100 is ~120 grams. What a joke. Its an expensive paperweight at best.
  9. If Destiny 2 will be on the PC, it needs to receive the full PC treatment. Adjustable FOV (upper limit of 110 at least). Granular sensitivity control. Like Valve has done with Source, you can adjust sensitivity to 6 decimal places. Valid inputs for "sensitivity" cvar from 0.000000 to 1000.000000. Overengineered, but that's the point. Give the end user freedom. Unlocked frame rate. Nothing in the game logic dependent on frame rate. Let 144, 165 and 240Hz monitor users get the most out of them AND it should still allow the frame rate to be uncapped. Don't cap it at 300 or 500, completely unlocked. Again, overengineered, but that's the point. Dedicated servers in every region of the world. Look at GTA Online. I've never had an experience where player models were smooth. Every interaction with a player always involved minor choppiness at best, and cross map warping at worst. Proper raw mouse input. Not like the shit they pulled with Halo 1 PC and Halo 2 Vista where there was built in mouse acceleration that you couldn't turn off. Even if you tried turning off mouse acceleration via the Halo 1 console, it would revert after every game start AND it didn't fully turn off mouse acceleration.
  10. Go up to your boss. Shove both fists in his/her butt. Demand for a raise. Guaranteed to work! Employers hate me! Raise your income with this one simple trick! Or you could... you know... stay in school? Get a degree.
  11. 2GB VRAM in 2016. SMH. Which Polaris card is this targeting? Also, 1050Ti has more VRAM than 1060 3GB?
  12. https://notepad-plus-plus.org/news/notepad-7-released.html SICK!
  13. 125Hz... and they call it a "gaming" mouse.
  14. https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-electronics-accelerates-the-nvme-era-for-consumers-with-its-highest-performing-960-pro-and-evo-solid-state-drives I am personally a bit disappointed in the warranty. Would have liked to see something to succeed the 850 Evo with its 5 year warranty. Best balance of speed, cost and warranty.
  15. Should have said the Gravemind. Or maybe say a person called John is coming to kill you.