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  1. Even if they did hack it. DIdn't they make a recount because Hillary wanted one. (correct me if I'm wrong i ju8st googled this) And didn't she lose the recount soooo
  2. "There is no evidence Russia actually did anything, but to say it is the same as Trump saying it was rigged with no evidence because he thinks he's the greatest is a completely different thing." I don't understand how you see a difference both have little to no evidence
  3. I doubt they tampered with the election I think it's just a bunch of liberals still whining about how trump won and are still trying to find a way out of it. All I'm saying is if trump called election tampering if he lost it would have been called a conspiracy. It wouldn't have had this much coverage if the circumstances were reversed
  4. this is the only thing that mildy displeases me about the troubleshooting community for pc. they right away start jumping to conclusions but i am guilty of this myself.
  5. the 8 pin eps is the winner ladies and gentlemen
  6. lets calm down i just dont wanna rule out one of the mistakes of "oh shit that was a dumb thing to not do"
  7. can you try a different pcie slot and tell me what happens?
  8. so its working? or is there no image when it posts?
  9. what happens when you turn the power on?
  10. are the cards in sli and are the cables coming from the cards only coming from the top?
  11. What manufacturer are these cards from and do they spin up under intensive load because what i am hearing is probably the cards not utilizing the fans when they don't need them
  12. when i use the slider it stays and the volume selected for a second then goes right back to silent same with the volume rocker
  13. I was just at my friends house fixing his car i get in my car to listen to some music and drive back one problem though. I'm constantly fighting with my phones volume. its as if some ghost is holding down the volume down button. Its not stuck and it only does this to media volume not ringer or notification sounds if someone could help me diagnose this problem i would be in your debt P.s It is a Oneplus one. just to let you know